Envy (2020)

Envy A year ago I lost the love of my life to a man who didn t deserve her Honestly I probably didn t deserve her either So I started over Ready to dive into my work and forget about women and the heartac
  • Title: Envy
  • Author: Penelope Marshall Roxy Sinclaire
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A year ago I lost the love of my life to a man who didn t deserve her Honestly, I probably didn t deserve her either So I started over Ready to dive into my work and forget about women and the heartache they brought Until my uncle died, yanking me back to a city I wanted nothing to do with yanking me back to Kelley I d left her in my rearview mirror when I was a kid tA year ago I lost the love of my life to a man who didn t deserve her Honestly, I probably didn t deserve her either So I started over Ready to dive into my work and forget about women and the heartache they brought Until my uncle died, yanking me back to a city I wanted nothing to do with yanking me back to Kelley I d left her in my rearview mirror when I was a kid trying to make a name for myself I m not that kid any, and I sure as hell wasn t ready to let another woman back into my life But seeing her again brought back every feeling I wasn t ready to deal with
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      440 Penelope Marshall Roxy Sinclaire
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    1. Hated this book hate H h is tslis is not the type of second chance story I love The H considers other married woman from 1st book the love of his life He left h with flimsy stupid reason, had very explicit affair with the h in first book, professes his love, no indication of his first love with this h, but falls right back in lust or whatever with the h He left her to go to college with promise to come back for her but never did, no explanation, no closure for the poor h Not only that, he lived [...]

    2. I have voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.This is the tale of two high school students who believe their relationship is meant to last He is her first for everything, she is his first love Just when things are going good, that is when the bomb detonates This is also a story of the guy leaving, promising to return, finding a life away from the small town and the promise he made and karma not being kind to him for it Oh boyis can go many different ways.Kelley stayed, Kelley [...]

    3. This second chance romance novel follows Liam Kelley to see if they can find there way back to eachother As Liam left for College to become a lawyer was supposed to come back for his high school sweetheart but never did Kelley was left devastated when he never came back for her she never got over it Now with Liam s uncle passing he is back in town Can they rekindle Kelley is a sweet loveable character that you can t help adore Liam s character is not that much of a likeable character he never go [...]

    4. A second chance romance story with a bit of mystery thrown in for good measure.Kelley, the name he never wanted to hear or let alone see the person behind the name ever again But when his uncles dies unexpectedly, he comes home to a house of memories and the woman of his past all grown up with baggage of her own Deep down he knows he did her wrong, and if he would admit it he still loves her But doesn t want to hurt her all over again when he leaves Can he stay indifferent and not fall for her a [...]

    5. Dark, sexy, and hot I couldn t wait to read Liam s story My heart ached for him when Lexi chose Christian in book one, Wrath So, when I had a chance to read Envy I was super excited and not disappointed Liam is still the dark brooding alpha male but life through some a wrench in things and he returns home for the first time since he left He doesn t expect to run into the one woman who truly owned his heart, Kelley She hasn t had it easy either Kelley is beautiful and independent but has a bad pa [...]

    6. What do you do when you run into your childhood love Well, you go through some rough times and hurt feelings, and hope for a second chance Liam and Kelley were both recovering from painful breakups, and their coming back to togetherness has been a godsend I could feel Kelley s pain she was quite prickly with Liam, but even as they were starting to find their way back to being together again, there were forces trying to keep them apart Great back story for each of them, and their reunion started [...]

    7. I absolutely loved this book I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy of this book Liam s uncle Henry died and he goes back to his childhood home He meets with the lawyer Kerris Miller and told that there s stipulations to the will He has to share his house for 2 weeks with Kelley his old high school girlfriend They must be home by 7pm and can t leave until 8am the next morning He s had bad luck with women and she s had bad luck with men ever since Liam broke her heart I cried as Liam realize [...]

    8. Quick read but confusing Who was envious Book starts out with Liam thinking about someone named Lexi , but Kelley is the female lead in the book Kelley waited around 10 years for Liam to come back and get her after law school We find out Liam married someone named Demi and is consumed with thoughts of what Lexi did to him, but he never gave Kelley his HS love another thought until he needed to go home for his uncle s Will Kelley hasn t done anything with her life but waited for Liam She works as [...]

    9. I really enjoyed spending a couple of hours reading this book and I couldn t put it down This book kept you hooked throughout and the ending was brilliant It definitely kept you on your toes and i didn t expect that bombshell of a twist.Due to a family berevement Liam gets thrust in to the path of his high school sweetheart who he left to persue an education to become a lawyer.Lots of things have changed in his life in the past few years.Kelley was left heartbroken when Liam left her and has nev [...]

    10. Another great book by Penelope and Roxy.Having read the first book in this series Wrath, i had already met Liam and couldn t wait for his story I was not disappointed Though Envy is book 2 of Deadly Sins Series, it can easily be read as a stand alone novel.The story line runs smoothly, with Liam and Kellie both facing ghosts from the past, before they can decide a future With a twist at the end that you don t see coming, this is a great, quick read which i didn t put down.If you are after a fast [...]

    11. As much as I enjoyed the first book, sadly I did not enjoy this one that much Where the first one was dark, full of intrigue and angst this was was depressing and seemed to drag on The H was deliciously alpha and dominant in Wrath and totally in control but in this book he just seemed sad and of a victim than an alpha He lacks conviction and paired with the h who also comes across and a victim, wallowing in self pity, it was hard to connect with either of them It was not the type of story I wa [...]

    12. Another amazing book by Penelope Marshall This is the second book in the series and it is such a good way to continue after a great book Liam is back and as lovely as ever in this sequel He goes back to his hometown and comes face to face with a love from high school that makes him work for it Kelley was his high school sweetheart that waited for him, but he may have waited to long to return They both have to get over their fear of love and push past the problems to find some romance Loved Kelle [...]

    13. Liam and Kelley knew each other when they were young but Liam left and broke Kelly and he went and grew up and became the man he is but her found out his Uncle had died and had the funeral but the will says he has to share a house with Kelley and that they have to be at the house at a certain time and leave at a certain time talk about weird right but maybe the Uncle is trying to get them back beyond the grave lol loved it could not put it down so good I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader c [...]

    14. I loved Liam at the beginning of the first book and felt a bit sorry for him towards the end of it, but I had a love hate thing for him in book, one minute he was great and the next he was quite selfish, especially with his feelings, Kelley started off strong, then got weak soooo fast Can t say I loved these 2 books, didn t hate them, but do normally love this author s books and will keep reading them

    15. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.This was a great second chance love story between Liam and Kelley I love these stories where the couples find each other later in life after they each have changed and then end up falling in love again I love both authors Roxy Sinclaire and Penelope Marshall and was pleased to see them collaborating on this book I can t wait to read books by them.

    16. I gave this Book a rating of 4.5 sTitle Envy A Second Chance RomanceSeries Deadly Sin Series Book 2Genre Romance, Mystery RomanceAuthor Penelope Marshall Roxy SinclaireFormat Kindle EditionPublished on Jan 8, 2017I voluntarily reviewed a Courtesy Advanced Reader Copy of this book What I liked Didn t Like Loved this book It was the second in a series by two of my favorite authors Interesting twists keep it fun to read.

    17. I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader copy of this bookThis was an extremely fast paced story which makes it unbelievable Kelley hates Liam and then overnight they fall back in love with everything being okay I loved the twist with Jesse and the lawyer There were no details regarding the past and why Liam has such an issue with women This one left me wanting.

    18. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book Decisions, decisions, decisions Liam seems to make the wrong ones and now another decision to be made His Uncle Harry has left him and ex girlfriend Kelley his home but there are conditions Kelley , the girl he left town for and never came back It seems that all Kelleys decisions were taken away from her but now she is standing firm and doing what s right for her for a change They just have to stay together for two weeks in the house in [...]

    19. wow another amazing book you wrote its about two people who are thrown together after years of being apart by death they both have to stay in the same house for two weeks sparks begin to fly thanks for giving me a chance to read this book

    20. I voluntarily read this ARC to give an honest review A good read Liam is an attorney and he s let another no good criminal get away due to some police officer s negligence He attacks the guy after leaving the court and his boss tells him he needs to get control of his temper and gives him time off, threatening to fire him if he doesn t take it He gets a call from his Uncle Henry s lawyer, who tells him of his uncle s passing and the funeral he s missed He has to go to take care of his uncle s ho [...]

    21. ARC copy for honest review with no compensation,Liam a sexy, alpha hot shot lawyer has just lost a case and ends up in a fight with the guy who got off so his boss suspends him and tells him to take a month to get this anger under control At the same time he receives a phone call from his uncle s lawyer telling him that his uncle who raised him has passed and he needs to return home to a town he swore he would never come back to and a girl he left behind, waiting for him to come back for her lik [...]

    22. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.Liam is having a rough time He s just received sad news about the uncle who raised him after his parents died He also got into a heated argument with his boss Liam is a hot shot lawyer now, but years ago he left his small hometown for law school leaving his girl behind, waiting for his return.r Promises were made, but not kept Kelley works at The Lounge It was supposed to be temporary, but you know how that goes Boyfriend leaves for sch [...]

    23. Envy is the second book in the Deadly Sin series, written by Penelope Marshall and Roxy Sinclaire We met Liam in Wrath, the first book in the series He was a strong and dominant male represented in the story, but ultimately did not win the girl We came to love Liam in that story, but being devastated he didn t get a happy ending The author resolved that heartache by giving Liam his very own story in Envy and we re not disappointed in the least with the opportunity to get of this hot and irresis [...]

    24. Liam and Kelly s second chance romance is sexy, with a twisty reveal at the end They were once high school sweethearts, but Liam took off and left her behind, breaking Kelly s heart Now, his uncle, who raised him after his parents died, has passed away and Liam is headed back home to deal with his estate When he gets back to his hometown, he finds out that the house his uncle left to him, is actually only half his The other half his uncle left to his ex, Kelly But there are conditions they have [...]

    25. Absolutely loved this book and I am loving Penelope Marshall and Roxy Sinclaire together.Where to start with this review, I have to admit in Wrath for some reason I didn t like Liam too much so I was soooooo happy he was getting his own book, I think I needed him to and reinvent himself to me and this book was fantastic and I devoured it in one sittingKelley s character I loved she was a women who was still angry years later and I loved the attitude and the sass that she gave to Liam was brillia [...]

    26. Read January 9th 2017O mgosh I have been waiting for Liam s story It wasn t really that long of a wait, I am just impatient, and it was totally worth it This time around Liam s temper gets him in trouble, he is given some time off which coincidentally comes at the same time as he finds out that his uncle has passed away, he needs to go back to his home town and take care of his uncles things When he arrives he finds out his uncle s will states the house has been partially left in his name, the o [...]

    27. A great new release from Penelope Marshall and Roxy Sinclaire Liam left his hometown in the dust when he ran away for college, leaving behind the girl he loved and an uncle who thought of him as a son Years pass and while career wise he s doing well, if not a little jaded, his love life is a mess His uncle s death brings him back home and face to face with the girl he left in the rear view Kelly never really got over her love for Liam and hated him for leaving her behind Working at the same bar [...]

    28. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this bookOHH I am so glad we finally got Liam s story, after everything he has gone through he deserves his HEA,Liam left years ago to go to law school, he told his high school sweetheart Kelly he would be back to get herbut although Liam has lived close to his hometown he never returned, When his Uncle Henry passes away Liamis told to come home When Kellis tells him the stipulations of his uncle s will Liam is floored,Kelly is done, she is don [...]

    29. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.Omg I have been waiting for Liam to get his own book In wrath he was a jerk but I stilled wanted to read his story Liam has finally done it his temper has gotten him suspend from work He takes the time off and goes to deal with the death of his uncle He still needs to deal with his heartbreak When he gets to his uncles he finds out he has to stay in his house with his old high school sweetheart Kelley Kelley bless her heart she try s har [...]

    30. I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book.This is the second book in the Deadly Sins Series and can be read as a standalone.Kelley is working in a bar, she was waiting for Liam who was her high school sweetheart to return from college for her and he never did Liam is a lawyer, he punches a rapist who wasn t convicted and gets a month suspension He finds out his Uncle Harry died, and needs to return to clean up his uncles affairs On arrival he finds out Uncle Harry has put a stipula [...]

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