Forest of Ancestors (2020)

Forest of Ancestors This is an alternate cover edition for B FPOYSR Eli is not your average witch he is a member of a group of elite trained warriors fighting evil entities that torment the non magical world However
  • Title: Forest of Ancestors
  • Author: K.A. Denver
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an alternate cover edition for B01FPOYSR6 Eli is not your average witch, he is a member of a group of elite trained warriors fighting evil entities that torment the non magical world However, when one of their leaders is murdered, questions are raised and an ancient foe of Dark Witches, who was previously thought to be long gone, reappears.It will take all their aThis is an alternate cover edition for B01FPOYSR6 Eli is not your average witch, he is a member of a group of elite trained warriors fighting evil entities that torment the non magical world However, when one of their leaders is murdered, questions are raised and an ancient foe of Dark Witches, who was previously thought to be long gone, reappears.It will take all their abilities to defeat this enemy with the possible help of an unlikely ally Knowing the past will lead them to unexpected revelation which erupts into a battle unlike any other Eli is about to discover all is not as it seems and life has plenty of tricks up its sleeve In Forest of Ancestors, the first book of The Guardians series, K.A Denver weaves magic, romance and betrayal into a thrilling fantasy with a contemporary flare.
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    1. I love to read anything that has witches It s pretty rare I find something in this theme with male leads, that in itself captivated me I was instantly drawn in by Eli and his friends, coven mates, guardians Plus, the familiar Parker, was absolutely adorable The word they populate is rich, with a history that enthralled me I am totally down for in this world and Eli of course Did I mention that he, in addition to being a powerful witch, is genuine good guy, and so swoony The story itself is as [...]

    2. Eli, Eli, EliThis was an awesome ride What I adored most about this was the incredible character development of a male protag ELI that comes off the pages as genuine, unique and in many cases hilarious It takes a lot for me to even bother with a male POV story, especially when written by a female author, but this was convincing and Eli quickly morphed to the top of my book boyfriend list He s hilarious, his voice is strong The witchcraft in this one was also well done, almost as if the author he [...]

    3. Eli is a witch who recently lost his girl and has thrown himself in his work, dispatching evil spirts from this physical world Just one problem, as of late, these evil spirits seem to have become stronger, viler, and capable of physical damage as evidenced by the slashes across his torso.Author Denver teases us with some fantastic action, but then makes us wait for much of the story, slowly building to an epic climatic clash that leaves a path of death and destruction In between, we get to follo [...]

    4. Where do I begin Okay, as a first note, let me just say that I received this book in exchange for an objective review so I m going to be fair and objective in my observation.I d love to compose a beautiful review for this beautifully written story but I just don t have the requisite magic to do it Forest of Ancestors is a story about witches, magic and a mystical forest featuring plenty interesting characters that simply jump out at you, drawing the reader into an ecstasy of magical moments But [...]

    5. I enjoyed this tale of brotherhood between Eli and his closest of friends K A Denver has weaved a magical tale in our own world It s incredibly well written and the story flows smoothly.Eli is a witch, I honestly would have preferred the men to be called warlocks but there is a reason given in the story for why they are called witches Still irks me to some level, but I am not that clued up on Witches, Warlocks, druids etc Now brace for a few spoilers.Not including the snippet to the second book [...]

    6. The Guardians Forest of Ancestors by K.A Denver is the first book in a new series, Forest of Ancestors Eli is a witch in a group of warriors and has dedicated his life to helping non magic people with things they can t handle His biggest problem is not finding closure over the fact that his now ex girlfriend left him with nothing but a letter saying it was over When Eli discovers someone following him, others in the coven reveal similar experiences Surely this isn t a coincidence After someone c [...]

    7. A great story This is a great story which holds a good level of mystery and intrigue that develops at a good pace as the plot progresses The differences between light and dark magic, and the ways in which each character uses their magic, add interest and complexity to the story The central characters are varied and quite well crafted although, as a reader, I didn t really feel as connected to most of them as I would have liked to I really like the concept of the forest of ancestors as a place of [...]

    8. Eli is a handsome witch who works as a modern day magical warrior a Guardian protecting magical and nonmagical people from malevolent spiritual entities When his Coven is threatened by evil witches, Eli and his friends must fight for their lives and defend their town.Eli is the manly narrator throughout most of the book His casual, decidedly masculine tone and his antics with his buddies reminded me of the fun TV show, Supernatural This book has a similar good natured vibe punctuated with really [...]

    9. I had to take away one star because there were some run on sentences and the structure was a bit distracting at times.With that said, however, I found this book quite creative The main protagonist, Eli, was interesting right from the start The author does an excellent job of voicing the brain of a teenage boy, a dash of immature sass yet with just enough emotional maturity to be capable of deeper thought Organically learning about his past helped justify the fact that he is mature than he origi [...]

    10. I rate books as I m reading to see if they progress or decline This started off with a 4 5 and easily shot to a 5 star as the book got interesting and faster paced Before reading I was a bit sceptical about whether I would enjoy as most witch books tend to follow the same path However I was very pleasantly surprised as I discovered very quickly this was going to be unique Loved the fact that it was a male witch for a change and the characters were fantastic Full of magic, betrayal, death and su [...]

    11. The story starts slow but picks up in the middle I was pleasantly surprised by the twists and turns in the plot which makes this book a page turner Finished the book in 2 days and am looking forward to see how the story will develop in book 2 now that Eli and pals are left without their leaders I know it s a good book when I ignore my cat pestering me to feed him LOL

    12. This book had me at warriors and witches Loved the male protagonist in the central witch role and the dry humor in his voice Enjoyed the different take on the witch theme a sort of Buffy the vampire slayer twisted toward witchcraft Very entertaining and great characterization.Iam intrigued to see what else this series throws into the mix.

    13. I really enjoyed this book The banter between Eli and his crew was excellent and really brought the characters to life I m looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

    14. I won this book in a Giveaway.I m not sure WHO exactly are all these people writing fabulous reviews 4 and 5 stars for Forest of Ancestors but whoever you are, it s clear that you are not being very honest I m thinking that these reviewers may be other authors Authors helping other authors And friends of K.A Denver perhaps.In any case, the novel is unfortunately full of spelling errors, bad grammar, run on sentences, etc In fact, many sentences make absolutely no sense whatsoever Even the blurb [...]

    15. I was given an ARC for an honest review Eli is a witch, who along with his coven, attempt to protect humans against dark forces Unfortunately the dark forces catch up to them and one of their own is murdered I really enjoyed Eli s story, he was well written and despite the magical circumstances is still dealing with everyday problems including his crappy love life A great first book for the series, can t wait for the next one

    16. Eli is a witch who is part of a coven of warrior witches They have to go up against a group of evil witches, after they murder his friend Connor and start a war with the coven I really enjoyed this book, it was very different to other witch books I ve read It was good to read about a male witch for a change and even though it is set in America, there are obvious Irish roots here Strong characters and a good story Highly recommended.

    17. The Guardians , Forest Of Ancestors pulls you right into the magical yet scary world of Eli, a warrior witch After a brutal attack on a covenmember, Eli and his warrior friends must fight the wicked Dark ones so that his coven will survive Will their magic be strong enough And if they win the battle wich price must they pay Find out for yourself and read The Guardians , Forest Of Ancestors Enjoy I know I did

    18. DNF From other reviews it sounds like there is an interesting story here Unfortunately this book is badly in need of proofreading editing I just could not get past the grammar problems and strange punctuation choices I received a free copy of this book through a giveaway on

    19. Wow I did not expect such a complex and deep story, but that is exactly what The Guardians is all about Rich in detail, well written, lush with description and history, and just enough hunky male heroes to reel me in and leave me dangling on the line, desperate for MmmmmEli LOVE me some Eli Have I mentioned yet that the entire book written by a female author is from the first person POV of a guy Whatever reservations you may have about POV, toss them out the window because this is ONE FUN RIDE [...]

    20. First I have to say that there are a lot of books out there about witches and this one stands above them like a warm blanket that gives you a warm feeling inside and stimulates the imagination within I am one of those people that enjoys a good read that is well written and this book is right in that category It gives you the pretense that magic is not only real but so are witches We follow Eli and his friends within his coven who together combat the evil demonic forces known as D thsehs I love h [...]

    21. There are many things to really like about this book, it is light hearted, well written and intriguing For fantasy fans especially those inclined to a witch or witchcraft genre this is read you ll fully enjoy and an author you ll want from.

    22. I really enjoyed this book, my favourite part by far though is the cat Every time he made an appearance I had a smile on my face and the story how parker came into Eli s life really touched me.

    23. It is my own book What can I say I love Eli and the guys and I can not wait to share with you the shocks that have yet to come

    24. In this first book of her Guardians series, K A Denver introduces us to a world of magic, where fire bolts can be thrown and witches travel around by portals But that s not really what the story is about The coven are family, their warriors a band of brothers a whole series of relationships are built up between the characters, all of whom are brought to life by some excellent writing.In fact, it is these characters that make this a stand out work Denver has invested heavily in them, and absolute [...]

    25. I wasn t too sure whether I would enjoy this as recent years has brought an abundance of tales involving witches, vampires and werewolves that, I believe, has somewhat overcrowded the genre Well Where do I start What an intriguing, well written piece of fantasy fiction I was taken in from the start by the characters and then the storyline Most times it is the other way around, I typically need to enjoy the story first before feeling anything for the characters K A Denver does such an excellent j [...]

    26. For reviews, check out my blog at mlsparrow.wix mlsparrow This is K.A Denver s first book and is the first in The Guardians Series The first chapter drops you straight into the action and the entire book was very fast paced I loved that this book centres around a group of male witches, which is rarely seen, or at least I ve rarely read a book with male witches I enjoyed the interaction between the large cast of characters and I loved that their coven was like a huge, extended family Finally, th [...]

    27. I loved this book Truly, I did I fell in love with Author K.A Denver s imaginative, mysterious, and suspenseful story about a coven of witches Denver uses the term witch interchangeably between men and women , forced to defend their ancestral territory against a band of dark witches, who want nothing than to wipe their peace loving clan from the face of the earth What s a coven to do when confronted with ultimate annihilation Ask Denver Through her ingenuity, she has planned and structured her [...]

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