Make Me (2020)

Make Me DALE I m a mature and very pragmatic person whom others like to call boring At least I wasuntil Harley came back into town What do you do when a girl comes back for some petty revenge against you and
  • Title: Make Me
  • Author: C.M. Owens
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • DALE I m a mature and very pragmatic person, whom others like to call boring At least I wasuntil Harley came back into town What do you do when a girl comes back for some petty revenge against you and seduction is part of her game You pretend to be a millionaire dom, of course Yeah sounded better in theory My execution keeps ending up in awkward messes, andDALE I m a mature and very pragmatic person, whom others like to call boring At least I wasuntil Harley came back into town What do you do when a girl comes back for some petty revenge against you and seduction is part of her game You pretend to be a millionaire dom, of course Yeah sounded better in theory My execution keeps ending up in awkward messes, and this game between us gets even messier when I learn about Harley She s easy to fall for, even though she s hazardous as hell What happens when all the games end HARLEY One simple little goal turns into one giant disaster On the surface, Dale Sterling seemed like an asshole from my past the typical arrogant guy who boulders through life and anyone in his way So a little revenge seemed plausible, considering what he did to me once upon a long time ago In hindsight, it was immature But revenge has kept me on top of the world since I stopped being on the bottom of everyone s shoes, so I make no apologies for my immaturity But Dale is weirdly kinky Everything is going fineuntil it gets real Now the guy I wanted to humiliate is the same guy I m begging my heart not to stupidly fall in love with Unfortunately, my heart tends to be stubborn Can be read as a stand alone Sexual content Adult language
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    1. Another great addition I loved being with the Sterlings again I loved both Dale and Harley Dale is just so sweet, and I love how strong Harley was as the boss of her company I loved that Dale did proper grovelling in the end after he hurt her And I empathised deeply with Harley I should mention in the beginning , since Harley went to school with the Sterlings, I disliked so many other characters Firstly, never liked Rain but now I even dislike her MORE after Tria and Kode s book Corbin Jesus he [...]

    2. I love this series so freaking much And this book is close to being my favorite of them all It was good on so many levels it s hard to find words to transfer my thoughts to this screen It had all the goods If fact it had all the greats It was so good I m starting to speak in the abstract, lol.Okay, but seriously it s been a really long time if ever that a book had me laughing so hard that tears were streaming down my face My family thought I d lost my damn mind I was laughing so hard Then tears [...]

    3. I am a huge fan of this series From Kade to Rye all the way to Maverick and everyone else what has had and hasn t had their story Sterling Shores is a place that I wish was real because all the characters are so amazing When I heard that this one was coming out I was drooling Not only because of the cover but because I was excited for Harley iterated me but in the best way When reading, you will understand what I mean It took her time to find her confidence but once she has it, she s still the [...]

    4. 5 Stars It is no secret that I am obsessed with C.M Owens and her books So it shouldn t be a surprise that I absolutely loved Make Me This is Dale and Harley s story She has had a long time crush on Dale since they were in High School Dale being a guy never really paid attention to how she really felt about him Fast forward a couple of years and they are both grown ups and Harley has just moved back into town The feelings she had for Dale are still buried deep below the hate she has for him afte [...]

    5. This book is absolutely fabulous It s funny, sexy, and gave me all kinds of feels This is my second read by C.M Owens, and if all of her female leads are this strong, feisty, and confident, I ll definitely be back for Something else I love about this book is that there is little angst, a whole lot of revenge plotting, and straight communication Granted your going to get the whole break up misunderstanding type scene that puts a wedge between the couple, but that s expected and not over the top [...]

    6. It s like going home after a few months away You settle in, you catch up with old friends and family, you laugh at their problems, you rejoice when things have gone right and you feel right along with them when they re sad You want to smack their heads together when they fight but most of all you love them I m not even gonna cover it up or try and make out I m unbiased I m not unbiased this is one of my all time fave series and authors I don t care if you know this This is fact End of So if you [...]

    7. DNF Chapter 17.I had tried several times, but I was unable to relate to either characters It has a NA feel to it, and unfortunately, not my cup of tea.The heroine decided to exact revenge because the hero stood her up during high school prom seven years ago She, as a CEO, had decided to set up the headquarters of her firm in a small town, so that she can rub it in the face of her former tormentors in high school.It does not make any sense, and seem like a illogical and potential disastrous decis [...]

    8. 4.5 starsAre you a closet nerd out for revenge Do you relish the underdog getting the win Does a small or extremely large part of you wish karma happened where you could witness it Then one click now.Still not sureDo you like interconnected stand alones that focus on an awesome group of eclectic individuals who would overwhelm and make you feel at home all at once Still thinkingHow about a guy who pretends to be a Dom to scare a girl off only to desperately Google things to keep her coming back [...]

    9. I read the blurb and I couldn t wait to get my hands on the book I just knew it was going to be fun.The book starts off in the past with the guys in school It was here that I fell in love with Harley her story is one that many will relate to I adore her, she reminds me of myself at school geeky and awkward and unsure where she fits in.She returns home years later with one thing on her mind revenge now I know you should turn the other cheek but I was cheering her on From the start you can feel th [...]

    10. Dale sterling Ok so have you read the other books No You should go do that simply because this series is amazing but this can work as a stand alone But let me tell you, you slowly want and need to know about Dale And his book is everything I wanted it to be Also Harley is definitely the one to give him a run for his money This series is seriously one that stays with you no matter how much time passes and it makes it easy to pick up the newest release with ease The author makes these characters [...]

    11. I love this author but this book wasn t as funny or as captivating as her other books but it still was a great book However there were still a couple scenes that had me chuckling and others that had me holding my breath from the angst I m waiting, a bit impatiently for Britt s story.

    12. Reviewed on behalf of 2 Girls Who Love Books BlogBack to Sterling Shore It is almost like coming home to your favorite relatives that you see rarely That being said I was so grateful when Make Me appeared on my kindle and it was as good as all the other Sterling Shore books before After not connecting with Worth It I so wished that Make Me would be different and it was I loved it The Sterlings and all their partners and friends are one of my favorite book family and I didn t know how much I need [...]

    13. I admit I was late to the party with this series, being that I only read book 1 about a month ago and devoured the whole lot within about a week And this book was certainly no different I always liked Dale, he was quiet but observant and smart throughout the series so I was excited to get into his head I loved and related to Harley from page one and it was completely obvious that they were meant to be together Part of this book were just down right hilarious in only a way that CM Owens can be he [...]

    14. I, like so many other C.M Owens fans waited a long time to see Dale Sterling really fall in love And Make Me did not disappoint.Dale and Harley have the same incredible mix of humor and vulnerability that is a hallmark of Owens writing You love to see them laugh and you hold your breath when they fall or cry In the case of Dale, we ve seen him be the mature rock for his friends for the whole series Watching him stumble, bumble, and blow super hot for Harley was so damn awesome it was well worth [...]

    15. I really freaking adore Sterling Shore series Make Me is another awesome addition to it I enjoyed it very much I almost peed myself laughing so much There was also a moment, where I even cried like my heart was breaking Yeah, you need to be prepared for fun and some heartbreak.Dale is amazing I love him I was introduced to other side of him Hilarious one, even though he wasn t trying to be funny I even now I m chuckling, remembering his experiments LolAnd Harley Well, she is her own crazy girl A [...]

    16. Book 10 in the Sterling shores series You would think the story would be running thin, I mean how can she keep you gripped and coming back for The answer Sheer writing genius You don t expect Dale to be anything then good old dependable stable Dale Harley is a whirlwind that takes everyone by surprise I absolutely adore her character and loath her past, girls are vicious I never thought I would hate Dale but I wanted in on that girls night because he didn t deserve her.C.M Owens gave me what I [...]

    17. I have forgotten how much I love the Sterling Shore gang Omg I died laughing so many times I know I looked like a lunatic

    18. FloggerProblems ThatIsNotAButtPlug VaginaNumbingEvery single time a book in this series releases I fucking devour it There is a reason this series is my all time favorite It s pee your pants hilarious, with swoony male characters, some kick ass female leads and each book gets better and better Dale Sterling the mature reasonable one He is usually I would say the level headed one of the group sitting back and observing all around him, the voice of reason you could say Well enter Harley, a girl fr [...]

    19. Make me C.m OwensThis has IT ALL The sterling shore series does not disappoint Their will never be too many books in this series, nothing slips, for me they re just perfect This had me giggling, LAUGHING, covering my face, cringing, crying and a couple of things really hit me in the gut that I can relate to that had me an emotional mess But that s not a bad thing, sometimes it s good to read these things outside my head, and for someone else to have written them without even knowing my turmoil, [...]

    20. Lots of people say this about books but it s true for me here, if I could give it than five stars I would I knew I was going to like it, I didn t expect to love it as much as I did I read it twice in a two days I don t want to read another book, I m enjoying the afterglow of this book Dale was so much than he s ever been portrayed in the other series He s still very in tune to people but I felt I got to really know him Harley was an incredible inspiration to women in books and women in real li [...]

    21. I have been recommended this series for some time now and this book was the perfect prelude to a series I know is gonna be fabulous.I had not expected this book to be so hilarious and memorable Harley has had a troubling childhood and she is back for revenge She is a rich, successful and a badass businesswoman Dale Sterling does not know what hits him coming face to face from a blast from the past It starts off as a revenge plot, turns to massive confusion, heartwarming romance and true portraya [...]

    22. once again Ms Owens has knocked it out of the park, I devour everything she writes and this was no exception.As always this had great humour which had me lol and getting funny looks from strangers, had the perfect amount of angst and hot moments and we got to find out about another member of the Sterling shore crew whilst keeping up with the old ones too.This is a must read, start clicking now I received this arc for an honest review

    23. As much as I liked this storyline I just couldn t take to Harley like I took to all the other girls It was still pretty good but not as good as all the others up until now There was a hell of a lot of mistakes through out this book also such as double words etc but still readable

    24. Make Me by C.M Owens is another amazing addition to her outstanding Sterling Shore series This time we are lucky to get to see about the elusive Dale Sterling.Dale Sterling is the quietest of the Sterling family Having narrowly avoided a marriage to his cheating ex fianc Dale is than happy to hang with his friends, leaving the girlfriends up to them He has girls although not as many as some of the others but he steers clear of girlfriends That is until Harley comes back into the town The one g [...]

    25. Book 10 of the Sterling Shore series proves once again how good CM Owens is To be young, rich, and beautiful and to be a part of the Sterling Group What a dream Make Me is the story of Harley and Dale We know all about Dale Sterling He s the responsible Sterling, mature, level headed He hasn t been deeply involved with a woman since Fiona, his ex, cheated on him Trust in anyone outside his family just isn t there Harley crushed on Dale all through her school years and in return got humiliated an [...]

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