If Only (2020)

If Only How far will one mother go to find her child A full year after a painful divorce Elizabeth s seventeen year old daughter Lillian decides to visit a friend over the Fourth of July weekend but never re
  • Title: If Only
  • Author: T.K. Chapin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • How far will one mother go to find her child A full year after a painful divorce, Elizabeth s seventeen year old daughter Lillian decides to visit a friend over the Fourth of July weekend but never returns home With the help of her neighborhood friend Cole, Elizabeth tries to make sense of what really happened and hopefully bring her daughter home.
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      252 T.K. Chapin
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    1. If Only by T.K Chapin is a marvellous Christian thriller I just could not put it down Everything that T.K Chapin writes is fabulous but this story tops it all It really was an edge of your seat ride that had me guessing from the start The action twisted this way and that throwing out a few red herrings along the way.The novel is written in two different time periods and in the first person from two different viewpoints There is a clear defining moment where the action is then before and after al [...]

    2. A serious book about the second guessing you d make after something tragic happens to your child It takes us between two characters the mom Elizabeth and the daughter Lilly Lilly s chapters are from before the big event and the mom s chapter s are during and after the event The author kept the story from getting redundant and kept me guessing what was going to happen and who to blame for what was happening, which is great in this kind of book I had several guesses that weren t the right ending, [...]

    3. I was given the opportunity to receive an advance copy of this book to preview It is a most touching, heartfelt story of a mother s love through trials and tribulations It covers the real life struggles of a family going through divorce and the struggles the mother faces as a single parent It deals with the troubles all parents face raising teenagers, but takes a horrifying turn that no parent wants to have to experience a runaway child Without giving away too much of the story, let me say that [...]

    4. For Elizabeth Liz , if coping with divorce from Bruce wasn t enough, a year later her daughter Lillian Lilly hasn t accepted that her parent s marriage is over either and she now struggles with dealing with Lilly s sullenness Lilly blames her mom even though she doesn t know the real story.On July 4th Lilly is supposed to spend the night with her friend, Jess, but according to Jess she never showed up and she didn t come home She just seemed to disappear At first Liz thought she might be with he [...]

    5. InterestingThis book has a rather interesting subject Broken family, enraged daughter, long distance relationship gone bad and teen pregnancy Add into that a runaway daughter and already you have a good mix but then it gets betterever at one point, close to the end so it didn t ruin the book, I did realise what was happening.

    6. The concept of this faith based story wasn t bad a mother learning to trust God in her darkest moment when her daughter goes missing It s told from the perspective of the mother after the daughter is missing, and also from the daughter s point of view in the months leading up to the girl s disappearance But, the writing was rough and could have used a professional editor to get rid of obvious flaws.One scene in the beginning of the story bothered me When the mother learns her daughter might be p [...]

    7. How many of us look at the past and think If only Maybe we don t think about it in exactly that manner but we still can see those choices and decisions we made and wonder what results a different decision might have made This story has a good helping of if onlys The mother especially is plagued by second guessing her past decisions and struggles with her current dilemma Alternating from the mother to the daughter, the author presents the story as it unfolds from the mother s current perspective [...]

    8. Seeing all the highly rated reviews on this book make me wonder if we read the same story.I did like the the final plot twist even though I saw it coming ahead of time But there is so much wrong with and not to like about this book I understand this is fiction, but there are some glaring reality issues with the story A few examples 1 A divorced woman with two teens will not be able to move to a new town, live in a house, go out to eat twice a week, have two cars one for the 16 yo , and support t [...]

    9. This is a very emotional story of how divorce hurts a family causing pain and strained relationships Elizabeth and her teenage children move to Spokane, WA from Lincoln City, Oregon after the divorce of Elizabeth and her husband Bruce Lilly is Elizabeth s seventeen year old daughter but the only father she has ever known is Bruce, who adopted her when she was young Jordan is the son of Elizabeth and Bruce Elizabeth was deeply hurt by the divorce In addition to the pain of the divorce, Lilly is h [...]

    10. Losing one of my children is the worst fear I can imagine This book takes on that topic and adds in the love of Jesus and a load of faith that things will turn out Lillian Dawn Dudley or Lily, is a young woman whose parents are divorcing She, her younger brother and mother are moving from Lincoln City to Spokane I am your mother, and you will respect me I m doing what s best for our family You have to trust me on this you ll be able to visit, and you ll make new friends in Spokane Lillian is ver [...]

    11. This is the story of a mother and daughter recently moved to a new town, told in alternate voices of Liz the mother and Lilly her 16 year old daughter Each of these women is dealing with loss and separation Liz is newly divorced and Lilly is separated from her boyfriend Marcus The focus of the the book is initially on Lilly s desire to be with Marcus As the story develops, Lilly goes missing Thus begins Liz s search for her daughter with the help of friend Cole Lilly is eventually found by her m [...]

    12. This story was written in a powerful way by choosing to show the viewpoints of both mother and daughter At first we just get what is happening in real time when ultimately, Elizabeth Liz discovers that her daughter, Lilly, is missing No one seems to take her seriously since Lilly is almost 18 and she and Liz have been arguing a lot because of the recent divorce and move to a new city Most people, including the police think Lilly has just run away and she ll come home when she s ready However, Li [...]

    13. Author T.K Chaplin has done it again This Christian inspirational suspense suspense plot being new for this author novel has a great plot It has been a full year after a painful divorce when Elizabeth s seventeen year old daughter, Lillian, is supposed to have visited a friend over the Fourth of July weekend but never returns home Her neighborhood friend, Cole, tries to help Elizabeth make sense of what really happened and hopefully bring her daughter home The story is told in first person by mo [...]

    14. IF ONLY by T K Chapin A powerful story of a young girl, not yet 18, whose world is turned up side down Her real dad is dead, her step father and mother divorced But why did they have to move, she had to leave Marcus, the love of her life She has a friend Jess, who she goes to see, and now she is missing Cops think it s another runaway How can Lilly s Mom except this, with little clues to go by One clue takes her mom and a friend to the homeless area The words vibrate in her mind my daughter can [...]

    15. Emotionally intenseAfter a seemingly slow start, just a few pages into the book, I was hooked What a compelling story Every parent s fear come trueLiz s child was missing T.K Chapin truly captures the emotions and fears of Liz as she realizes her teenage daughter is missing As a mother myself, it was very easy to get caught up in the story and feel the same things and have the same thoughts that Liz was having As the story unfolded, I found myself feeling anxious and sad at times Getting emotion [...]

    16. How many times in life does a person say If only I had chosen differently , If only I had acted differently , If only I had listened , If only Most of us could fill in the blank with numerous things This book deals with that subject in the life a single mother, Elizabeth, and her teen daughter, Lilly The story is a little bit mystery, a little bit romance, and full of good lessons for the realities of life Mr Chapin is a master at creating stories that have spiritual lessons without hammering th [...]

    17. Our lives can be filled with If Only s If only I hadn t said that If only I had done that Author TK Chapin s newest book has its main characters looking at life from an If Only standpoint Filled with suspense, mystery, and strange neighbors, If Only kept me on the edge of my seat I really couldn t put it down, and honestly, this is not my typical genre to read Clean and contemporary, God s grace and mercy is woven throughout the story as a family attempts to put their lives back together and mov [...]

    18. This book will bring out all types of emotions Emotions of grief, loss, anger, hurt, hopelessness, joy, love, justice and the deep emotions of God s redeeming love and protection.I really enjoyed discovering this author T.K Chapin writes with flare and brings out tough issues in a way that will leave you with hope.It was hard to read about Elizabeth and all the pain she went through trying to find her daughter However, the author painted a wonderful picture of the strength we all can have throug [...]

    19. I really enjoyed reading If Only , it was a VERY quick read once I sat down with it As a single parent I could identify with Elizabeth, the mom, and all the struggles she has as to being recently divorced, relocating, and dealing with her kid s unhappiness As a daughter, I could identify with Lilly, because what teenage daughter doesn t hate their mom at some point It seemed to me that Elizabeth had lost her faith a little in the beginning of the book, but had found it again at the end Having th [...]

    20. This book has a way of pulling you into the story I fell in love with the characters and had to keep reading to find out what would happen to them It is well written I did break one of my cardinal rules of not reading a thriller at bed time because I could not just read one chapter I had to finish the book.

    21. I enjoyed reading this book It had the perfect amount of mystery to keep me interested while being based around God and faith I believe this makes the perfect read for anyone who is looking for a light inspirational that isn t preaching at the reader The plot was well thought out and the characters were well developed.

    22. This is another powerful book by T.K Chapin, about a journey a mother makes to find her missing teenage daughter.The mother finds peace when she learns to let go and let God reign in her life.These are all issues addressed in this book, teen runaways, teen pregnancy, homeless, divorce and domestic violence.I recommend this book to everyone.

    23. Heart ache is strong in If Only by T K Chapin The characters were well written but I did not care for how the book shifted between the current time for the mother and then told the daughter s side from a month or so earlier If Only did have an interesting storyline I received my e book from the author This is my honest opinion.

    24. Those feelings connected with being a mom and a daughter are, of course, the most powerful things to readers, like moms I placed 3.8 4 stars This book, however, is not for me but also something good.

    25. If OnlyThis story started out slow, but picked up as it progressed I will admit that I picked it up and put it down several times, I just could not get into the story I would recommend it to others because the topic is thought provoking, raw and relatable.

    26. I was moved by the thoughtful and inspirational handling of the extremely sensitive and widespread issues of divorce, runaways, homelessness and teen pregnancy TK Chapin uses alternating perspectives to provide the reader with an intimate understanding of each character s rationale and experiences The characters and the story are believable and held my interest with unexpected twists and a fair degree of suspense as each character provided their own view of the developing plot Each character has [...]

    27. Most common question we ask ourselvesAnother great intriguing book by my favorite author This one I couldn t figure out before it ended I love how each of his books deals with a deeper walk with Jesus, as work thru the difficult times in our lives.

    28. I was impressed, surprised, and taken in by the story line The beginning had a little bit of a rough start for my preference but I was glad I kept reading Definite good read.

    29. If Only, written by T.K Chapin, is an outstanding book Written in first person with the point of views by Mother, Elizabeth and Daughter, Lilly, we are able to get two views of the book that take us unexpected places Chapin brought a suspense element into this book like he s never done before Throughout the book we read of a relationship between a mother and daughter that needs help As with all of Chapin s work that I ve ever read, he always helps the reader see the way The Lord Jesus can help c [...]

    30. AngstRead the summary and you ll already know this book is full of angst the way the story develops though is quite enthralling and I enjoyed the book.

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