Moonlight Druid (2020)

Moonlight Druid When a fae child goes missing Colin is hired to bring him back Now he has to crack the case all while learning to control his shifter abilities under the watchful eye of the local werewolf alpha But
  • Title: Moonlight Druid
  • Author: M.D. Massey
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When a fae child goes missing, Colin is hired to bring him back Now he has to crack the case, all while learning to control his shifter abilities under the watchful eye of the local werewolf alpha But with half the pack against him and enemies at every turn, will his next misstep be his last MOONLIGHT DRUID A New Adult Urban Fantasy Novel From M.D Massey Book 3 In ThWhen a fae child goes missing, Colin is hired to bring him back Now he has to crack the case, all while learning to control his shifter abilities under the watchful eye of the local werewolf alpha But with half the pack against him and enemies at every turn, will his next misstep be his last MOONLIGHT DRUIDA New Adult Urban Fantasy Novel From M.D MasseyBook 3 In The Colin McCool Paranormal Suspense Series The name s Colin McCool, but some call me the Junkyard Druid I m just your typical college student, living under a nasty fae curse that turns me into something unholy and deadly at the worst possible moments.Like I said, typical Lately I ve been taking odd jobs in the supernatural community, solving cases and hunting down things that go bump in the night But this last job has really thrown me for a loop A fae child went missing, and I ve been hired to bring him back.The good news is, the local alpha is teaching me how to control my ability to shift into that other, darker side of me The bad news is, the deeper I get into this case the twisted and sinister it becomes.Let s just hope I can learn to control my Hyde side and rescue that child before the darker side of me takes over for good.
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      366 M.D. Massey
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    1. So much fun M.D Massey continues the Junkyard Druid series with Moonlight Druid While Colin is working with the werewolf pack and its alpha, Sampson, to figure out how to work with his Hyde side, he stumbles upon a child trafficking ring feeding the Rye Mother.The storyline is quick and exciting, not leaving much downtime in the writing, just like I like it The characters are interesting and imperfect but still come together to make an awesome finish Unlike a lot of the independent fiction out t [...]

    2. Read all the other books in the series and they have been good I was a little apprehensive about the story line of this one But a fine line was walked perfectly The poi y got across without delving to deep into that sick world I think this one is actually my favorite of the series so far Read the whole series first tho You won t know a lot of stuff if you just start out with this one Also, the very first book in this series is actually a young adult book I suggest you read that one so you get a [...]

    3. WOW, I m HookedMassey is a gifted Writer Storyteller, you ll be going from one emotion to the next in a Paragraph, Laughing, Cheering for the Underdog, Worried, to wanting to Help Colin and his Crew make things RIGHT Can t wait to see how things turn out with Bell s mom lol I would love to see Nemo fleshed out and learn about him, maybe have them take a trip home to help his family Clan

    4. Control, Protect and Howl at the Moon Colin is trying to gain control of the creature he shifts into when he nears death It s a quandary as the creature slaughters enemies and friends alike, yet if he gains control he would be a great warrior for the protection of his friends I like the action, humor and smart ass dialog I look forward to the next book in the series.

    5. What a ride Love the complexity of the characters, the roller coaster of tough situations this young man gets into, and the rough but important themes that Mr Massey delves into A most enjoyable read.

    6. Enjoyable and fastI love the series The author is quick whittled and funny The main character has a sass about him that makes the book enjoyable Read them all They are fast reads and flow smoothly The only problem will be waiting for the next one.

    7. SuperbThis series seriously keeps getting better and better The writing is smooth and tightly paced, the characters well written and carry the story well I really cannot praise this series enough It s right up there in my must read NOW list.

    8. Good light readNot bad, not bad at all Characters are likeable enough, if a little too contrived in the flippant dialogue I enjoyed the music and movie Easter eggs A nice solid lite read.

    9. Amazing can t wait for the next book in the seriesAmazing book can t wait for the next book in the series.Really good and fast paced keeps you hooked from first line to the last line.

    10. Great readGreat read Props to the author, its a work of fiction, but child trafficking doesn t get addressed in our media But it happens, likely to get a stiffer sentence for petty theft or marijuana than harming a child.Great book.

    11. Massey delivers againThis book was a page turner New characters, both friends and enemies, make the book fresh, not just a formula remix I would have enjoyed another 10 chapters I have a love hate feeling about the ending Love the surprise, hate the cliff hanger.

    12. Loving this series and modesLoving this series the I read it Love the main character and the urban fantasy mixed fantasy genre, vampires, Fae and all If you like the Dresden files you ll love this series

    13. When the Druid Dances With WolvesColin is back and careening from one crisis to the next with interesting plot twists, thoughtful expositions and fast paced action Follow Colin through this latest leg of his journey.

    14. Loved itA great continuation of Colin s story I couldn t put it down and look forward to the next installation Really enjoying the series

    15. Great readGreat sequel Lots of action and and plot twists Colin develops some new powers Big surprise in the end Looking forward to .

    16. Excellent Colin is rapidly becoming one of my favorite heroes The stories are well crafted, the characters are engaging, and the twists will keep you reading

    17. GreatOnce again another winner I love this series Colin is a great hero I can not wait to hear about Bells.

    18. Another great book in the seriesIt s a book you read it go now read the book stop reading this nonsense and read now DO IT

    19. BetterThe stories in the series just seem to get better and better I am waiting eagerly for the next adventure of the Junkyard Druid.

    20. Another fine readWell put together, and I read it straight through Looking for from this author Well done again, MD Massey

    21. The plot thickensThis book was a game changer in the series it began in a similar way to the others and ended with a conpletely new set of circumstances.

    22. nice book not much of a supporting cast for depth but interesting view on magic and mythology and how they all interact

    23. Good continuationFollows the tradition established in the first two in the series Intense, page turning I didn t want it to finish.Looking forward to number 4.

    24. Brilliant This is the best one yet Totally loved it and couldn t put it down HIGHLY recommended Well done Mr Massey, well done.

    25. Great ReadI really enjoy the Colin McCool series M.D Massey does a wonderful job with his character development and story telling It is a well worth the read.

    26. Great SeriesLiked the characters, lot of action McCool is just that Will be waiting for the next installmentif you like supernatural creatures you ll love this series.

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