The Threat Within (2020)

The Threat Within When Obi Wan Kenobi started off as Qui Gon Jinn s apprentice he was just a boy Now on the verge of manhood he is starting on the path that will lead him to become a Jedi Knight and the master of hi
  • Title: The Threat Within
  • Author: Jude Watson Cliff Nielsen
  • ISBN: 9780439139373
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Obi Wan Kenobi started off as Qui Gon Jinn s apprentice, he was just a boy Now, on the verge of manhood, he is starting on the path that will lead him to become a Jedi Knight and the master of his own fate.As Obi Wan and Qui Gon investigate a strange wave of planetary sabotages, they find their relationship shifting sometimes in a dangerous direction As eventWhen Obi Wan Kenobi started off as Qui Gon Jinn s apprentice, he was just a boy Now, on the verge of manhood, he is starting on the path that will lead him to become a Jedi Knight and the master of his own fate.As Obi Wan and Qui Gon investigate a strange wave of planetary sabotages, they find their relationship shifting sometimes in a dangerous direction As events turn deadly, their lives may never be the same again.
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      403 Jude Watson Cliff Nielsen
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    1. I have received a LOT of static for reading this kids series but I thoroughly enjoyed it I just recently found out that all of the Star Wars books are officially sanctioned by Lucas himself, conforming to his standards and input I originally thought the books were unrelated fan fiction stories in which I wasn t interested.The series fills in the relationship between Qui Gon and Obi Wan that sets up the events of The Phantom Menace Obi Wan Kenobi is a rich character who is one of the few characte [...]

    2. Star Wars Legends Project 58Background The Threat Within came out in March 2002 It was written by Jude Watson.The Threat Within begins some months after The Only Witness my review , 40 years before the Battle of Yavin and 8 years before The Phantom Menace Most of the characters are brand new, one 0ff characters with brief appearances by Yoda, Mace Windu, and Jocasta Nu.Summary Bored after a long stretch of Temple life, Obi Wan is relieved when he and Gui Gon are sent on a mission to mediate a di [...]

    3. A pleasant one book adventure finale to the series not including the Special Editions sees Qui Gon and Obi Wan turn a corner in their relationship The master finally accepts his Padawan can be trusted and is a partner, not just an apprentice, and they move to a new phase in their relationship of cooperation Qui Gon remains his slightly aloof self and Obi Wan remains an under confident teenager Overall, this book relates a routine mission with fairly low stakes and little danger Qui Gon even laug [...]

    4. Final entry in the regular Jedi Apprentice series there are two Special Editions It s really interesting to see Obi Wan maturing and developing and how Qui Gon deals with that The cover and blurb on this book are misleading and suggest that Obi Wan and Qui Gon are battling each other, but fortunately that s not the case.

    5. This one was seriously heart wrenching knowing Qui Gon s fate He spends most of this book musing about Obi Wan, which was better than grieving Obi Wan grows by leaps and bounds as well It s a great set up for Phantom Menace.

    6. Number 18 in the series and I think that is it.Obi Wan has matured into his Jedi role, and Qui Gon is allowing him to make decisions.This tale involves 2 sister planets, with one accusing the other of sabotage But the threat to the planet is from within

    7. I quite enjoyed this finale to the Jedi Apprentice series, though it was of a pleasant slow burner than one of the faster paced books that made up the peak of the series Description was good, and the plot was average, but it lacked the personal dynamics and relationships in some of the other Jedi Apprentice books Qui Gon s examination of the changing relationship between himself and his now seventeen year old apprentice was a nice touch Also, Qui Gon s inability to see himself and Obi Wan worki [...]

    8. The Threat Within brings us to the end of the standard Jedi Apprentice series, and with it, we see Qui Gon give Obi Wan the freedom to lead a mission on his own Qui Gon offers help when asked, but otherwise lets Obi Wan take the reins and decide how to proceed On a planet where the sole purpose in life is to work and manufacture, and sabotage is routinely slowing down that process, the challenges are great.Watson bring the series to a close with a moving story, not about the workers on the plane [...]

    9. Reading these, I figured it would be easier to comment on the series as a whole as that is, inevitably, as they are meant to be read I also realised that my original ratings were very much based on my wrong expectation of the books which meant I went back after finishing the series and marked a number of the books up this being after all a series meant for young adults and, therefore, my expectations of finding complex storytelling were never going to be fulfilled However, I have to say that my [...]

    10. Nice end to the regular series, with a return to the tropes and angst from the early series, and a focus on the changing relationship between Qui Gon and Obi Wan They connected via the Force and had a lightsaber duel that was actually about feelings This what I m here for, and I appreciated a last hurrah in that line That said, the planet of the episode was possibly not well thought out, and Obi Wan really should be better at planning by now.Were I to reread, I d probably skip the Tahl arc that [...]

    11. this is a story of the young jedi Obi Wan kenobi and his master, Qui Gon is in it but not as much as him Obi Wan and Qui Gon had been sent on a mission and this time it was a little different Instead of Qui Gon leading the mission and telling Obi Wan what to do, Qui Gon let Obi Wan lead the mission and find a peaceful solution, however, Obi Wan s plan did not run to smoothly at first.There are other characters in this book as well Grath Sinter Port, Flip and a few

    12. Obi Wan and Qui Gonn are dispatched to mediate a dispute between two planets.One of the planets is suffering from repeated sabotage and blames the other, but Obi Wan finds that the perps are just a bunch of dissatisfied teens with nothing better to do But the pranks soon turn deadly and the tension escalates dramatically.The writing is bland, and there appears to be some sort of conspiracy plotline that never gets resolved.

    13. This was very sweet and I enjoyed it The whole book was a bit heavy handed with the whole Obi Wan is older and wiser now but I recognize that no 17yo would be caught dead with a Jedi Apprentice book and the series needed to end on a mature and positive note The last two lines were a godawful way to end the series But I liked it overall Justry sweet.

    14. Suitable for 8 and those who have seen the film.Obi Wan is now 16 and they are sent on a mission where someone is sabotaging the factories Its an interesting story because for those who read these books, there is a comparison to the situation where obi wan left the jedi This shows how much he has grown up A good character based read.

    15. Vorzyd 4 and 5 are at odds for the first time in their history and the former asks the Jedi for mediation which is quite unheard of Obi Wan and Qui Gon enter a situation very similar to Melida Daan, but the way everything is handled is so much better.The cover art does NOT match the story at all.

    16. I read this along with my 7 year old son Writing was solid enough, but the plot dragged on way too long and was boring for not only myself, but also my son The cover was a bit of a let down since Obi wan and Qui Gon are not actually fighting in the book only sparring.

    17. Finally completed the traditional Jedi Apprentice series, this entry as well as most others were somewhat painful to read The series loses its epic space opera motif and settles for rather drab tv like episodic tales that really don t amount to much than fluf unfortunately

    18. Like the previous few books before this in the series, this book seemed to be lazily written I know it is a children s novel, but that shouldn t be any excuse for shoddy writing or plots.

    19. Obi Wan is a senior Padawan leading the mission as a test set by the Council War between two planets hangs in the balance.

    20. This book was fun and went back to some previous themes in the series It is obvious that we are approaching the story of Episode I, but obi Wan is not ready, not quite.

    21. A bit anti climactic for a supposed finale, but I think the Special Editions are the true ending of this series this one was still good, though.

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