Dangerous Fling (2020)

Dangerous Fling He s her rock star crush her go to fantasy and he s offering to make all her dreams come trueRock star Malcolm Strong is used to being in control Of the band Of his feelings Of the woman he has tied
  • Title: Dangerous Fling
  • Author: Crystal Kaswell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He s her rock star crush, her go to fantasy, and he s offering to make all her dreams come trueRock star Malcolm Strong is used to being in control Of the band Of his feelings Of the woman he has tied to his bed He never gets close enough to get hurt He never wants to.Until Lacey The sassy brunette is working on the band s latest music video Which means he shouldHe s her rock star crush, her go to fantasy, and he s offering to make all her dreams come trueRock star Malcolm Strong is used to being in control Of the band Of his feelings Of the woman he has tied to his bed He never gets close enough to get hurt He never wants to.Until Lacey The sassy brunette is working on the band s latest music video Which means he shouldn t be picturing her naked He doesn t mix business and pleasure, but there s something about her quick wit and her soft curves Mal has to have her.Lacey Waltz is dreaming That s the only explanation for a six foot three, inked up, rock star s x god offering to be her fling And not just any rock star Mal The guy with the piercing blue eyes and the breathy, tortured voice The guy who s poster hung on her dorm room wall for three years straight The guy she thinks about every night when she ahem.Friends with benefits sounds perfect The last thing Lacey needs is heartbreak But how is she supposed to be casual with the man she s been fantasizing about for the last four years Dangerous Fling is a full length standalone romance set within the Dangerous Noise series Dangerous Noise follows the men of rock band Dangerous Noise and the women they love Each book is a full length standalone with a HEA.
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      304 Crystal Kaswell
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    1. I received Dangerous Fling from the author for an honest review I am a huge fan of the Dangerous Noise guys I absolutely love these guys almost as much as Sinful Serenade, so I was super excited to read Mal s story Mal is the lead singer for Dangerous Noise He is sexy and could have any woman that he wants All he has are fuck buddies He s not a happy person but does not seem to want to do what it takes to be happy He pushes everyone away that tries to love him Until he meets Lacey Lacey is helpi [...]

    2. Malcolm Mal Strong is the lead singer of Dangerous Noise, he is the older brother, the de facto boss, sexy as hell is unwilling to fall in love He has been hurt enough to last a life time will not let any woman near his heart Lacey Waltz is a wanna be rock video director who is currently the assistant to one of LA s hottest rock video directors She often fantasizes of Mal while she takes care of her needs When Mal shows up to film a rock video, Lacey is both starstruck trying her damnest to not [...]

    3. Book ReviewTitle Dangerous FlingAuthor Crystal KaswellGenre RomanceRating Review The opening to Dangerous Fling was brilliant, we meet Lacey who is working at a set assistant for Malcolm Strong s new music video Mal is a celebrity millionaire and rock star sex god who Lacey often dreams about and her dream sort of comes true when the model for the video is taking too long in makeup and Lacey is asked to work in her place The attraction between the two is so easy to see from the first page of thi [...]

    4. Disclaimer I received a complimentary copy of this book A brooding rock star finds a woman who lets in the lightMalcom isn t looking for a relationship He has everything he needs and a complicated love life isn t one of those things But when he finds himself at a video shoot, rolling around in bed with a woman who responds to his touch as if he s the oxygen she breathes, he can t help but want to fill her lungs And any place else she desiresWhen Lacey showed up for work today, she expected to se [...]

    5. Dangerous Fling is one hot rocker read Ir s also a story about the reluctance of falling in love, and family forgiveness This is is the 4th book in the Dangerous Noise series, and the second in of Crystal Kaswell s that I ve read Obviously she captured my attention and created an interest in the men who play in Dangerous Noise Told in alternating points of view, this story focuses on Dangerous Noises front man and lead singer Malcome Mal Strong and video editor Lacey Waltz and the scorching chem [...]

    6. CoaRJ review by Candice Marie I was provided with an ARC in exchange for an honest review Ohh where do I start, I just loved this book so much I ve been intrigued by Mal since the beginning of the Dangerous Noise series and I was so excited to finally have the opportunity to get inside his head In previous books, Mal was portrayed as a stoic commitment phobe with a penchant for kink in the bedroom but as I suspected, there was much to him than what he seemed The chemistry between Mal and Lacey [...]

    7. I think this one is my favorite of the series so far I m not sure I can explain why but maybe because we all see Mal doesn t just have a heart, he has a huge heart that holds everything in I was blown away by how breathtaking this novel is Not just because of all the tumble in the sheets, which by the way Mal is a king in the bedroom It just because how amazing the love story is between Mal and Lacey It s not quite as rock star novel as the other books because the boys are home on leave It s abo [...]

    8. Rock star.Man I hate to say it but it s the same issue I have with all the books in this series Dare I say There s too much sex It takes away from the story Besides that detail iv really enjoyed all the books in this series I was a little concerned about Mal s story because of the extra kink but it was actually pretty light and wasn t over done And bother characters worked out well together Poor Mal just wanted to be loved As far as I m concerned his parents are terrible and I couldn t bring mys [...]

    9. Dangerous Fling by Crystal Kaswell This book was reviewed for Summer s Eve Reads Title Dangerous FlingAuthor Crystal KaswellGenre Contemporary Romance Rating 4 5Dangerous fling is part of the Dangerous Noise series and this book in particular focuses on the bands frontman Mal, it s a story about a hot rock star who s reluctant to the idea of falling in love well that s until Lacey walks into his life, together they share a chemistry neither can deny.Crystal certainly knows how to add drama into [...]

    10. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.I loved the first three books in this series so much that I was ecstatic to receive an ARC of this one I was pulled into the story right away and didn t want to put this down I can t wait to read from this author Definitely a recommended must read.

    11. There are good characters in the book I m not sure I understand Mal s parents motivation to leaving their kids when Mal turned 18 It seems like Mal should not care for them as much as he does Lacey does some questionable stealing from the workplace that earned a star off from me I skimmed through too many sex scenes and I still liked reading about the group Good read.

    12. I RECEIVED THIS BOOK AS AN ARC FOR AN HONEST REVIEW OMG I love Mal hes just awesome What can I say, Mal is the one who tends to everyone, he puts Ethan and Piper first, he was left at 18 by his parents to look after them so they could live their dreams and all he dreams of is been a family Hes a lone wolf, all the other members of the band are paired off and hes happy to have a girl in every city until he meets Lacey It starts in the studio where hes filming his newest video for the band and Lac [...]

    13. The Dangerous Noise series is creeping ever closer to concluding with this immensely appealing romance that s a bit predictable but still compelling because of its strong characters The sparks definitely fly in this tale of older brother Mal s unexpected connection to a bubbly video director who start out as friends but quickly morph into Readers quickly get immersed into the emotional baggage both of them carry and though there are frustrations along the way, by the end there s plenty of cheer [...]

    14. DNF OMG OMG OMG I can t even with these characters The dialogue was atrocious and the story wasn t that great So Lacey is an assistant director on a music video set where she meets Malcolm, her fantasy rock star crush She becomes the stand in for the model actress in the video there is hot chemistry between Mal her Then the actual model shows up for the shoot but there is no spark between them filming So Mal asks Lacey to edit the video with the shots of her him in the vision she sees for the vi [...]

    15. Star Rating .5The last man standing Dangerous Noise singer Mal strong is the enigma of the band, the quiet stoic singer with a poker face he s overprotective of his family and fellow band members, needing to be in control but his dominant facade is hiding a softer centre that s becoming exposed with each of his siblings finding happiness Fearing abandonment, Mal doesn t do relationships he does F ck buddies, women who know the score and submit to his dominant nature, he doesn t need anything el [...]

    16. Dangerous Fling by Crystal Kaswell is Book 4 of the Dangerous Noise series and a Rock Star RomanceAssistant and director wannabe Lacey Waltz fills in for the model who s running late to film a sexy scene with the beautiful Malcolm Strong Even though it s all pretend, it feels real to Lacey Mal is is the lead singer and frontman of the famous band Dangerous Noise Mal feels a chemistry with the gorgeous assistant that he doesn t feel with the model When Lacey shows Mal the video footage and makes [...]

    17. I received this book for Free to Give My True and Honest ReviewCrystal your series is just getting better better We re catching up with the Dangerous Noise men So here it s Malcolm Strong s story oh how I love Mal this controlling strong man well from the outside due to having to being up his younger siblings guitarist Ethan younger Sister Piper, whilst their parents go around the world doing their research Do he had this inner demon really where he s scared to fall in love someone else break hi [...]

    18. This might be my favorite Dangerous Noise book The emotion the love the fear the tears were so realistic and so easy to feel and understand I never really pictured Mal like this but at the same time part of me knew he had to be Lacey is just perfect, she s sweet she s funny she fits right in with everyone and she s the perfect ying to Mals yang I don t know how Crystal Kaswell does it but she manages to make each character completely their own person yet have all the books feel like one giant st [...]

    19. Dangerous Fling by Crystal Kaswell is a great rocker book that will have you engrossed from start to end As ever the with any romance read about a musician and a lead singer no less they are bound to be a brooding bad boy that is hesitant to fall in love but this was written really well and I thoroughly enjoyed it 4 stars from me.Mal is lead singer of Dangerous Noise and while filming the video for his latest song he meets Lacey As a budding director but in this case the directors assistant she [...]

    20. Completely captivatedI received an Advance Reader Copy of this book for my honest review.This was my first time reading a story written by Crystal Kaswell Also I haven t read any of the other books in the series before this one so I thought I would be lost I was lost but not because I didn t read the other books in the series before I read this one I was lost in the story that Crystal created about Mal and Lacey I was reading the story and right from the beginning Mal s character sucked me in He [...]

    21. A wonderful ending to the series What I loved the most about this series was that each character had its own distinct personality And that uniqueness was maintained throughout, as they each made appearances in each others books.But I was SO happy to finally read Mal s story He was truly the dark, brooding rock star, and he knew it That s what intrigued me He KNEW this was how the fans saw him and yet he also knew this wasn t who he truly was and was holding out for someone to see the real him En [...]

    22. This book was excellent, I loved it This is the story of Mal and Lacey This story is quite emotional and takes you on quite a rollercoaster ride Mal is the lead singer of Dangerous Noise He has been hurt in his life and refuses to fall in love Lacey is an assistant to a music video director It is her dream to direct on day herself Mal and Lacey meet when she is asked to fill in for a model that was a no show Things heat up for the two during a make out session for the video Mal knows he should s [...]

    23. I feel like I ve started this series at the wrong end, since this is the first book in the Dangerous Noise series I ve read I didn t need the three previous books to fall in love with Mal, I only needed this one I m not sure what it is about a wounded hero that calls out to something deep within almost every woman and makes us yearn to put him back together, but it does And Mal desperately needs the help of the right woman to get there Lacey s definitely the right woman The emotional scars she c [...]

    24. I read an ARC of this book for an honest review and, honestly, I will read ANYTHING Crystal Kaswell writes Dangerous Fling is her best book to date I loved this book, and I loved Mal and Lacey The storyline was excellent perfect for the characters and we got to see all that love and passion that Mal tried to contain in the other books We also got to see his heartbreak, and so many things were explained.Lacey had uncertainties and heartbreak of her own, and Mal was the perfect guy to help her thr [...]

    25. Dangerous Fling is my favorite book and the fourth in Crystal Kaswell s Dangerous Noise series There is just something about Malcolm Mal Strong that is incredibly hard to resist He s sexy, serious, broody, sensitive and an amazing older brother I can see why Lacey fell hard and fast for him.They met while taping a video for his band Dangerous Noise They had amazing chemistry and Lacey impressed Mal when she went out on a limb and gave him unsolicited advance on the artistic direction of the vide [...]

    26. Reviewed on behalf of amo and Sarah s book corner for an honest review.wow I loved this series and for me crystal kaswell kept the best till last I ve been waiting for Mal s story for ages.Mal Strong is lead singer of rockband dangerous noise and my favourite next to Kit he has been looking after his brother Ethan and sister piper since their mom and dad moved away cause of work They have grown up together and been through a lot but music is always what makes Mal and Ethan happy.Lacey is working [...]

    27. Sigh having read all of the books in the Dangerous Noise collection I have to say this book was an excellent way to bring it all together, even if it did make me frustrated and sad I have been a Mal fan for awhile, and was ready for his story Holy crap What a story this was The emotional rollercoaster is like it When Mal meets Lacey at a video shoot he sees she is smart and knows she understand what kind of vision he would like to portray plus getting in her pants is high on his agenda convinci [...]

    28. This is the first book I have read by Krystal Kaswell an certainly will not be the last Dangerous Fling is the fourth book in the Dangerous Noise Series, but can be read as a stand alone As I stated this is the first book I have read by her and I did not feel like I was missing out on the story because I have not read the other books.Lacey is assistant to a very well know producer She loves her job most of the time that is until Malcolm Strong walks on the set for his newest video While waiting [...]

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