Najdłuższy dzień przyszłości (2020)

Najd u szy dzie przysz o ci W futurystycznym mie cie przysz o ci ycie jednego robota i jednego pracownika biurowego zostaje przewr cone do g ry nogami po przybyciu obcego z tajemnicz walizk Ta walizka zapewnia dost p do materia
  • Title: Najdłuższy dzień przyszłości
  • Author: Lucas Varela
  • ISBN: 9788363963699
  • Page: 338
  • Format: None
  • W futurystycznym mie cie przysz o ci ycie jednego robota i jednego pracownika biurowego zostaje przewr cone do g ry nogami, po przybyciu obcego z tajemnicz walizk Ta walizka zapewnia dost p do materializacji ukrytych pragnie Pragnie , kt re mog by pi kne, absurdalne lub straszne A one zmieni na zawsze ycie miasta i jego mieszka c w.
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      338 Lucas Varela
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    1. Impactante c mic mudo de Lucas Varela Ciento veinte p ginas que sin decir nada dicen mucho En un futuro donde humanos y robots conviven por igual, se presentan dos grandes corporaciones que buscan destruirse entre s Hay sin embargo un vuelo po tico en la obra, capaz de conmover a un robot por el vuelo de una mosca Al no tener textos se vuele en minutos, en contraste de los a os que le llev a Lucas este trabajo Del dibujo se puede decir que la narraci n secuencial es perfecta, hay que mantener m [...]

    2. Un futuro de hiper consumismo e hiper vigilancia donde dos bandos se disputan, mediante una suerte de guerra, el mercado , que en este caso el mercado es la vida de los personajes Trabajar para una marca, vivir para esa marca y consumir cosas de esa marca, el futuro donde la corporaci n es la que hace pol tica, la que crea pa ses, la que borra el l mite o lo hace difuso entre la defensa por los ideales y los bienes de consumo Se defiende a la marca o esta nos defiende a nosotros Vivimos para con [...]

    3. A fun and wonderfully told story And as we discussed on a recent episode of The Comics Alternative podcast, this would make an interesting animated film, and as one, it d have the feel of a Pixar meets Cohen brothers sort of thing.

    4. A mix of Antonio Prohias and Jason, with a dash of Jim Woodring too Enjoyable and clever, but the anti capitalist satire isn t as deep or as cutting as it needs to be.

    5. I can t pretend that I understood the whole thing it s a wordless graphic novel On one hand, comprehension may have been helped by a written narrative, but then on the other hand, the fact it had no words made it all the creepy It may be towards 3.5 stars, but it was weird enough to round up I d definitely check out from this creator.

    6. Impresionante distop a tecnol gica donde el enfrentamiento entre dos grandes corporaciones se ver afectado por la llegada de un extraterrestre con una curiosa maleta Tres personas comunes atrapadas en un mundo sin esperanza.

    7. This graphic novel is accurately characterized by boingboing wondering to myself if such a name can be a legitimate publication as Chris Wares meets Terry Gilliam It details a day in a dystopian society in which dueling corpocracies reign The concept reminds me gently of David Mitchell s Sonmi 451 portion of Cloud Atlas and fragments of Walle, with its relentless focus on company identity Also the people look funny.The Longest Day of the Future details the workday of two citizens, each serving a [...]

    8. Varela rises to the occasion to establish world and tell a wonderful story without any words at all His artwork is simple and cartoonish but highly expressive Emotion and intent can be easily seen in each pain The story takes place in a future dominated by two rival corporations All of society is split right dow the middle You are either living, working, and consuming the red pig or the blue bunny There is no middle ground in Varela s future At the top of these organizations are bosses with thei [...]

    9. Ooo la la, this book is GORGEOUS Lucas Varela s virtually wordless debut graphic novel, The Longest Day Of The Future, is SO beautiful but that beauty is the sugar coating on a pretty bitter takedown of greed, unfettered capitalism, and selfish ambition It s like one of those pop songs that has a really upbeat melody but the lyrics are super depressing Of course I loved it Told in a series of interconnecting vignettes, Varela s protagonists if you can even call them that are from two global corp [...]

    10. Y esto es una Obra Maestra as , con may sculas una que califica sin dudar dentro del material imprescindible editado recientemente en Argentina o editado en cualquier momento en cualquier parte del mundo El arsenal de recursos narrativos que desparrama Varela en esta novela gr fica es simplemente avasallador Tanto para contar su historia una brutal s tira al consumismo podr amos decir, aunque esto es simplificarla como para narrarla visualmente en formato mudo apenas acompa ado por oportunas ono [...]

    11. I picked this up initially because I really liked the clean style of the artwork, and then I was intrigued by its wordlessness It s such a challenge to tell an effective story with pictures along, and I got sucked into seeing where this would go It s a surrealist satire set in a futuristic city whose citizens live in thrall to two fast food corporations one has a pig logo, one has a rabbit logo who are engaged in an endless loop of corporate espionage and sabotage Into this setting crashes a UFO [...]

    12. Lovely, creepy little book Admittedly, the social commentary is a bit less subtle and a bit smack across the face obvious , but it s still a fun dystopian read The art style gave me serious Tintin vibes is retro European a thing I can say about a cartooning style I kind of really want to, but at the same time, I don t want to be that pretentious a hole , and the lack of words or explanation makes the fairly straightforward plot a bit subjective, which is nice HOWEVER tLDotF can get quite carto [...]

    13. BCDER 89Bunnies versus pigs, red versus blue, man against himself Lucas Varela has really impressed me with his cartooning, so adept in his craft that words are not necessary Crisp, beautiful lines and color that easily convey emotion and meaning without a single word balloon Plot Obviously open to interpretation, but perhaps a commentary on the current world state of even sided division where each side feeds off harming the other I crave Varela

    14. Can I say I read it A graphic novel, one with no words, none at all And yet a big story, familiar to all This is a reminder that art can often be a way to face things that are usually hard if not impossible to face, and even enjoy ourselves while doing so Charming and funny light riddles on dystopia.

    15. Even though the book could be viewed as simple or simplistic, this is fantastic read and I enjoyed every minute of it It was offbeat, funny, new, wry and dry I had a great time reading it I m a sucker for artwork like this but even if I put it aside, this is a marvelous book that should and could be picked up from time to time.

    16. Love that graphic novels like Here and this piece explore narratives without text Varela does such an amazing job conveying emotions and deeper issues in society with these cutesy illustrations Would recommend

    17. Un tr s grand myst re entoure cette bande dessin e sans texte comment en sommes nous arriv s ce monde Qui sont ces deux peuples rivaux et qui veulent tout prix la destruction de l autre Un titre, certes, qui a son charme, mais qui m a paru beaucoup trop court

    18. It s like a darker version of Adventure Time Precise drawings by Lucas gave me a feel Maximov s animations All the plot lines are tied together, which is cool And the critic of politics and consumerism are smart.

    19. I really liked this a lot it very much has a Terry Gilliam Brazil feel to it, which is one of my most favorite sci fi feels.

    20. 4 stars for the artwork the elegant wordless storytelling 3 stars for the familiar dystopian anti consumerist narrative, the flat characterization being too short It made me laugh a few times it s a fun couple hours of reading also, I didn t real the kindle edition what is this

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