Run in the Blood (2020)

Run in the Blood Raised on the high seas as an avaricious corsair Aela Crane has turned her back on her roots but she can t seem to stem the ancient magic that courses through her Del is a soft spoken soldier who se
  • Title: Run in the Blood
  • Author: A.E. Ross
  • ISBN: 9781947904767
  • Page: 465
  • Format: ebook
  • Raised on the high seas as an avaricious corsair, Aela Crane has turned her back on her roots, but she can t seem to stem the ancient magic that courses through her Del is a soft spoken soldier who seems to know about Aela s inherited powers that she does Brynne s the crofter s daughter who s reluctantly learning to become a princess, if she could just get a certainRaised on the high seas as an avaricious corsair, Aela Crane has turned her back on her roots, but she can t seem to stem the ancient magic that courses through her Del is a soft spoken soldier who seems to know about Aela s inherited powers that she does Brynne s the crofter s daughter who s reluctantly learning to become a princess, if she could just get a certain swashbuckling someone off her mind.Originally hired on okay, blackmailed by the King of the island nation of Thandepar, Aela s light monster extermination gig takes a fast turn into kidnapping for profit Del tries to ignore family issues by searching for a long lost friend, and ends up getting both for the price of one Brynne s prepared to give up her heart for her country until her own personal heartbreaker shows up with the most terrible timing.As the three of them become entwined in their own political predicaments, and each other s lives, they may discover that the legacies their parents have left them aren t as solid as they seemed In fact, they may just slip through their fingers, leaving all three fumbling to forge their own future, before the kingdom comes crashing down around them.
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    1. 3 3 4 Stars I ended up enjoying this than I thought I would I misread the blurb thinking all three main characters were female I thought we might even get into a juicy love triangle here But it s actually two women and one guy who s POV we are in Even with that slight disappointment I enjoyed this This is still a lesfic book and a pretty decent fantasy adventure Aela is a corsair pirate , Brynne is soon to become a princess and Del is a soldier It s almost to the point I can t say much for fea [...]

    2. Book received from Netgalley and NineStar Press for an honest reviewI hate when I start off a review this way but I ve no real clue how to write a review for this book Most of what I could say would probably be spoiler So I ll try to weave my way to something approaching a review.One of the first things I need to mention, and I m not sure if it is a spoiler or not, I assume it isn t considering how the book flows from beginning to end, but it is something that was hidden from readers in the bo [...]

    3. Aela Crane is a corsair with a spear gun and a family made up of her fellow crewmates The past she s put solidly behind her comes back to bite, though, when it s the very reason the king blackmails her into going on a monster hunt Del, one of the soldiers who accompanies her, is not all he seems to be And Brynne is a merchant s daughter who finds herself betrothed to a prince she doesn t know Aela s and Del s story eventually intersects with Brynne s in satisfying and surprising ways.Fantasy is [...]

    4. I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI don t want to say a lot about the plot because I feel like it would give away the story and the summary for the book is kind of vague on purpose for that reason It was definitely a fun fantasy story, although I feel like the POV was a bit unbalanced I definitely felt like we didn t get as much of Brynne s POV than the other two, although it did pick up at the end I guess my main problem with this was that I felt [...]

    5. This book was provided for free as the February s Sapphic Book Club read hosted by sapphicliteratureRun in the Blood is one of those books that has a lot of good ideas that it tries to juggle, yet none of them get quite to the point they want to be at It s fun for what it is, but to enjoy it, one must be willing to overlook a lot of odd plot set up and conflict.The heart of the story is at Aela, Del, and Brynne s relationship to each other While Aela is hard to pin down as a character, Del and B [...]

    6. RUN IN THE BLOOD is a fantastical novel which focuses on the story of Aela, a young Corsair with a hidden past Ross builds a vivid world with fantastical sensory details It s so clear that this world has been carved from the bottom up and every action has an equal opposite reaction I ll admit, fantasy is not my normal genre, I tend to stick to modern stories, but RUN IN THE BLOOD had such a gorgeous cover and interest catching blurb Yay Pirates , I had to check it out All three POV characters re [...]

    7. This book was provided for free by the author via IndiGo Marketing Design in exchange for an honest review.I was really hovering between two and three stars on this one because some parts were really good and others were really boring And when they were really boring, they were really, really boring But though this didn t end up being a fantasy favorite of mine, I started getting pretty invested in the three main characters and ended up wanting to see of them.Not a whole lot of the plot summary [...]

    8. This book was provided for free as the February s Sapphic Book Club read hosted by sapphicliterature.This was an all in all good fantasy book The mythology and history of the setting is pretty interesting, the main characters are likable and there s dragon like creature s I especially liked the connection between Aela and the dragons.The lives of the three main characters are interwined in ways than we first expect All of them are lost in some way and don t want to be in the kind of situation o [...]

    9. This book is February s Sapphic Book Club read hosted by sapphicliterature.Aela a corsair trying to distance herself from her roots and her wild magic, Del a soldier full of secrets, fiercely chasing the past, and Brynne a seemingly simple girl thrown into the world of royalty All of them are so much than it firstly appears All of them are tangled together All of them help each other grow.I loved that the characters have their distinctive voice and every POV reads differently It felt like reall [...]

    10. This book was February s Sapphic Book Club read hosted by sapphicliterature.I read this entire book and I honestly don t have much to say about it I enjoyed the relationship between the three protagonists Aela and Brynne, who are two women in a sort of romantic relationship, and Del, who becomes friends with both of them Looking back, the overall plot was also interesting and yet, the execution felt lacking I felt myself skimming through pages of descriptions instead of reading them I can t real [...]

    11. I received a copy of this book from Sapphic Book Club in exchange for an honest review.So, first off I want to preface with the fact that despite everything I m about to say, I did like the book The world was interesting and the characters were fun The story in spite of a few things I ll be getting into shortly was good.Now The pacing of the book was rough in places the very first pages of the book thrust the reader into a battle with no context for the characters, world, or why this is happenin [...]

    12. This book was provided for free as the February s Sapphic Book Club read hosted by sapphicliterature Some spoilers ahead Even though I m giving this only 2 stars, the book was definitely interesting I enjoyed it, and it had some great aspects, but in general I won t be thinking of it much later One of the main things I genuinely enjoyed was the plot itself The story was very heavily relying on the plot, and it was moving forward along the whole book I need to admit, sometimes I found myself read [...]

    13. This book was February s Sapphic Book Club read hosted by sapphicliterature.So I m a little late reviewing this book, but honestly I did enjoy it The romance was nice, the relationships were interesting and the plot was fine, just fine However why does it feel like the world wasn t explored enough It feels like between the first chapter and the second there should have been at least two I m not sure if the author wasn t sure if a longer novel wouldn t have worked but I do think it this book cou [...]

    14. This was the February Sapphic book of the month for the Sapphic book club.The characters and plot were fantastic, but I feel like the book could have been improved the pacing a bit It could just be me but I feel like it didn t go in depth enough with the interesting fantasy powers and overall lore like the astrology aspect but then spent a long time on, say, a character wandering the palace I would love to read of this world though, and am excited to see if the author does anything with it

    15. I received a copy of this book from Sapphic Book Club in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed this book The action sequences really drew me into the book I especially thought the first scene of the novel made a good hook with all the action that was going on.In terms of characters, I really liked how fierce Aela was and I was compelled to find out about her heritage and what that meant for her I also liked how complicated her love with Brynne was since they are from two different worl [...]

    16. Run in the Blood is like a breath of crisp, salty air proving you can have sword and sorcery fantasy set in a medieval ish world without loading it up with sexism and misogyny And you know what makes this book even better Quite a bit of the rainbow was represented in a positive light with no one picking on them for being themselves I received a free copy from NineStar Press in exchange for a fair and honest review I want to give it ALL THE STARS It had dragons AND pirates I was hooked from the f [...]

    17. 3.5 starsAela Crane is a corsaird something Brynne is a common dock wench mysteriously chosen to be the wife of the crown prince Del is a soldierd something Together, they will solve the mystery of their home and fight the dangers of their island Unless something gets to them first.An intriguing fantasy set up in a generic fantasy world of and island of ice, snow and rocks, where the previous inhabitants of the island mysteriously vanished before the coming of Del and Brynne s people generatio [...]

    18. An ebook copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.If you enjoy a good adventure book with some fantasy elements, I definitely recommend this one It has everything you know you need f f romance, badass main female character who s good with weapons, and a main male character who doesn t get in a way of the ship and is for once not annoying It s really hard to describe this book without spoiling too much I believe even the summary gives away a lot but what I can say is that [...]

    19. This was one of those ARCs where I really enjoyed the plot, but the writing style wasn t quite to my tastes.First of all, I had to read this book over the course of several days, which isn t how I prefer to read I m a fast reader, so I tend to just sit down with a book and read it until I m done having to put something down for two days in the middle often guarantees but I won t actually finish it Despite drowning in work, however, I was engaged enough in the plot here to want to pick it back up [...]

    20. Aela Crane is a pirate, ripped from the life she loves by a king who wants to use the powers inherent in her bloodline to kill a naga that is tormenting villages Her girlfriend is engaged to the crown prince, the snot is beat out of her on a regular basis, and life is just all kinds of unfair Also she may or may not be related to the naga she s supposed to kill You know, just an average day for a lesbian pirate.PlotI m unsure how to fill in this section, since I m not entirely certain what the p [...]

    21. This was the February 2018 read for the Sapphic Book Club.So, there are things I like about this book Ross clearly has a talent for actiony storytelling The ship battle draws my interest right from the start, and the scenery descriptions are excellent and immersive.That being said, the characterizations need some work view spoiler I had a hard time really getting a good idea of who Aela is, or caring all that much about her relationship with Brynne Even outside of the occasional demonic possessi [...]

    22. Thank you to Netgalley, AE Ross and the publisher for my ARC of Run in the Blood Run in the Blood is the debut novel from author AE Ross A slick fantasy novel with awesome characters who you can t help but absolutely love Aela Crane has been raised a Corsair, a brutal, bloodthirsty pirate and she wouldn t want life any other way Sailing the high seas in search of fights, gold and glory, and popping back to port for a fumble with a sweet girl every now and again What other life could she possibly [...]

    23. Run in the Blood than surpassed my expectations In a world where the mainstream fantasy genre tends to be male dominated with some notable exceptions such as the Tremontaine series , this book felt like a breath of fresh air The debut for author A E Ross, Run in the Blood is a tale of adventure, pirates and dragons.The narration was divided in three POV characters, two of them women, and was easy and fun to read The plot, with it s twists and turns, made Run in the Blood a fast read, and I fell [...]

    24. It was a fun fantasy story in a fantasy world of ice snow and rocks It is hard to review this book without giving too much away so I will keep it technical In my opinion the POV was a bit unbalanced and I wish there would have been from Brynne It was a well written book, that was intriguing most of the time but had a few dull moments but that was ok The characters were likable and I kept rooting for them.All in all if somebody likes fantasy books, this one is great

    25. You should all get this book and read it because it is great It s fantastic, cinematic, thrilling, AND has characters that I really loved Like instantly loved Aela Crane is so bad ass I also really want Alphonse Doyle bc 3 3 3

    26. I liked the story about the prince, the pirate and the barefoot girl , and the dragons But I had a false impression of the kinds of people involved, as if I had entered the story thinking that the three main characters would be women.

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