Східно-Західна вулиця. Повернення до Львова (2020)

  • Title: Східно-Західна вулиця. Повернення до Львова
  • Author: Philippe Sands Філіп Сендс Павло Мигаль
  • ISBN: 9786176794400
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Hardcover
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      164 Philippe Sands Філіп Сендс Павло Мигаль
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    1. Unnatural LawPhilippe Sands offers a new theory of law packaged in a new literary genre in East West Street Call them both phenomenological or, perhaps less pretentiously, unnatural because neither conforms with traditional presumptions in the law or literature Both the theory and the genre break the rules Specifically, the content of East West Street implies that the development of law is not a continuous rational process but a lumpy, messy confluence of emotion, sentiment and political in figh [...]

    2. In this book , author Phillippe Sands looks back to the city of Lviv, known as Lemberg as well as many other names and located variously in the Austro Hungarian Empire, Poland, occupied by the Soviets and, after 1944, part of Ukraine Lviv, or Lemberg, was home to three men before the Second World War One was the author s grandfather, Leon Buchholz Another was Hersch Lauterpacht, a professor of International Law, born in Zolkiew, near Lemberg in 1877 The last was Rafael Lemkin, a professor and la [...]

    3. The opening quote is from Joseph Roth s The Wandering Jews 1927 The little town lies in the middle of a great plain It begins with little huts and ends with them After a while the huts are replaced by houses Streets begin One runs from north to south, the other from east to west The east west street of the title is where Sands grandfather, Leon Buchholz, lived with his family in as small village near Lemberg, then in the Austr Hungarian province of Galicia.The city we now know as Lviv plays an i [...]

    4. Part historical inquiry, part family history, this book is a fascinating exploration of the lives of three men against the backdrop of one of the most horrifying periods in human history The level of research Sands has put into this book is unquestionable, using a wealth of varied evidence, including interviews, photos, letters, and court testimony The author maintains a rather dispassionate tone through most of the book yet his clinical statements about Nazi atrocities and the ever increasing d [...]

    5. Back in 2010 the barrister Philippe Sands was asked to give a lecture at Lviv University in Ukraine on the subjects of genocide and crimes against humanity This gave him the opportunity to visit the city, and maybe discover about his maternal grandfather, a man who he knew so little about Sands knew he was Jewish, had moved to Vienna as war enveloped Europe in 1914 and then moved onto Paris after the Nazis entered Austria When he probed further he discovered that there were scant details about [...]

    6. I was totally unprepared for how good a book this was Let me try to explain.At one level, this is an intellectual history of the evolution of two concepts central to international law since World War II and the Holocaust and still relevant today in the consideration of human rights abuses in conflicts all around the world These are the ideas of crimes against humanity and genocide The author is a legal scholar who had participated in some of the recent proceeding regarding war crimes in the form [...]

    7. Part family history, part legal history.Dominic Sands is a human rights and his family history links him with the holocaust and two key characters behind the war crimes trial at Nuremberg and the legal precedents set subsequently Sands exploration of his family history is the most compelling part of the book, particularly his meetings with the sons of former Nazis The legal history sections whilst important do drag sometimes.Overall a fascinating journey into the past with much relevance for tod [...]

    8. East West Street A Profoundly Personal StoryOn the 13th April 1940 in Ska at, my Great Grandmother was arrested by officers of the NKVD for the given reason her husband was a Police Officer in the border town of Podwo oczyska to the right of the river Zbruch and her son was in the Polish Army fighting for the enemy Poland She was transported to Siberia, in cattle trucks, that the following year would be utilised by the Nazi regime of Hans Frank in Galicia Ska at is 92 miles to the east of Lw w o [...]

    9. Tr s tr s instructif pour ma part, je ne l oublierai pas de si t t Il devient une de mes r f rences.

    10. Phillippe Sands, a professor of law at University College London, has written a meticulously researched study on the origins of the legal concepts of genocide and crimes against humanity The book opens by drawing a clear distinction between the terms, noting how despite their seeming complementarity that they draw on two distinct understandings of rights Crimes against humanity originates in the idea of the rights of the individual, while genocide is rooted in the notion of the rights of the gro [...]

    11. Absolutely brilliant Written like a thriller, this is the true account of the birth of the notions of genocide and crimes against humanity and their entry into the legal realm This book is beautiful enough as a story of human beings, but it is invaluable as a history of international law Sands writes in a captivating tone, changing between fast paced and mellow prose according to the subject he is dealing with, often on the same page The telling on the Nuremberg Trials is, again, outstanding The [...]

    12. This is a deeply personal account of the Nuremberg trial All the main character ties to the author s own life and so, to that of his grandfather Leon Most of Leon s family were lost to German racial politics One of the defendants in the trial was Hans Frank, the governor general of Leon s hometown Lemberg Before the Nuremberg trials, no leaders of any country had had to face an international court before, to answer for their actions No one in Turkey was ever charged with killing 1,5 millions Ar [...]

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    14. Magnificent I won t repeat the many reviews of this book, but would add that it is a hugely important book which I can only recommend am doing and will continue to do so to everyone I know Gitta Sereny s Into That Darkness, a deeply harrowing book, would in my opinion serve as a significant companion read But warn you, reading the latter book at bedtime will make for very disturbed nights, better to read in the day if you can.

    15. Uno de los mejores libros de 2017 Un libro donde el autor de una forma natural, sin buscar sobresalir en el panorama literario, nos cuenta la historia de su familia junto con la de algunos nazis relevantes Lo m s especial, los testimonios de los hijos de esos nazis BRUTAL

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    17. This marvelous book resists description It is sui generis a creature of its own, mixing memoir, Holocaust history, legal history, and even mystery Before I say anything , let me make clear that East West Street is anything but dry and academic Rather, it is spirited and deeply engaging and deeply personal It is perhaps a cliche to say that a work of history reads like a novel, but the phrase is appropriate here The narrative unfolds along several axes that are at times discrete, then weave among [...]

    18. In East West Street , Philippe Sands, a professor of international law, tries to find out about his grandfather, a Holocaust survivor, Leon Buchholz, who was born in Lemberg, a town on the outskirts of the Austrian Hungarian Empire Then Sands finds out that two very prominent lawyers also grew up in the same town, on the same street, without knowing each other, during the rise of the Nazi power Both men would live to contribute to concepts that would be fundamental to the Nuremberg Trials and t [...]

    19. A hard book to categorise Part family history, part legal history, part multi subject biography, it tells the story of three men who grew up in and around the city of Lviv, now in the Ukraine but formerly part of Poland, in the first half of the 20th century Two of those men Hersch Lauterpacht and Rafael Lemkin were lawyers who were central in promoting the concepts of crimes against humanity and genocide Lemkin invented the word genocide , Lauterpacht played an important role in the Nuremberg t [...]

    20. This is a magnificent work of scholarship combined with a profoundly moving personal story On one level it s an academic analysis of the words genocide and crimes against humanity , first used at the Nuremburg Trials and how these now familiar concepts came to be internationally accepted and enshrined in international law At the same time it s the story of Sands own Jewish family in Poland, a family of 80 people of whom only 1 was still alive after the war It s also about guilt and responsibilit [...]

    21. I picked up this book from the library because it was in the new books section and looked interesting interesting enough to take out I expected it to be quite dry, but was delighted to find a very readable book I love the way the author has interwoven his own family history with the story This book made me think a lot, and I learnt a lot as well The ideas on genocide made me stop I hadn t thought about the idea that genocide reinforces the group against group mentality of people I also hadn t re [...]

    22. Excellent book on a very difficult topic Even though it was pretty technical in parts, it held my interest throughout Excellent narration on the audio version Good storytelling Heartbreaking Resonant with today s global conflicts.

    23. Lemkin a Lauprecht tudovali pr vo v vove Frank bol guvern torom mesta a cel ho Po ska Dozeral na t bory, v ktor ch zahynuli mil ny ud , vr tane rod n Lemkina a Lauprechta T svoje pr vnicke kari ry venovali vytvoreniu medzin rod ho pr va v oblasti genoc dy i zlo inov proti udskosti Osudy oboch ovplyvnili rasov nap tie a pogromy, ktor vov za val u od konca prvej svetovej vojny Ich pr ca vyvrcholila v Norimberskom s dnom tribun le, ktor ho innosti sa obaja z astnili Franka s d ods dil na smr a obes [...]

    24. A remarkable book and worth every moment of reading this past wintry month of discontent Sands is as erudite as he is moving, at times, chillingly engrossing His book reminded me a lot of watching Lanzmann s SHOAH and of Lanzmann s refusal to show even a moment of concentration camp footage In Sands case, as an international lawyer himself, he approaches the subject from a curiosity to resurrect the two quite opposing lawyers who coined the terms crimes against humanity and genocide His explanat [...]

    25. When you studied history but have a rather limited understanding of law and the evolution of human rights like me , this book would be an excellent starting point to understand where these two areas meet The book inspired me as I found out that the idea of protection of an individual was largely shaped in Lviv Strongly recommended

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