Think Positive, Speak Positive, Act Positive (2020)

Think Positive Speak Positive Act Positive This book reveals a step strategy to embrace positivity in life It focuses on the specific techniques principles and exercises to develop a positive mindset that leads one to success happiness a
  • Title: Think Positive, Speak Positive, Act Positive
  • Author: Aditi Agarwal
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This book reveals a 3 step strategy to embrace positivity in life It focuses on the specific techniques, principles, and exercises to develop a positive mindset that leads one to success, happiness, and self confidence.
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      455 Aditi Agarwal
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    1. I found this book quite interesting Our thoughts are our rulers that is why Aditi emphasized on positivity Our thoughts affects our action and relief actions become our behaviour, ultimately it s our behaviour that affects people and relationships which makes us laugh or cry.I loved the 3D approach of the author I reviewed her book Harness the power within and I am happy to review and recommend this book.

    2. I JUST LOVE THIS SUPER SUCCINCT VERY PRACTICAL GUIDE The mind is everything What you think you become BuddhaI just love this super succinct and very practical guide to Truth Your Consciousness is All sayeth every great Master and in this powerful book, Author Aditi Agarwal shows us how this is so how every thought acts to create our worlds, reminding of the potency of our words and why it is so important to strive every day and in every way to Think, Speak Act Positively ever with the awareness [...]

    3. I have to admit I am a lover of self help books, it is a little bit a guilty pleasure, usually I pick them up at airports for a flight Think Positive, Speak Positive, Act Positive is about the right length for a flight, and for a book of this type You want the author to get the message across reasonably quickly to you get on with putting some of the messages into practice It is a great reminder that you cannot underestimate the power of positivity, if we could all harness this in everything we t [...]

    4. Ironically, it seems counter intuitive for me to award anything less than five stars the most positive recognition to a book that espouses the positivity of life, which I heartily agree is a most worthwhile objective for everyone It is not an act of negativity to award constructive criticism, but rather another act of positivity to seek improvement After all this book also suggests self improvement, by taking courses, by listening, and so on.This book was short and much of it I have heard before [...]

    5. I have been reading quite a lot of fiction lately, so this self help book came as a fresh breath of air It is short, concise, and to the point Without getting philosophical, the author explains and suggests some very valuable points in the form of bullet lists to feel motivated and inspired The book clearly suggests and there are no doubts about it that motivation only comes when the mind is in a free state of thinking positive For that, the author suggests several techniques which are immensely [...]

    6. If your just heading out on your journey, this book will be a handy companion helping you to lay the foundations for your spiritual development and growth It s by no mean an exhaustive guide to overcoming your own self imposed limitations however it does offer simplified techniques for self improvement that with only a little effort may help bring about a required shift in your conscious and subconscious thought process and push you further along the path of spiritual enlightenment.If your serio [...]

    7. This book a nice reminder of concepts and ideas that have been around for a long time It is direct and inspiring.I do have some fundamental disagreements with the author regarding the beliefs underlying her conclusions so I found some parts of the book difficult to accept.That being said, I think it is rare that we agree with everything we read If we do, then we probably aren t thinking for ourselves very well.In addition, I think regardless of your personal beliefs, there are some nice, inspira [...]

    8. I m a fan of anything that enlightens people to positivity, but it seems the majority of the content is a regurgitation of others quotes and thoughts Good stuff, but as a longtime seeker of self improvement, I ve already read much of this content directly from the original sources That said, this book is a great place to start for someone new to this train of thought It s a gentle guidance into a new way of thinking.

    9. A basic introduction into the power of positive thinking, largely from an eastern medicine Buddhism approach The author covers all the main ideas you d have in any positivity self help book There are a number of editing errors and some slight repetition in quotes and ideas But, again, a quick read to get a flavor of positivity thinking.

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