Scots on the Rocks (2020)

Scots on the Rocks When Judith and her cousin Renie go on vacation in a remote and possibly haunted Scottish castle owned by a rich whiskey distillery baron strange things start occurring They meet Harry Gibbs a dissol
  • Title: Scots on the Rocks
  • Author: Mary Daheim
  • ISBN: 9780060566531
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Judith and her cousin Renie go on vacation in a remote and possibly haunted Scottish castle owned by a rich whiskey distillery baron strange things start occurring They meet Harry Gibbs, a dissolute young man who is estranged from his wife and is found smothered to death shortly after Judith and Renie arrive His widow, Moira, is suspect No 1, of course, but there aWhen Judith and her cousin Renie go on vacation in a remote and possibly haunted Scottish castle owned by a rich whiskey distillery baron strange things start occurring They meet Harry Gibbs, a dissolute young man who is estranged from his wife and is found smothered to death shortly after Judith and Renie arrive His widow, Moira, is suspect No 1, of course, but there are plenty to go around since Harry was a real jerk and wanted to run the petrol company Moira inherited from dear old dad Suspects include Moira s bastard half brother, Blackwell Petroleum s sleazy CEO, the wily comptroller, an even wilier corporate attorney, the whisky baron, Moira s former mother in law who mixes delicious jams along with her not so delicious poisons, Moira s apparent lover, and, last but not least, Chuckie, the dwarfish epileptic who runs around castle There s a ghost, some goofy villagers, and enough suspects to overwhelm any police force, but no challenge is too daunting for the cousins.
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    1. The husband s plan a vacation and Judith and Renie find themselves staying in a castle in a small Scottish village While the husband s take off fishing, the ladies are left to their own devices When there is an explosion on the beach by the castle, and the grandson of the caretakers is found dead, Judith can t help but investigate Everyone knows everyone in a small village, but who do people not know is a killer This was a good addition to the Bed and Breakfast series I think it is book 23 I thi [...]

    2. What happens when you give your husband a criteria for your long awaited vacation and let him pick the location Well, that is what happens when Judith and her irascible cousin Renie dream of a vacation by a beach where they can get some much needed rest, and their husbands can go fishing It is February in the Pacific Northwest and they have warmth and sun in their minds Where do they end up, but on an island with a beach, good fishing, and in a castle in Northern Scotland The girls are literally [...]

    3. I picked this up because I like what are often called tea cosies mysteries, I liked the play of words in the title and others in the series , and I read lots of great reviews about this series from readers I was quite disappointed, however I found the main characters Judith and her cousin Renie quite irritating, especially Renie The story also didn t hold much interest for me, and I found the writing style frustrating as well I am not a fan of writers who overuse exclamation points, and who use [...]

    4. I thoroughly enjoy the antics of the cousins featured in the Bed and Breakfast Mystery series This story takes them to a castle in Scotland where the local police think they are CIA and willing draw them into the investigation of several gruesome deaths With Judith s curiosity urging them on they fins themselves in the thick of thingst just highland mist

    5. Judith adn Renie are at it again, once again abandoning their aging mothers, jobs and husbands to go on a murder mystery weekend on the emerald isle The characters are hard to keep track of, but as with the rest of the series you can t help but to root for the cousins in crime solving.

    6. Probably the dork in me that enjoys these mysteries I just find them amusing in a Murder She Wrote sort of way.

    7. I have an affinity for cozy mysteries They generally aren t written in pursuit of a spot on the bestseller list rather, cozies are written to give the reader a sense of comfort and calm ironically, by way of murder My mom read cozies to escape her three eccentric young daughters and grumpy husband one daughter, the artist, painted five foot tall green flowers on the side of the freshly painted rental when she was four the adventurous daughter asked which way north was, and was found by neighbors [...]

    8. While I very much enjoy a cozy mystery, this fell short in my opinion I had heard good things about this author s style and I was terribly disappointed I tried for two weeks to read past the fifth chapter and the author not only repeated herself, but contradicted herself several times Enough times that I donated the book to the library AND apologized for doing so Cozy mysteries can sometimes be formulaic in nature, but we enjoy them for the fun characters, cozy settings, and general who did it t [...]

    9. The mystery has center stage for this book, which takes place in Scotland, at a Castle that has been somewhat turned into a Bed and Breakfast I have to say that I didn t quite see how the setup was all that believable One family owns the castle, the previous owners work for him, there s a company in town causing all kinds of mischief with a wife not devoted to her husband and all sorts You name it, this book has it, including a hamster that rides around in the back of a pizza delivery guy s car [...]

    10. This is my first time reading any of Daheim s books, and I have to say that I was disappointed I needed summer beach reading material and was intrigued by a Scotland based murder mystery, so I chose this I was excited at the beginning, then bored in the middle and confused at the end The middle dragged on because there seemed to be no end of plot twists and new things to add to the story, and at some points I said to myself, Alright I get that everyone knows each other So whodunnit And at the en [...]

    11. In this 23rd in the Bed and Breakfast series, cousins Judith Flynn and Renie Jones travel to a small village in Scotland, St Fergna, for a well deserved vacation with their husbands, staying at an old, restored castle Their husbands promptly leave them to go fishing with Scotland Yard detective Hugh MacGowan After the men leave, the grandson of the castle s caretakers, Mr and Mrs Gibbs, dies in a fiery explosion, with his young wife the chief suspect, although there are numerous others who disli [...]

    12. Very cute cozy mystery I liked the setting, and most of the characters The story moved along quickly enough too Although I have to second or third or fourth or fifth, etc the comment about how annoying the cousin Renie is Not only annoying, but representative of one of the most dreadful American stereotypes of ignorance and rudeness Even if it mostly balances out in the end, her behavior is atrocious to the point of not being funny after 1 4 of the book Further, I can t say that I bought the con [...]

    13. 23 in the Judith McMonigle Flynn bed and breakfast operator mystery series Judith, her loud mouthed hot tempered cousin Renie and their husbands go on vacation in a remote and possibly haunted Scottish castle While the husbands go off fishing, Judith Renie find themselves in the middle of a heated intra business and family plot for control of a oil company that also involves the owners of a shipping company and whiskey distillery which results in murders As usual in this series, it is Judith who [...]

    14. I hate to say this, because I really like this author and I used to love this series, but this book just didn t do it for me I think the plot was unwieldy and sort of sprawling all over the place, and there was quite a bit of having to suspend your disbelief about many things that happened It just didn t hang together quite right, in my opinion view spoiler Plus, the character of Renie was so whiny and unpleasant that I actually found myself actively disliking her in many parts of the story, and [...]

    15. I wasn t crazy about the author s writing style and I honestly felt like there were just too many characters to keep up with I kept forgetting who many of the characters were and what their relationships to the others were That being said, the two main characters, Judith and Renie, were funny and likable and the book was a fun read to help me wind down at the end of the day after slogging through so many academic texts If you re looking for great literature, this isn t it, but if you just want a [...]

    16. This was my first time to read one of Mary Daheim s books It was 23 in the series Maybe I should have started with the first oneybe I would have liked it better It was a very long book, much longer than it needed to be Takes place in Scotland that part I liked, but so many characters who came in and out of the story Lots of conversations about not much, in my opinion I found myself skimming and skimming, hoping to get to something substantial For me the book was just silly.

    17. I m pretty disappointed in this one I don t know if its because this is my first time reading a Bed and Breakfast Mystery and I jumped right into the middle of the series or if it s the actual book itself I found it kinda boring and dull I also had a hard time focusing on all the characters and what they mean to each other and how they relate to the plot I was also kind of appalled to find that the main character makes her mother live in a converted tool shed I mean honestly who does that

    18. Judith loses a bet with her husband and he chooses where they will go with her cousin Renie and husband Bill They go to Scotland and stay in a castle The guys go fishing and the girls stay behind After a murder occurs, Judith and Renie find themselves embroiled in who did it.This was a first time author for me and probably the last There were so many characters who were all involved for whatever reason that I was still asking who done it at the end Renie was a very abrasive character and I reall [...]

    19. I have read the first 22 books in the BB series with this being the 23rd in the series Unfortunately I have to say this one rather disappointed me Judith and her cousin Rennie went off to scotland with their husbancd for a vacation I found the beginning of the book slow and in general the story lacked spark On reaching the last chapters and the murders were solved the plot became confusing and twistedme of the other books in this series were much enjoyable.

    20. This is the first book I have read in this series Judith Flynn and her cousin Renie certainly found plenty of action on their vacation in a tiny village in Scotland I enjoyed the description of the village, the castle the ladies stayed in, the businesses in the village and the characters they encountered a small slice of Scottish life for someone who has always wanted to visit It is a good book to choose if you are looking for something light.

    21. I like the change of scenery and love to laugh at Judith and Renie I didn t like the husbands disappearing for so long though That was quite frustrating I thought I also thought the exposure to Harry was pretty minimal for him to be such an important part of the plot, but it was still an enjoyable light read.

    22. I think when I write, I m going to draw town maps and building diagrams Too many writing mistakes are made when the author tries to remember what s he s already written Rooms that face a village and rooms that face an ocean are two different directions and should not be confused.Interesting story Convoluted mystery.

    23. Maybe it was that I read most of it while on the elliptical at the Rec, but I just had a hard time getting into it I did enjoy the descriptions of Scotland and some of its customs and phrases, but the mystery itself was kind of murky and the character of Renie was irritating and hard to believe much of the time.

    24. Seattle BB hostess takes a vacation in Scotland with her faithful sidekick her cousin and their husbands Think of slightly younger Jessica Fletchers but slightly hipper including an artifical hip and with a Pacific Northwest view on things Scotland is a balance of the quaint and the corporate The novel s multiple entangled mysteries ultimately clear up better than the weather.

    25. I was desperate for something to read I was desperate to travel back to Scotland I needed to read something were I didnt have to think too hard This fit the bill A little bit silly and predictible.

    26. Seemed like this book went on forever I enjoyed Daheim s novels about the editor in small town Washington state, but BB owner Judith and her cousin Renie stumble around a castle and a seaside village far too long and deal with too many villagers with too many names.

    27. ok if i was feeling witchy i would give 2.5 only from boredom usually like cozys this was my first MD and it just didn t grab me i felt a lot of the humor fell flat if she was trying to be funny did think Judiths mother living in the toolshed was a stitch.

    28. Another time consuming, with interest, mystery of how and why people do things Can t wait to start the next one Only a few until I m caught up with her current bed and breakfast novel Learned some of and got whisked away to Scotland in this one.

    29. Really good mystery involves a woman who owns a B and B and goes to Scotland on vacation As has happened in the past in books I haven t read , a dead body turns up and she gets involved Light and cute

    30. Judith McMonigle and cousin Renie are at it again This time sleuthing their way around Scotland after family members are murdered in a supposed corporate takeover Blackwell Oil Did not enjoy as much as some of her earlier works.

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