The Lost Oasis (2020)

The Lost Oasis While seeking to solve the mystery of the trained vampire murders Doc Savage and his amazing crew suddenly find themselves prisoners of Sol Yuttal and Hadi Mot aboard a hijacked Zeppelin Their deadly
  • Title: The Lost Oasis
  • Author: Kenneth Robeson Lester Dent
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback
  • While seeking to solve the mystery of the trained vampire murders, Doc Savage and his amazing crew suddenly find themselves prisoners of Sol Yuttal and Hadi Mot aboard a hijacked Zeppelin Their deadly destination is a fabulous lost diamond mine guarded by carnivorous plants and monstrous, bloodsucking bats.
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      223 Kenneth Robeson Lester Dent
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    1. This is the seventh Doc Savage adventure, originally published in September 1933 The stories seem to be hitting their stride by this point, and this is a quick, breezy adventure with a couple of crazy twists that I really enjoyed I wanted action within the Oasis itself, but that might have made the story too similar to Land of Terror, which had come out only a few months earlier As it is, there s plenty to like here You really can t go wrong with Doc Savage and a zeppelin

    2. This was one of the best in the series so far The pace was brisk and both Doc and his companions have plenty of opportunity to shine There s some good use of gadgetry, including a form of night vision technology There were exotic locations and threatening wildlife, which is exactly what I look for in pulp adventure.

    3. The first Doc Savage story appeared in 1933 and the series ran in pulp and later digest format into 1949 Bantam reprinted the entire series in paperback with wonderful, iconic covers starting in the 1960 s Doc was arguably the first great modern superhero with a rich background, continuity, and mythos The characterizations were far richer than was common for the pulps his five associates and their sometimes auxiliary, Doc s cousin Pat, and the pets Chemistry and Habeas Corpus, all had very disti [...]

    4. The Lost Oasis begins with Doc, who had been away at his Fortress of Solitude, investigating a 1 million reward promised to anyone who can find him Someone else is after the people hunting for Doc, however, murdering two men with a strange flying creature that very nearly does Doc in, and kidnapping the lovely young woman seeking his aid Doc follows the perpetrators and he and his gang stow away on a mysterious ghost zeppelin that takes them to a remote part of Africa where they must outwit evil [...]

    5. Doc and his pals try to save a woman in peril against evil slavers in the deepest part of Africa Lester Dent coming up with a most amazing plot in this one, with an oasis in the middle of the African desert that has giant man eating plants and giant poisonous vampire bats Yuttal and Hani Mot are the evil slavers, and they ve been collecting people to work in their diamond mine in the middle of this oasis This also marks the first dirigible in the series Dent seemed to love these airships, becaus [...]

    6. This is 6 of the Bantam Books series from the 1960s with the marvelous cover illustrations by James Bama Someday maybe I ll try to figure out how out of order Bantam published them compared to their original releases back in the mid 30s This story is typical Doc Savage fare he s just returned from his Fortress of Solitude to find there is a 1 million reward for anyone who finds him This launches him into a weird adventure of mysterious deaths, slavery, a hidden diamond mine, a long lost dirigibl [...]

    7. Tales of a misterious ghost Zeppelin haunt the world Long lost missing persons reappear only to die of terror and madness An english noblewoman flees from a fate worst than death.All this sets Doc Savage and the Fabulous Five against a gang of slavers that capture ships and its travellers to use them as slaves in a diamond mining operation in lost oasis in Africa The result is a bloody showdown, one of the most serious before the no kill phase of Doc and his friends.A somewhat disappointing adve [...]

    8. Doc and his team must hide away on a zeppelin to get to the bottom of a mystery involving diamonds, slaves, and a beautiful, aristocratic captive They find themselves fighting amazing killing creatures hungry for a man s blood and mercenaries determined to add them to the ranks of slaves Why is the oasis not a safe haven and how will the imperiled crew and the victims ever make it back to civilization alive A notable story in that the featured female character is brave and calm not flighty and s [...]

    9. Of all the pulp era heroes few stand out above the crowd, Doc Savage is one of these With his 5 aides and cousin he adventures across the world Fighting weird menaces, master criminals and evil scientists Doc and the Fab 5 never let you down for a great read These stories have all you need fast paced action, weird mystery, and some humor as the aides spat with each other My highest recommendation.

    10. This was my first Doc Savage book and it wasn t too bad considering it is pulp fiction Originally written in the 30 s, these books are quite dated But, then again, that s part of the fun of reading them.

    11. Doc and company have to deal with a zeplin crash, trained vampire bats, a beautiful damsel, evil villains and the Oasis mentioned in the title.One of the best stories from one of the greatest pulp series of all time.

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