God's Debris: A Thought Experiment (2020)

God s Debris A Thought Experiment God s Debris is the first non humor book by best selling author Scott Adams Adams describes God s Debris as a thought experiment wrapped in a story It s designed to make your brain spin around inside
  • Title: God's Debris: A Thought Experiment
  • Author: Scott Adams
  • ISBN: 9780740747878
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Paperback
  • God s Debris is the first non humor book by best selling author Scott Adams Adams describes God s Debris as a thought experiment wrapped in a story It s designed to make your brain spin around inside your skull Imagine that you meet a very old man who you eventually realize knows literally everything Imagine that he explains for you the great mysteries of life quantumGod s Debris is the first non humor book by best selling author Scott Adams Adams describes God s Debris as a thought experiment wrapped in a story It s designed to make your brain spin around inside your skull Imagine that you meet a very old man who you eventually realize knows literally everything Imagine that he explains for you the great mysteries of life quantum physics, evolution, God, gravity, light psychic phenomenon, and probability in a way so simple, so novel, and so compelling that it all fits together and makes perfect sense What does it feel like to suddenly understand everything You may not find the final answer to the big question, but God s Debris might provide the most compelling vision of reality you will ever read The thought experiment is this Try to figure out what s wrong with the old man s explanation of reality Share the book with your smart friends, then discuss it later while enjoying a beverage.
    God s Debris A Thought Experiment Adams, Scott God s Debris is the first non Dilbert, non humor book by best selling author Scott Adams Adams describes God s Debris as a thought experiment wrapped in a story It s designed to make your brain spin around inside your skull. God s Debris God s Debris A Thought Experiment by Scott Adams Sep , God s Debris is the first non humor book by best selling author Scott Adams Adams describes God s Debris as a thought experiment wrapped in a story It s designed to make your brain spin around inside your skull Imagine that you meet a very old man who you eventually realize knows literally everything. God s Debris A Thought Experiment Kindle edition by God s Debris is the first non Dilbert, non humor book by best selling author Scott Adams Adams describes God s Debris as a thought experiment wrapped in a story It s designed to make your brain spin around inside your skull. God s Debris A Thought Experiment Audiobook Listen Oct , On the surface, God s Debris is a simple fictional story of a delivery man who encounters an Avatar who knows literally everything The Avatar reveals the truth about God, reality, science, probability, human perception, and even social success. God s Debris by Scott Adams Book Summary Persuasion God s Debris by Scott Adams Scott Adams book God s Debris introduces us, the reader and first person narrator, to the world s smartest person sitting in a rocking chair, Avatar You the narrator and Avatar hold a wide ranging conversation about God, religion, science, and probability. God s D ebris God s Debrisdoesn t fit into normal publishing cubby holes There is even disagreement about whether the mate rial is fiction or nonfiction I contend that it is fiction because the characters don t exist Some people contend that it is nonfiction because the opinions and philosophies of the char acters might have lasting impact on the reader. PDF Gods Debris A Thought Experiment Book by Scott Free download or read online Gods Debris A Thought Experiment pdf ePUB book The first edition of the novel was published in September th , and was written by Scott Adams The book was published in multiple languages including English, consists of pages and is available in Paperback format The main characters of this philosophy, fiction story are ,. God s Debris Quotes by Scott Adams Scott Adams, God s Debris A Thought Experiment it is not belief to say God exists and then continue sinning and hoarding your wealth while innocent people die of starvation When belief does not control your most important decisions, it is not belief in the underlying reality, it God s Debris Hip Forums Jan , God s dust disappears on one beat and reappears on the next in a new position based on probability If a bit of God dust disappears near a large mass, say a planet, then probability will cause it to pop back into existence nearer to the planet on the next beat Probability is highest when you are near massive objects.
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    1. Scott Adams introduction promises a lot and I was really looking forward to reading a book that lived up to the expectations that the introduction suggested Unfortunately I found myself really let down with another book that reads a lot like any religious type philosophy based on quantum physics It s just a tired subject and it doesn t matter to this reader what came first, but with The Secret, What the Bleep do we know , Waking life and any other yeah, mans movies and publications, I m all burn [...]

    2. This is available as a free pdf file just google it It s short enough to read in a few hours I loved every bit of it.

    3. If it had been written as comedy, God s Debris would have been an enjoyable read, since Adams does come up with some funny and interesting conceits Unfortunately he takes them seriously, and hides behind the weak excuse that he s challenging the reader to find the flaws in his arguments Unfortunately, when someone who by his own admission knows nothing about quantum physics or probability theory writes very seriously on those subjects, the result is a lot of annoying gibberish.This book can be l [...]

    4. Imagine a 132 page modern day Socratic dialogue between a package delivery man and an old man in a comfy chair And this comes from the creator of Dilbert.The premise is something out of Tipler s The Physics of Immortality the idea that because of probability, one day, we will all be redone by a very powerful computer with a little bit of Leibniz monadology thrown in and while neither are mentioned by name, very similar ideas are brought up in this very interesting answer and question exchange be [...]

    5. Scott Adams is an interesting figure I m an unabashed Dilbert fan I have the massive, slipcase clad twentieth anniversary book, and I particularly love the short lived TV series I don t regularly read the comic any, because I feel like it s a little stale these days Likewise, I used to read Adams blog, until I got tired of his persistent troll baiting not to mention his other antics But I put God s Debris on my to read list four years ago, and now I m finally getting around to reading it The set [...]

    6. God s_Debris A Thought Experiment scott adams 132 4 5this is the kind of books that you have to read it over and over and you may understand some of it.Seriously I wonder who one man can came with all these ideas and I very small book like this even if I disagree with a lot of what he said, but I can t just raise my hat Appreciating to his marvelous skills and abilities to make a simple idea of two men sit and talk for days such interesting and Addictive because each word each sentence make yo [...]

    7. Intelligence is a measure of how well you function within your level of awareness.Your intelligence will stay about the same over your life Awareness is entirely differentareness involves recognizing your delusions for what they are Most people s awareness will advance on or two levels in their lifetime p123 Over time, everything that is possible happens p102ReadingGod s Debris A Thought Experimentwill give one s awareness a smart kick in the pants, and the world shifts to accomodate The best we [...]

    8. nsan n beynini yo uran,kafas n yoran soru cevaplar var bir s r.Tanr ya inan yor muyuz Yoksa inanman n yarar na m inan yoruz Diyelim ki,sen ve ben ayn yere ayr yollardan gitmeye karar veriyoruz.Sende mavi,bende ise ye il bir harita var.Hi biri olas b t n rotalar g stermiyor fakat ikisi de istikamete giden farkl ama kabul edilebilir birer yol g steriyor kimiz de yolculu umuzu yapar ve g venli bir ekilde geri d nersek,ba kalar na haritalar m z n ba ar s ndan bahsederdik.Ben tam bir inan la ye il ha [...]

    9. I found God s Debris an extremely tedious read Not only is it riddled with factual inaccuracies and logical flaws but it s not thought provoking as Scotty advertises in the admittedly intriguing introduction by any standards Mr Adams challenges the reader to identify said inaccuracies as part of the fun Sadly, it isn t fun, just infuriating I mean, who really wants to go through a book saying oh, that s wrong or yep, that s right Anyone with a reasonable amount of knowledge of mathematics, scien [...]

    10. This is easily my favorite book that I have ever read As the sub title says, it is not quite a story, but of a thought experiment The author is Scott Adams the creator of Dilbert , but this is far from a humor book Metaphysics is probably the closest term for it, as it makes your brain spin around inside your skull a good way.The simple plot is this What if there was a person who knew literally everything Including how all of our current notions about the world around us science, philosophy, re [...]

    11. In God s Debris, Dilbert creator Scott Adams tries his hand at philosophy and lets the reader know right from the introduction what to expect Adams makes no pretense of this being a great work of literature and admits that the story is little than a framing narrative for the ideas that he wants to discuss Although his introduction may seem defensive, as if to pre empt criticism or make excuses, knowing what to expect with this book was far preferable than the disappointment I felt with The Fina [...]

    12. Though, I picked up this book without any expectations, this 132 page book stands convincingly good, to expect as the book progresses Topics discussed range from God to Quantum Physics Religion to Evolution I have enjoyed some parts of the book, yet,a few arguments presented are vague Striking are the arguments presented on GOD although the author claims them not to be funny, they are hilarious , patterns of thinking and layers of awareness Thought provoking is the human intelligence centred on [...]

    13. Humankind has advanced understanding with respect to medicine, physics, anatomy, the cosmos, psychology, geology, geography in short, in virtually every field, with each succeeding generation building on the truths established by previous generations, debunking myths, clarifying truths, unveiling reality through experimentation and observation, and so forth The one field in which we spin our wheels is religion Where did we come from Why are we here Where do we go when we leave this life What, e [...]

    14. Thought provoking, but not consistently well thought out For example, it starts with the assumption that if God existed he would commit suicide hence the Big Bang, and the book s title , self destruction being the only goal challenging enough to hold the interest of an omnipotent being as if the desire to take on difficult challenges were somehow the inevitable result of high intelligence, rather than a contingent fact about one particular species psychology Adams tries to take an unorthodox loo [...]

    15. Adams also writes the comic strip Dilbert, but this book is completely different i thought this was a good read and i d recommend it to others however, i d be careful to only recommend it to folks who are not too religious as this book might not be enjoyable to these individuals.

    16. A series of loosely connected Socratic dialogues designed to make the reader think While I m not sure I liked the initial premise, I did like how it was worked out through the book One reading like any philosophical text is likely not enough for this book It is meant to be re read for contemplation.

    17. I have fond memories of attending college in Urbana in the eighties, and some of those memories revolve around the public discussions about religion and philosophy led by travelling folks I recall as Reverend Max and Cindy There were , but Max and Cindy were memorable Max would draw a crowd of dozens on the back patio of the Student Union on the Quad in all weather and seasons, and there were always than a few there to heckle the sermon, with Max often taking the bait And being an intellectual [...]

    18. I think the whole thing was one huge LSD trip Think about it It makes sense.But it all seriousness pretentious BS I was willing to accept some of the ideas and tolerate others until the whole levels of awareness thing Scott Adams made that crap up I mean, seriously You expect people to read this and think that it will change the way they see the world How full of yourself are you There were a few basic ideas in this book that made sense to me, and even some that I agreed with Yes, it did make me [...]

    19. Mind gripping in a very powerful way I read through the book in about three hours, yet it stayed with me, questioning some of my reasoning and logic long after I set it back on my shelf Adams work in God s Debris reminded me of a book I read about 6 years ago Ishmael by Daniel Quinn whose philosophical concepts and literary virtues I believe my mind was too young to fully appreciate at the time Sometimes the best books are the ones that are fleeting in text, yet have a lingering presence in our [...]

    20. My notes and quotes There is information in one thimble of reality than can be understood by a galaxy of human brains It is beyond the human brain to understand the world and its environment, so the brain compensates by creating simplified illusions that act as a replacement for understanding When the illusions work well and the human who subscribes to the illusion survives, those illusions are passed to new generations The human brain is a delusion generator The delusions are fueled by arrogan [...]

    21. Impressively intriguing and definitely demanding pondering over, albeit my helpless ignorance on science, so first I thought Can t help but re questioning my already swallowed shallow set of values The God s debris in this story is conveyed in a comprehendible way to a common educated man who happens to like science, so he could argue a little here and there Such increases the probability of the discussion between the old and the young man Had it happened to me, I d be highly likely lost Well, n [...]

    22. El autor de este libro, Scott Adams SA , es el afamado autor de la estupenda tira c mica de Dilbert hay versi n espa ola, pero lleva siete meses de retraso con respecto a la original Alguien me lo explica Porque para traducir tres vi etas con unas veinte palabras de texto a lo sumo yo creo que con un par de tardes alcanza.Llevo un tiempo suscrito a su blog, en el que habla bastante a menudo de asuntos de ciencia, pero desde la perspectiva del profano que a falta de conocimientos no se lo acaba d [...]

    23. The book God s Debris was quite the journey for me spiritually The book is a large thought process made of text to make the reader consider the bigger questions in life and how to support them I admit the book can be pretty overwhelming, and can t be figured out in one sitting The reader can find only after a couple pages that this is what the book means when it says a thought experiment Some or of the questions this book poses are not for everyone because of some of the complexity that comes w [...]

    24. The world may not be what we know it as And with this trope, as old as the first piece of fiction, we off on a series of conjectures that don t seem to cohere, take too long to explain, and aren t even intelligible to the characters let alone us as readers Which isn t to say that the book is worthless At 16.95 for a slim 135 pages it better be worth something The introduction, by far the best part of the book, is worth the 0.53 cents that I spent on each of it s pages You know you re in for a ba [...]

    25. This thought experiment by the creator of Dilbert has just zoomed up my personal all time ratings to pretty much near the top A refreshingly different genre, I just love the way Adams has brought out his thoughts on a variety of subjects centered on a central theme.The entire book is an intriguing discussion between two people a delivery man and an Avatar The discussion travels across dimensions and orientations, across meta physics and probability theory, across I am God and we are all God s de [...]

    26. An interesting little piece but not quite the mind trip I was anticipating The book, as titled, is a thought experiment It s intention is to get you thinking and talking but unfortunately I think it s a purpose it falls just short of Some of the ideas put forward are interesting, some mildly amusing and others just stupid but none are really developed enough to spark any truly interesting debate It s only a little book and available to download for free from the author, so if you have any intere [...]

    27. While this book contains some resemblance to traditional view of what a thought experiment is thought experiments are, in themselves, unconventional , it is of a dialogue on Metaphysics and Epistemology, many times dwelling on quantum physics, probability and such stuff Pandeism is the central philosophical theme and should have been explored in terms of quality and quantity An interesting read and i enjoyed it as a skeptic I had very high expectations once i saw A Thought Experiment in the ti [...]

    28. I want to say a lot of things about a lot of things in this book but for now just that 5 stars do NOT imply that I agree with or like any concept in the book but they are only to acknowledge that this book certainly did what it was supposed to do, at least for me It was supposed to make you think beyond your comfort zone and experiment a little bit, think of arguments and counter arguments about mundane things you have always taken for granted, not because you have doubts about your belief syste [...]

    29. An easy short read not as though provoking as I hoped it would be If you re looking for metaphysical mind blowing reads, I vaguely remember some of Paulo s Coelho s works as much interesting try The Alchemist Maybe I ll have to go back and revisit that one as it s been a few years since I read it.

    30. It s really really interesting book I love the way how the writer has leaped from all the nerd philosophical talks to relationships and social norms I really loved this book looking forward to read the second part.

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