Battle Flag (2020)

Battle Flag From New York Times bestselling author Bernard Cornwell the third installment in The Starbuck Chronicles The epic battle for control of the Confederate capital continues through the hot summer of
  • Title: Battle Flag
  • Author: Bernard Cornwell
  • ISBN: 9780060937188
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Paperback
  • From New York Times bestselling author Bernard Cornwell, the third installment in The Starbuck Chronicles.The epic battle for control of the Confederate capital continues through the hot summer of 1862.It s a battle that Captain Nate Starbuck, a Yankee fighting for the Southern cause, has to survive and win He must lead his ragged company in a bitter struggle, not only agFrom New York Times bestselling author Bernard Cornwell, the third installment in The Starbuck Chronicles.The epic battle for control of the Confederate capital continues through the hot summer of 1862.It s a battle that Captain Nate Starbuck, a Yankee fighting for the Southern cause, has to survive and win He must lead his ragged company in a bitter struggle, not only against the formidable Northern army, but against his own superiors who would like nothing better than to see Nate Starbuck dead.
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    1. A great account of this fictional history story of Stonewall Jackson s victories Based on true events the day to day events wrote in makes a very good read

    2. The third installment of the Nate Starbuck Civil War story centers around the battles in the year 1862 Nate is a Major that is loved by some of his men and hated by others Not to mention a few of Nate s superior officers who would like Nate to go away Again, through Nate s and other character s eyes we get a glimpse into the grisly battle scenes and intrigue between leaders of the Civil War military Ambition helps generals win battles and also cause them to make disastrous tactical mistakes Reli [...]

    3. This book is the third of four that follows Nathaniel Starbuck during the early part of the War between the States This story includes the presence of Starbuck s father, the fiery abolitionist preacher from Boston The anticipated encounter between Nate and his estranged father plays a crucial part in this book This book continues to explore the conflict in the minds of many who fought in the war As any fan of the author would expect, the battles are presented in a way that allows the reader to e [...]

    4. Sem tempo para respirar 400 p ginas de pura guerra, tiros, e muita, muita estrat gia militar O melhor dos 3 primeiros livros tem mais um sem sombra de d vidas Embora todos tenham cenas de batalhas, na verdade o volume 2 mais voltado para tramas pol ticas, este aqui o tempo todo com os sulistas segurando as investidas e os avan os nortistas Uni o Voc se sente no meio das batalhas v rias vezes li escutando alguma playlist do spotify voltada para leituras para dar mais imers o e torcendo para que a [...]

    5. Interesting General Lee was so much better than that Little Napoleon of the North and Confederate army was so much humane and chivalrous than that in the North Hmm I ve seen that notion is repeated time and again in history books Dancing with Wolves another example Makes me wonder Amazing.

    6. Neste 3 volume, Bernard Cornwell continua nos a descrever a Guerra de Secess o 1861 1865 e a movimenta o do ex rcito confederado do Sul e do ex rcito dos Estados Unidos do Norte e a devasta o que ambos provocam um no outro.Situando nos no Ver o de 1862 e no t pico estilo de Cornwell, que muito admiro, o autor vai nos narrando o dia a dia dos dois ex rcitos e sobretudo de Nathaniel Starbuck que combate pelo Sul Cheio de intrigas e de situa es verdadeiramente horripilantes, s o aqui referidas situ [...]

    7. As always, this author does meticulous research, then inserts great characters into the historical setting and builds a storyline that is in good harmony with the historical facts Such a great way to feel the history of the civil war come alive.

    8. Battle Flag is the third novel in Bernard Cornwell s epic Starbuck Chronicles Following on from Copperhead, this book focuses on the battle of Richmond as the Confederate army is put on the defensive to defend their capital city In amongst the defence of Richmond is the promising, if a little rag tag, infantry Captain Nathanial Starbuck After fighting his way through the first battles of the war and distinguishing himself as a brave and loyal soldier, Nate becomes noticed by quite a few of his s [...]

    9. The third of the Nathaniel SharprrStarbuck s exploits is another enjoyable battle yarn As before, Starbuck s motivations for fighting for the South despite being the son of a prominent abolitionist preacher are never explained and every time Cornwell brings it up, he s basically written himself into a corner that he can t satisfactorily get out of The final battle is Second Manassas and Cornwell as always does a fine job with it But the campground maneuvering and staff politics is a little lacki [...]

    10. This is the third of the seemingly abandoned series by Bernard Cornwell that is set during the American Civil War and that currently consists of four novels.Set primarily around the second battle of Mannassas, this follows the usual Cornwell convention of having its hero as an outsider, who is fighting just as much against his own side higher ups as against the enemy interleaved around real historical events in short, what made the Sharpe series stand out so much Just replace Richard Sharpe with [...]

    11. Bernard Cornwell s Battle Flag continues the adventures or Nathanial Starbuck in the American Civil War Disliked by his commanding officer, he walks a difficult line between staying with his beloved company and being threatened by his superiors But when he discovers an unprotected flank of their own army, he thinks he can redeem himself by taking initiative to protect it When his commanding officer finds out, though, the reaction is quite unexpected.As usual, Cornwell manages to draw the reader [...]

    12. Cornwell in this series uses the very successful formula of his Richard Sharpe Napoleonic Wars series a couple of outsiders Starbuck, a Northerner fighting for the South in the US Civil War and Sgt Trueswell, an upcountry Virginia outlaw to give the zip to his action and move his plots forward Featured in this installment are the battle of Cedar Mountain and Second Bull Run As usual, Cornwell writes in gritty, gory detail about the horrors of battle Added extra interest are his fictionalized por [...]

    13. The series is starting to lag I am not a fan of the addition of the character Lucifer While I like him, I have to shut my brain off to accept the circumstances of his appearance and continued role with the legion The same is true with Rev Starbuck He worked much better as a background character and the prominent role he plays here forces me to suspend disbelief Beyond that, Bernard Cornwell s anti Christian bias comes to the fore and the religious views of pretty much every character are neith [...]

    14. I ve read other books and series by Bernard Cornwell His books are always well researched and exciting I like the way the fictional characters interact with the historic characters The fictional Nate Starbuck meets with General Stonewall Jackson As the reader, you get a view of Jackson that wasn t given in most history classes The battles feel real because they are carefully researches but because this is fiction some details can be omitted It doesn t take away the impact of the history I must a [...]

    15. In this third book of the Nathaniel Starbuck series by bestselling author Bernard Cornwell, our hero has recently been made a captain in the confederate army, after the successful victory at the Battle of Cedar Mountain But this brigade commander from Rebel, General Washington Falconer, returns to cause problems for Starbuck While battles rage with Confederates against Yankees, a new battle begins between two long standing enemies, making one of the most decisive battle of the American Civil War [...]

    16. Another winner from Bernard Cornwell Battle Flag is the 3rd in the Starbuck Chronicle Series behind Rebel and Copperhead and before Bloody Ground Battle Flag continues to follow Starbuck and his boyhood friend, Adam, as they each go against friends and family to fight their own convictions and find themselves in the blood and gore of the Civil War.Characters and multilayered, but not too complicated And nobody can describe battle strategy, heroics or the individual experience and feelings of the [...]

    17. The third volume in the Starbuck Chronicles of the U.S Civil War, it is the best one I ve read.Covering the events leading up to the Second Battle of Bull Run or Manassas if you use the Confederate name, it contains the usual Cornwellian touches of great battle descriptions, admirable heroes and unremittingly evil villains There s not much to say If you are a Cornwell fan, you know what I mean If you ve not read any of his stuff, I would suggest you start with the Richard Sharpe Series not with [...]

    18. The best Starbuck book so far I liked this installment better than its predecessors because of a few subtle but important differences it takes place almost completely in the field, with no urban settings and subplots Stonewall Jackson features prominently in one of his most brilliant tactical moves, and hey, how could a give less than five stars to a book which has such epic lines as And don t you forget it, Joseph I am Starbuck, avenger of whores It cracked me up, couldn t help recalling Willia [...]

    19. That ending was AMAZING The characterization of Nathaniel Starbuck is so good and I cannot wait to read the next book

    20. I found this book in a charity shop so I have not read the first two books in this Starbuck series There is a lot of detail of the battle of Manassas Junction with the intention of forcing onto Rappahannock and then to capture Richmond At times I did get a little confused as to who was on what side as I do not know a lot of American history I got to grips with it as the book progressed Perhaps the first two books might have set the characters better for me Some parts of the book I found a little [...]

    21. Love historical fiction and this was ok as a civil war story from the point of view of a confederate soldier I didn t know it was 3rd in a series or I wouldn t have piced it up Surprisingly, found it disturbing to see the side that wanted to destroy the USA in order to keep people enslaved to be portrayed as noble, righteous warriors, while the bad guys were the Union soldiers, portrayed as buffoons.

    22. Another example of why Cornwell is one of my favorite authors This is a fast paced novel that centers around the second battle of Manassas Starbuck really seems to come of age in this book, particularly after a confrontation with his father toward the end I suspect that we will be taken to the battle of Antiedam in the final volume and as we all know the outcome of that slaughter, am quite curious to see what ornwell ultimately has in store for Starbuck.

    23. Book Three of the Nathaniel Starbuck Chronicles is centered around the Second Battle of Manassas.I was captivated by the battle scenes and descriptions of troop movements, which made me understand this battle better than anything since Tom Wicker s book about the same subject.How did a Brit capture the spirit of the Southern army and get so deep into the Civil War psyche I can only imagine through incredible research and background reading.

    24. I hated this series the Starbuck Chronicles Just skip this entire series and you ll be doing yourself a favor Even Richard Sharpe s descendant, who makes an appearance throughout this series, is a poorly written character Not one of Bernards Cornwell s better series Go back and re read the Richard Sharpe series or get started on Patrick O Brian s Master and Commander series Go read Facebook updates just don t read this series.

    25. Sadly I lost my review of this book in a computer crash, but my comments on the previous entries in the series still stand These are interesting reads, with some tremendous and realistic battle sequences to recommend them Cornwell s depiction of the tapestry that made up the Civil War in the US is spot on but the central characters just aren t as involving as those in the Sharpe books I liked them once but I wouldn t go back to them, unlike Sharpe.

    26. Another good installment Cornwell dives into the war and fighting to a much greater extent then he did in Copperhead This book kept up a better pace then the last one, and like I said, focused much on battles and fighting then on politics and espionage I like that he is not rushing through the battles of the Eastern theater At this rate he has at least eight books including the 4th book already written It s going to be a fun ride

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