A Casa das Vestais (2020)

A Casa das Vestais A Casa das Vestais parece especialmente concebida para os f s de Gordiano o Descobridor Nesta incr vel s rie de aventuras o leitor fica a saber a hist ria da inf ncia de Eco o filho adoptado por Gor
  • Title: A Casa das Vestais
  • Author: Steven Saylor
  • ISBN: 9725645286
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Casa das Vestais parece especialmente concebida para os f s de Gordiano, o Descobridor Nesta incr vel s rie de aventuras, o leitor fica a saber a hist ria da inf ncia de Eco o filho adoptado por Gordiano , o passado de Betesda primeiro escrava e depois esposa de Gordiano , como se iniciou a amizade entre Gordiano e L cio Cl udio, como foi que Gordiano adquiriu o seu fA Casa das Vestais parece especialmente concebida para os f s de Gordiano, o Descobridor Nesta incr vel s rie de aventuras, o leitor fica a saber a hist ria da inf ncia de Eco o filho adoptado por Gordiano , o passado de Betesda primeiro escrava e depois esposa de Gordiano , como se iniciou a amizade entre Gordiano e L cio Cl udio, como foi que Gordiano adquiriu o seu fiel escravo Belbo e, n o menos importante, a hist ria de Roma, desde o fim da ditadura de Sula at Revolta dos Escravos, liderada por Esp rtaco.
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    1. rating 4 5Even though his full length novel mysteries are better than these short stories, I think its just the way of mystery writing Mysteries are better the involved and complex they are Saying that, these short stories were still filled with amazing characters, back stories, the sights and sounds of ancient Rome, interesting ancient Rome and Egypt trivia, cats, and Eco solving his very own first case at the age of 10 I can t help but be captivated by the world Saylor weaves, a world that is [...]

    2. This is the sixth of the Roma Sub Rosa series, featuring Gordianus the Finder Gordianus Inventor , and the sixth that I have read The others were novels, but this is a collection of short stories that fill in some of the gaps between the earlier novels.Each of the stories stems from some ancient reference from a detail in Cicero s speeches, or an incident in Herodotus, or a tale from Plutarch or Suetonius I do admire that turning of history into story and I like Saylor s general conceit of using [...]

    3. In The House of the Vestals, Rome s best finder Gordianus is back in a series of short stories full of political intrigue, murder, theft, and mystery Set in between the novels Roman Blood and Arms of Nemesis, The House of the Vestals update readers on what Gordianus has been up to in the years that pass between the two books.In Death Wears a Mask, Gordianus tracks a murderer who targeted an actor in between play scenes Bethesda tells the story of a King s missing treasure in The Tale of the Trea [...]

    4. A collection of short stories may not have been the best way to experiment with this series Perhaps Saylor does a better job when he has time to develop his mystery and his setting in a full length book, but this collection of stories I found underwhelming.Its setting in ancient Rome was my sole reason for buying The House of the Vestals, but I don t think the author succeeded in transporting me to this world After all, the reason for telling a mystery in a different time period is the thrill of [...]

    5. A book of stories featuring Gordianus the Finder, set after the first novel in the series and before the second The stories, presented in chronological order relative to Gordianus Death Wears a Mask a tale of murder at the theater The Tale Of the Treasure House Bethesda tells an Egyptian tale of a courtesan who captured the thief who robbed King Rhampsinitus A Will Is a Way a story of a fraudulent will and a murder this story is given a lot of color by the introduction of Lucius Claudius, a bore [...]

    6. Este livro dedicado a Giordiano, o Descobridor, um pequeno doce para os amantes da s rie, j que, atrav s de pequenos contos, o autor d a conhecer v rios pormenores da vida do protagonista no in cio da sua carreira, tais como o que o levou a adotar Eco, a sua rela o com Betesda, como conheceu o seu escravo e guarda costas Belbo, etc Todos estes contos est o ainda pautados por acontecimentos hist ricos reais, que o autor sempre faz quest o de entrela ar nas suas obras e que demonstram um trabalho [...]

    7. Loved with these short stories Short murder mystery stories can go very wrong boring, predictable or just all over the place , but these were absolutely great An important factor was, I think, the fact that the victims weren t big political persons or affiliated with them I think the characters were very well rounded and their own person which I appreciated greatly.Happy reading

    8. Ah Gordiano, o Descobridor o primeiro detective c nico mas com um profundo sentido de justi a, da hist ria Admito que esta sempre uma daquelas personagens que me d um enorme prazer reencontrar N o se pode dizer que a escrita de Saylor seja genial h v rios momentos em que bvio, por demais, que as personagens est o a falar para dar informa es ao leitor e n o umas s outras mas isso mais que compensado pelos retratos detalhados e vivos que temos de Roma durante os ltimos anos da Rep blica Ao fim de [...]

    9. Overall this a wonderful collection of short stories It s better than the other book of short stories that connect the books Roman Blood and Arm of Nemesis, A Gladiator Dies Only Once Most of the stories have elements of humor, mystery and history everything necessary for a great read Individual reviews and summaries of the stories follow In Death Wears a Mask Gordianus takes Eco to see a play for the first time but their day out is interrupted when a murder is committed backstage I love this st [...]

    10. The House of the Vestals is a collection of nine short stories by Steven Saylor, featuring his ancient Roman detective, Gordianus the Finder The stories take place between 80 and 72 BCE and fill in the gap between the first two novels in the series, Roman Blood and Arms of Nemesis In this collection, you see Gordianus adopted son, a mute boy named Eco, grow up and help him solve some of the cases Gordianus Jewish Egyptian slave and mistress, Bethesda, also plays a prominent role We also learn ho [...]

    11. Gordianus is just as good in solving apparently less complicated mysteries as he is in solving the complex ones Loved these short stories.

    12. A book of short stories from Saylor that perfectly fits into the Roma Sub Rosa series Gives an excellent insight to Roman culture BC.Fancied a lot.

    13. This collection of short stories fills in some of the long spaces between the early Gordianus novels Excellent writing and historical detail, just as in the full length episodes.

    14. Series Death Wears a Mask , 1.3 The Tale of the Treasure House , 1.2 A Will is a Way , 1.4 The Lemures , 1.5 Little Caesar and the Pirates , 1.6 The Disappearance of the Saturnalia Silver , 1.7 King Bee and Honey , 1.8 The Alexandrian Cat , 0.75 The House of the Vestals , 1.9An anthology of nine short stories with one short story that takes place well before this book s publication as 6 in the series and the other eight taking place between the first and the second in the Roma Sub Rosa ancient R [...]

    15. This is a collection of short stories centering around Gordianus the Finder, Saylor s Ancient Roman detective first featured in his novel, Roman Blood Chronologically, these stories fall within the eight years separating the first novel and the second, Arms of Nemesis The collection is useful in finding out what has happened in Gordianus s life in the interim and some events which will come into play in later novels how Gordianus met his noble friend Lucius Claudius and Belbo the bodyguard how h [...]

    16. Uma s rie de 9 short stories sobre o investigador Gordiano, o Descobridor que mostram aspetos da sua vida anteriores ou entre os romances da s rie Roma sub rosa sub rosa significa segredo ou coisa parecida , onde explica a origem do relacionamento de Gordiano com outras personagens da s rie Ecco o jovem protegido mudo Betesda, a escrava mas tamb m amante, meio judia meio eg pcia o seu escravo e guarda costas Belbo, a sua amizade com o nobre e quase protetor L cio Cl udio aparecendo tamb m C cero [...]

    17. If you haven t read any of Steven Saylor s novels about Gordianus the Finder, these short stories would be an uneven introduction Go read one of the other books first Or get someone to pick the stories that will be most appealing and rely least on knowing the characters already.If you are already a fan of Gordianus, these stories are loads of fun They are in the old detectives reminiscing about cases tradition than the novels are, which might put some people off Several stories are told by Gord [...]

    18. I am not a big fan of short stories so I started this book, with the idea that it would make the other Gordianus stories understandable than with a desire to read a bunch of short stories The stories are all chronologically in order and cover the period between book one in the series and book two Death Wears a Mask Murder at a theater The Tale Of the Treasure House Bethesda, Gordianus ex slave and current wife tells a story about a courtesan who captures a thief who robbed a Pharoah A Will Is [...]

    19. Instead of reading these books in the order listed by , I have decided to read them in the chronological order listed by the author on his website Warning to people who want to do the chronological thing, don t I feel I may have ruined some of the later books That being said, every story I read about Gordianus makes me love him just a little Lestat has some serious competition for the title of favorite fictional male I especially loved the role Bethesda played in The Disapperance of the Saturna [...]

    20. Steven Saylor developed a passion for all things Roman as an adolescent He s spent years reading and researching everything he could find on this time period and writes stories based on historical events and characters He doesn t sugar coat the past nor does he write under the influence of any religious dogma If you re easily offended by depictions of gladiatorial games, bloodshed, and sexual attractions and situations, do NOT read this series If however, you re an adult who accepts that ancient [...]

    21. A short review of The House of the Vestals, a short book of short detective stories set in late Republican Rome featuring Saylor s protagonist Gordianus the Finder Like his unrelated anthology Roma, which I just reviewed at greater length, it ain t subtle Steven Saylor s the kind of author who likes to name his grudge bearing stepsons Furius and his beekeepers Ursus The story from which this collection takes its name isn t even a mystery, just ambiance and anticlimax Our hero is summoned to the [...]

    22. This is a series of short stories dealing with Gordianus life between the end of Roman Blood and the beginning of Arms of Nemesis Eco is still mute but can communicate well with Gordianus by gesture Lucius Claudius, Gordianus patrician friend who leaves him a farm in Catilina s Riddle is in many of these stories The final one, The House of the Vestals includes Catilina as well as Cicero, where Gordianus has to solve a murder committed in the House of the Vestals Another good one is King Bee and [...]

    23. After Marcus Didius Falco, Gordinus called the Finder is second PI working in Rome I have come across Well, technically he is a a century or so older than Falco, living in the last days of Roman Republic Another difference, Gordinus will seem prosperous than Falco he owns at least one slave, and mingles with people like Cicero etc A note to the readers of Falco these mysteries seem a lot serious and crimes and resolutions dark than most of Falco mysteries Probably because while Falco lives in [...]

    24. Since it was a short story published in Ellery Queen s Mystery Magazine that introduced me to Saylor s Roma Sub Rosa series, this collection of short stories proved to be much to my liking indeed I particularly appreciated the historical notes at the end of this volume since Saylor s setting of this series in the history rich period between the Roman Republic s transition to the Roman Empire has always been of keen interest to me I look forward to the next volume in this series with Gordianus th [...]

    25. This is a collection of nine short mysteries from the files of Gordianus the Finder Usually the actual mystery is pretty simple What makes the stories so interesting is their detailed description of Roman life, social attitudes and emotional lives of the Romans How did the Romans celebrate their Solstice holiday The answer is in the mystery The Saturnalia Silver How far would a Roman wife go to avenge a husband s infidelity Check out this story in this collection, King Bee and Honey Many of the [...]

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