The Ballad of Beta-2 (2020)

The Ballad of Beta The Star Folk were an anachronism Living in their cluster of giant ships far out in space cut off from contact with their fellow humans they were shrouded in mystery Through the allegory of an ancie
  • Title: The Ballad of Beta-2
  • Author: Samuel R. Delany
  • ISBN: 9780553203127
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Star Folk were an anachronism Living in their cluster of giant ships far out in space, cut off from contact with their fellow humans, they were shrouded in mystery Through the allegory of an ancient song, Joneny, an anthropology student, set out to unravel the mystery and found a truth stranger than any allegory.
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      471 Samuel R. Delany
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    1. The basic idea in this short novel is excellent The guy visits an outpost of civilization, which has or less reverted to barbarism He wants to know what s happened, and his biggest clue is a traditional poem, whose meaning at first appears to be obvious But the he probes, the the meaning shifts, and in the end he discovers that his initial interpretation is wrong in every detail He also knows what s happened to the settlement.Well, I can imagine A.S Byatt turning this into a terrific piece of [...]

    2. I really enjoyed this short novel or novella which had an emotional effect on me What emotion is hard to define, somewhere between weird and spine chilling, but not scary Joneny is a grad student working on a degree in Galactic Anthropology on Earth in the distant future He s given an assignment I want a complete historical analysis of that ballad from primary sources That Ballad of Beta 2 is from a collection of similar material found on generational ships that had left Earth many centuries bef [...]

    3. I loved this, but it kind of deserves a remake Delany has constructed a fascinating premise around the ever intriuging mysterious spaceshift disaster premise Unlike most version of this, where the mystery is far interesting than the eventual explanation, the whole actual plot is totally fascinating Especially as he lets it play out via an anthropology student s search for the allegorical underpinnings of a seemingly classical primary text, which almost immediately gives way to a kind of horror [...]

    4. Non credevo che tante idee potessero venire espresse in un romanzo tanto corto Il pretesto della narrazione una missione scientifica antropologica per lo studio di una ballata prodotta dalla subcultura imbarbarita di una misteriosa flotta generazionale, giunta a destinazione centinaia d anni dopo le astronavi terrestri dotate d iperspazio partite secoli dopo Ma non impressionatevi di scientifico non ci sar nulla, semmai solo una raccolta e lettura di qualche libro di bordo Ed in questi diari str [...]

    5. This is the perfect summer reading book Throw it in your bag, head to the beach, and read when you aren t swimming You ll be done with it in under four hours, and the story is alert, engaging, and well written enough to keep your interest.Of course, that s also the downside It s too short Way too short It reads like a treatment for a novel than a complete novel Aside Whatever happened to the days when a writer could turn in 20,000 words and have it published as a novel The immediate puzzle set [...]

    6. According to his autobiography The Motion of Light in Water Sex and Science Fiction Writing in the East Village, 1957 1965, this is Delany s second completed novel It s short, actually a novella, and reads very quickly This is much better than his first work, where the crazily ramifying fantasy obscures its meaning Here, Delany writes an intellectually satisfying tale of an encounter with well we re not quite sure.

    7. A surprisingly intelligent take on interstellar travel and the possible ramifications of long term space faring on we weakling humans Considering the age of this novel, the alien encounters were intriguingly rendered and thought provoking.

    8. I really liked the mystery in this book as the main character tried to figure out what had happened to a group of people who left an enigmatic ballad as the only clue.

    9. I found this book really interesting for me I ve never read a book quite like it The concept is just so original and interesting It was a short, quick trip too.

    10. It s amazing that this is only Delany s second novel, because he s already so beyond many of his peers in terms of philosophy and postmodernism, even within a relatively simple sci fi framework Beta 2 plays with the notions of language and how words mean different things across time, race, and even different entities The framing story of a grad student studying a text reminds me of Pale Fire, which is pretty heady stuff for a cheap sci fi paperback Great if you want to see what can be done withi [...]

    11. No est tan mal, pero me gust mucho m s cuando lo lei siendo un adolescente La idea es original pero es una lectura para pasar un rato.

    12. Here is the story of mankind s first, and unsuccessful, attempt to colonize another planet.A dozen slow, multi generation ships were sent to a distant star system called the Leffer System Soon afterwards, mankind developed a star drive, so that by the time the ships reached their destination, mankind had been traveling around the galaxy for a hundred years Of the dozen ships, two arrived empty, and two others never arrived at all The ships were simply parked in orbit, and abandoned Beta 2, one o [...]

    13. I love Delany s books His Return to Nev r on is one of my favourite fantasy sequences ever for many years I rated it as my absolute favourite I m less keen on his early work, although I still think it s very good, and I find his short stories and novellas weaker than his novels I m aware there s a contradiction here because the Nev r on novels are actually sequences of linked novellas My edition of The Ballad of Beta 2 carries another Delany novella, Empire Star They are both very good My favour [...]

    14. A short, well paced interesting little novella that is definitely worth what little time it takes to read Some readers are displeased by the bad poem that functions as the center of the book but I kind of thought the whole point was that he takes this seemingly bland and boring poem the protagonist dismisses as a worthless product of a culture with nothing to offer and manages to attach some substantial meaning to it, revealing it represents something terrible in the past of said culture, wonder [...]

    15. An expedition of several human ships cross the galaxy determined to settle on a planet but sadly unable to maintain science or engineering skills after generations of passage while also societal norms deteriorate into rituals forming the basis of law and order Creeping cellular destruction from radiation also rots the human form along with no gravity Before a civil war that breaks out among the travelers fully blooms some Thing comes to them that has never happened before Meanwhile a new space t [...]

    16. An overgrown framing device means that as far as happenstance goes this is the not so thrilling story of an anthropologist who visits an ancient derelict colony ship, finds and reads a couple journals which read remarkably like clean, professionally edited prose fiction, of course , and then leaves The third act consists almost entirely of one of these journals, and is really just a variation of Fall of the Towers Lord of the Flames concept And having recently read much Sturgeon such as To Marry [...]

    17. Samuel Delany would probably be one of my first choices of people to lock myself in a room with and drop a bunch of acid Hogg and Dhalgren messed with my mind so hard that I wasn t able to think clearly for months afterwords Times Square Red, Times Square Blue opened up new pathways in my mind The Ballad of Beta 2 though, wasn t quite as life altering.I like the premise of the book, I like the trip it took me on, and I like that it made my use my imagination this book was quite obviously written [...]

    18. It is really of a short story than a novel An anthropology student makes a reluctant trip to uninteresting from his point of view part of the Universe to research the epos of the Star Folk a degraded civilization of former earthlings The Ballad of Beta 2 describing endless sands and seas among the stars at first seems weird and obscure, but it begins to make sense as Johnny learns about what really happened to people during their interstellar travels And the mysterious entity whom he meets on [...]

    19. This was a really cool idea, and I really wish the book was longer and explored it 12 generation ships set out to take humanity to the stars, but relatively shortly after they leave humans develop a better mode of inter stellar travel and arrive at the destination long before the generation ships arrive So by the time the surviving generation ships arrive they ve developed very differently and are pretty much quarantined and left to live their lives on their ships apart from the rest of humanit [...]

    20. An engaging, yet short, novel that tells a very intriguing and sweeping story in an interesting and compressed fashion through the use of the primary research of a young man investigating the origin of a song the title of the book that he finds rather primitive and silly What he finds is very intriguing the book is very tightly wrought and an easy read To say any would ruin the surprise.

    21. Very early Delany Strangely, it s enjoyable than the Jewels of Aptor or the first two novels in the Fall of the Towers trilogy It s short, relatively straightforward, and fun with just enough of the outsider theme and linguistic concerns to fit with the rest of his work It s Delany lite, for sure, but also a ripping good yarn Recommended.

    22. The Ballad of Beta 2, in which a student anthropologist investigates the facts behind a folk song garnered from a primitive Earth culture which has gone voyaging in a fleet of Generation Starships This novel also shows an interest in problems of Communications and Linguistics which was to become central to Delany s work.

    23. It s pretty rare for me to just give up on a book, but as hard as I ve tried to finish this, I just can t make myself care about it Would have been able to finish it in a day if I d liked it I was surprised that it failed to capture my interest, since I enjoyed Babel 17 quite a lot and enjoyed Delany s writing style.

    24. Star trek tangled into Foundation And grad school in space, too An anthropology student send to investigate a song with a complicated history discovers intelligent alien life instead Sometimes at risk of heavy handed moralizing, but mostly delany sidesteps that in favor of believable humanity Plus green eyed god monster children.

    25. I thought this was an interesting book I like the way it s written and what the book is going for It definitely feels like it was written in the 60s though The short length of the book definitely helps a lot.

    26. This book is great All Delany is great But if you are, or have ever been, a graduate student, then you should REALLY read this book, because it ll be extra hilarious Or buy it for a grad student friend or lover lol.

    27. I liked the ballad format for starting the story off Felt like the perfect length, too Lots of great little scifi concepts wrapped up in a small package, a nice little novella.

    28. It reads like a long short story than a novel, but it s solid and has a fascinating premise A good, quick read.

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