La Walkyrie (2020)

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  • Title: La Walkyrie
  • Author: Alex Alice
  • ISBN: 9782205062267
  • Page: 127
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    • BEST AZW "✓ La Walkyrie" || UNLIMITED (PDF) ☆
      127 Alex Alice
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    1. The painted art the Alex Alice does is fantastic I posted a cover of Joan of Arc he did years ago I randomly ran across not know the artist or who the art was intended to feature cover of French comic Totendom The art in the story here is good but not as good as the painted art I enjoyed the story but was a bit disappointed to note it only takes up about half of the book The rest is interview and explanation from the author about their adaption of the opera Interested enough to order the final v [...]

    2. 3.25 estrellas Este volumen tiene un mejor ritmo que el anterior, se siente muy corto y que no avanzamos mucho La valquiria es bella y el dibujo sigue siendo muy bueno FACT Este c mic hace spoiler de s mismo.

    3. Loved it for the same reason I loved the first installment good old fashioned epic fantasy and amazing artwork

    4. When it comes to trilogies, I find that each part has a different purpose in appealing to its readers The first part is the hook The hook tempts you, draws you in with whispered promises of things to come The second part is the follow through The hook convinced you to take a chance, but now the book has to convince you that your faith wasn t misplaced, that it can give you the experience it promised before Then, of course, there is the finale of the series This is the part that is the most vital [...]

    5. The art is still absolutely breathtaking Siegfried journeys to find the land of the humans and learns what he has to face to get there Fafnir the dragon Or does he The story is told interestingly as flash forward which adds some extra intrigue towards the next book It s fun and epic action filled read.

    6. Schlichtweg berw ltigend Mit einer sehr begrenzten Besetzung, deren Verh ltnisse untereinander ausreichend komplex sind, und wundersch nen Landschaftsbildern erz hlt Alex Alice seine Neuinterpretation des alten Wagner Germanen Stoffes

    7. As mindblowing as the previous volume, The Valkyrie introduce us to a calculating and cunning immortal character who watched Siegfried s journey as he goes from the past In the beginning, Siegfried has successfully renew his father s blade but in the process it destroyed Mime s forest abode Unable to ignore his destiny, Siegfried decided to venture out of the forest with or without Mime s help Due to Mime s lies about Siegfried s past, Siegfried became increasingly distant while Mime regretted [...]

    8. Existe una fascinaci n en el ser humano por contar historias y explicar el mundo a trav s de fuerzas de poder incomprensible Son esos relatos contados alrededor de hogueras desde el principio de los tiempos, los mitos y las leyendas, los que buscan explicar un mundo incomprensible Una de las sagas m s grandes es El Anillo de los Nibelungos, que fascin a Wagner y Tolkien, y que ahora es recogida en c mic bajo el nombre de Siegfried por Alex Alice.En esta segunda parte de las aventuras de Sigfrido [...]

    9. Siegfried finds himself in the forest guided or hindered by the Niebelung, Mime He is on a journey to kill the dragon, but he must collect three weapons first Overseeing his journey is a Valkyrie who is forbidden to help him Odin seeks her because she has strayed.It s epic in scope, but there is plenty of humor as well Mime carries an anvil around that Siegfried is always having to haul up cliff faces or retrieving from swamps There is tragedy too, when the Valkyrie must make a sacrifice that wi [...]

    10. The artwork is pretty, the story is interesting though at times a little confusing, but I really like the topsy turvy ness of the future being shown to the Valkyrie yet still leaving the reader feeling as if it s really happening at the present moment Several times I forgot that we were actually seeing the future and that things weren t just unfolding at the same time, which was interesting in how I was jarred out of the story s momentum for a second but not in an unpleasant way I wish the third [...]

    11. This graphic novel comic has some Norse Gods intervention into Siegfried s life as he tries to find his way in the world and on his quest to fight a dragon.The graphics are highly detailed adding to the story line and characters They also add a crisp edge to much of the feel of the story.While the narrative is a bit formulaic, the humor and emotional relationships between the characters help to distinguish this version from others.Overall, an interesting read.

    12. I have a small fascination with Der Ring des Nibelungen I read a book version in a comparative lit class I listened to the entire opera on tape CD I watched The Met performance via PBS Every time, I find something new and interesting about the story.This version is exception The art is stunning It s a requirement to read the back notes from from the artist.

    13. This is part 2 of a well, illustrated retelling of the Siegfried story The colors and artwork mesh well with the story telling so that you get immersed in the tale You will enjoy if you like comics, fantasy and retellings of legends.

    14. Toujours aussi bien dessin , l aventure est pond r e par les visions de la Walkyrie et ce duel entre destin e et libre arbitre tient en haleine tout du long donnant un bon rythme l histoire.

    15. Lost in the swamp Witch in the swamp offers auguries.Unnamed valkyrie Pratfalls involving a heavy item Mim couldn t leave behind.I read an advance review copy from the publisher.

    16. I ll never get over how gorgeous this comic is I can t wait for the third one, and I m so glad Archaia brought it to the states

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