No Fighting, No Biting! (2020)

No Fighting No Biting Poor Cousin Joan She can t read her book when Willy and Rosa are pinching and squeezing and fighting So she tells them stories about two little alligators who are always fighting and biting just like
  • Title: No Fighting, No Biting!
  • Author: Else Holmelund Minarik Maurice Sendak
  • ISBN: 9780064440158
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback
  • Poor Cousin Joan She can t read her book when Willy and Rosa are pinching and squeezing and fighting So she tells them stories about two little alligators who are always fighting and biting just like Willy and Rosa
    • UNLIMITED AUDIOBOOK ✓ No Fighting, No Biting! - by Else Holmelund Minarik Maurice Sendak
      192 Else Holmelund Minarik Maurice Sendak
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    1. ah, one of THE books of my childhood almost 40 i still reprimand myself with the classic words oft repeated to me by my sisterNO FIGHTINGNO BITING

    2. I remember reading this book again and again I love the story within the story which one never, NEVER sees in a beginning reader I love that it s about the power of story.

    3. A book my 6 yr old loved, a little old for my preschoolers A solid reading level 2 book, this reader has a good amount of advanced vocabulary words, but not so long that it discourages a new reader Used it for his read out loud book, which was perfect It took about 20 mins for him to read and had just enough new vocabulary words to make it challenging Also, it was a fun and interesting story he could get into He liked it so much, he asked for by this author Great reading book

    4. Tja, nu er dette jo en b rnebog, og som s dan b r der jo naturligvis v re plads til megen fri fantasi Men hvordan kannibalisme en stor krokodille som originalens alligator benbart er blevet til i Tove Ditlevsens besynderlige overs ttelse der nsker at fort re de unger, der repr senterer bogens to yngste hovedpersoner relaterer sig til temaet om de to b rn, der ikke kan sidde stille , mens Joan Janne l ser, er jeg ikke helt med p For en krokodille burde faren ved at bev ge sig bort fra alfarvej el [...]

    5. This is the first book I ever read for myself I still have the copy I just sat down one day when I was about 4 and started reading, causing my mother to start screaming I was the first child, obviously From the day my second son figured out how to piss off his brother, my mantra was, no fighting, no biting, and I have been known to refer to my children, now almost grown, as Lightfoot and Quickfoot I look forward to reading it to my grandchildren one day.

    6. This book created one of the standard refrains of my childhood No fighting, no biting That s what my mom would always tell my brother and me when we d start getting too rowdy I don t know how much that mantra actually calmed us down, but it certainly stuck with us And since the phrase is still with me 40 years later, the book deserves all the stars I m giving it.

    7. children cannot get along and aunt joan shares a story about alligators with them can i say that this is truly an easy reader classic the illustrations especially the facial expressions on both child and beast really make the story.

    8. Love the illustrations by Maurice Sendak, enjoyed the book as a child for it s cute little story about alligators.

    9. I really liked this story It revolves about two children that cannot sit still and leave eachother alone in the presence of their cousin Joan, who is trying to read The two are so relentless that they finally are able to egg Joan into telling them a story that the two could definitely relate to After the story, the kids realize their biting and fighting is not winning the favor of anybody, and conclude that they can exist and read together without picking at eachother All students can relate to [...]

    10. This was hilarious to read to my 3 and 6 year old kids, and if you have a kid sense of humor it might be hilarious even without kids to read it to.The author has a nice touch This will be probably be well read and referred to by my kids for the next year or twoShe also wrote the Little Bear books, which I also think are really good, and recommend.

    11. No author illustrator team is beloved than Else Holmelund Minarik and Maurice Sendak, creators of the classic Little Bear easy readers Maurice Sendak receives the lion s share of praise for the series the Nickelodeon television adaptation was marketed as Maurice Sendak s Little Bear , and the sweet stories of life with family and friends surely wouldn t have had the same impact without his illustrations, but Else Holmelund Minarik knows how to spin a surprising and touching tale Author and arti [...]

    12. A semi short story with an underlying message of why fighting biting are not good things to do As an elementary school counselor, I will definitely save this in my shelves, but would not recommend it as a read aloud to the whole class It s a bit too small of a book and does not have a lot of pictures I ll probably use it in small groups.

    13. Even though this is a beginning reader young listeners may get bored with it The storyline is a cute one that starts out with human children fighting with one another then they are separated and read to and they begin to listen to a couple of baby alligators and what they all go through and learn that they shouldn t fight and argue with one another It is a chapter book My 21 mth granddaughter that usually enjoys sitting listening to books was bored with this book But other children may like it.

    14. This book is almost as enchanting as the Little Bear series Probably because no matter how adorable the baby alligators look when created by Maurice Sendak, they just don t have the cuddliness of a bear cub A side effect of this book is that my seven year old son will point to our two older cats when they are tussling and say, No fighting, no biting I d say he fully understands the story.

    15. When my sons were small we checked this book out of the public library at least once a month They loved hearing about the 2 little alligators that almost get goobled up by a big alligator because they can t stop fighting and biting each other It is a great read aloud book for preschoolers, and perfect read alone book for kids a little older Pictures and stories it is basically broken up into 4 stories make this books one of my hands down favorites.

    16. I ended up editing and abridging this rather drastically as I was reading it to a 3 year old It was originally written in 1958 and has a substantial amount of text The main reason I cut a lot out was because the two siblings repeatedly squabble about where to sit on the couch which just became to tedious to read on every other page.

    17. A delightful book Surprised I never heard of it, as I love the Little Bear books so much, and this is by both Minarik and Sendak The illustrations are wonderful, and Fox loved the story this was read for his Literature and Comprehension class.

    18. My older sister used to read this to my younger brother and me when she was stuck babysitting for us It was fine advice then, and so it remains I am delighted that I Can Read has made these titles available to newer generations.

    19. I ve decided to start marking books that were my favorites as a child so I don t forget to buy them for the children in my life I think I liked this book because between my brothers and I, we likely needed this reminder often than not.

    20. One of my favorite kid s books of all times Entering it here so I remember it for baby shower gifts in the future We loved this book so much that the title became a saying in our house A great book to talk about sibling rivalry getting along nicely.

    21. One of my favorites from childhoodobably because I had a younger brother and we could identify a bit with the children in the story.

    22. A simple story that merges a squabbling pair of siblings with a tale of equally fractious alligator babies Sendak s drawings are wonderful, as usual.

    23. My mom turned the title into a house rule when my siblings and I were little It was a necessary rule we were all tiny savages with sharp little teeth Ah, memories.

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