January (2020)

January On New Year s Eve Cal is chased down the street by a crazed man with a deadly warning They killed your father They ll kill you You must survive the next days Forced into a life on the run Cal fi
  • Title: January
  • Author: Gabrielle Lord
  • ISBN: 9781935279495
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Hardcover
  • On New Year s Eve, Cal is chased down the street by a crazed man with a deadly warning They killed your father.They ll kill you.You must survive the next 365 days Forced into a life on the run, Cal finds himself hunted by ruthless criminals and the police Somehow he must uncover the truth about his father s mysterious death and solve the Ormond Singularity, a secret fromOn New Year s Eve, Cal is chased down the street by a crazed man with a deadly warning They killed your father.They ll kill you.You must survive the next 365 days Forced into a life on the run, Cal finds himself hunted by ruthless criminals and the police Somehow he must uncover the truth about his father s mysterious death and solve the Ormond Singularity, a secret from the past, before the year is up But who can he turn to when the whole world seems to want him dead The clock is ticking Any second could be his last.Callum Ormond has been warned.He has 365 days The countdown has begun
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    1. As I am a fan of action thriller hero killer books, my cousin s son recommended this book to me January has a lot to attract the teen readers The reader is taken into thrilling action from the start and it goes on through the entire story And the book is not long DThe main character, an average teen, battles with sharks, runs away from criminals, breaks the law, tries to solve the mysteries, suffers loses and misunderstanding He is rebellious and feels miserable as the adults in the book are nai [...]

    2. Je vliegt echt door dit boek heen, heerlijk Ik vond dit een erg leuk deel en ik ben erg benieuwd naar Februari

    3. Superspannend Met de groep zijn we gestart iedere maand een boek te lezen van de serie Complot 365 Afgelopen maand lazen we dus Januari en deze maand Februari Van begin tot eind een spannend boek Je merkt wel goed dat het voor jonge lezers geschreven is maar dat is eigenlijk niet storend voor mij Tijdens het lezen had ik het zelfde gevoel als naar het kijken van een tv serie Ik probeer de raadsels mee op te lossen leuk leuk benieuwd naar deel 2

    4. Ik heb dit boek gelezen met m n leesclubje Books Ever After , we lezen elke maand een boek.Ik vond het een super spannend boek en ik vind dat het boek in interessant verhaallijn heeft Sommige gebeurtenissen zijn best wel realistisch, maar andere zijn weer t onrealistisch Dat vind ik wel echt een minpuntje Door de lengte vloog ik ook zo door het boek heen en het taalgebruik is ook zeer makkelijk Ik ben nu echt heel nieuwsgierig naar het tweede boek en ik vraag me af wat er in die andere elf boeke [...]

    5. its a short book so it s a short review Find at theyabooklover I was intrigued to read Conspiracy 365 The series was recommended to me by my friend who is a huge fan Being me, I took up the recommendation and tried it out This didn t necessarily disappoint me It like made me feel empty, this book s most horrid flaw was its depth Yeah okay it was full of mystery, suspense and thriller but it didn t make me feel moved or intrigued at all I felt like I was reading a diary entry, something that ju [...]

    6. De groep YAChicklit NL heeft besloten om dit jaar elke maand een deel van deze serie te lezen Januari stond dus klaar voor januari De boeken trokken mij niet echt aan, maar aangezien ze maar zo dun zijn circa 100 bladzijdes op mijn e reader , besloot ik het eerste deel een kans te geven 365 dagen, zo lang heeft Callum de tijd om in veiligheid te komen, althans dat beweert een verwarde man die Callum tegen komt op straat Volgens hem moet hij per direct onderduiken tot 31 december dit jaar Maar wa [...]

    7. What a waste of money and time, even though I finished the book within 2 hours.Feels like the writer tried to write this book within the week and had to make it to a deadline SpoileralertThis book has no depth at all I have no idea what most of the characters look like and they all lack personality.The story is totally unbelievable Within 180 pages of this book, the main character was on a sinking boat, almost eaten by sharks, kidnapped, robbed, wanted for murder on his little sister and uncle h [...]

    8. What a nice quick read The suspence is hughe, especially with a cliffhanger like that At my bookclub, we read one book of this series each month, but I m SO glad it is almost February XD But nothing really special so an average 3

    9. Encouraging my son that reading is a good thing I bought all 12 books and he reads them first and I read them after so we can talk about what is going on and what we think will happen next Hoping this works Very good read Keeps it exciting and keeps our interest

    10. Conspiracy 365 January Gabrielle Lord An Adventure Detective StoryThe Storyline The Plot In My Words Spoiler Alert This dramatic, emotional, gripping, action packed book starts with the main character, Callum Ormond, being chased down his street by a crazed old man who warns him They killed your father.They ll kill you.You must survive the next 365 days And as the plot thickens, the mystery of the Ormond Singularity hangs in the air Callum s boat is sabotaged and he barely escapes death in the s [...]

    11. Alors oui j ai un an de retard sur cette lecture mais le livre avait disparu au fin fond de ma P L et apr s quelques fouilles arch ologiques, je l ai retrouv Me voil donc lanc e au centre d une affaire dans laquelle est m l Cal, un adolescent comme les autres.Ces pr occupations tournaient autour des cours, des amis, des filles jusqu au jour o son p re est mort suite un voyage en Irlande.D s le d but du livre, on fait la rencontre d un personnage un peu fou, qui pr vient Cal du danger qui le mena [...]

    12. Conspiracy 365 launches the first in a 12 part series with January The story sees a 15 year old Callum Ormond warned that he must survive the next 12 months in which various groups will try to kill him.The concept introduces some fun ideas The month by month serialisation is most likely a novelty, but the countdown after each date 362 days to go, etc adds to the air of urgency The fact the page numbers count down to 1 is fun, and overall a lot of effort has been put into give a feeling of expect [...]

    13. I was very pleasantly surprised by this book, since it is not really the genre I normally read What drew me into the action and adventure was the puzzle aspect of the story the mysterious drawings, the enigma of the Ormond Singularity, the bad guys hiding in the shadows The suspense is high, we don t know who to trust, and we have to question everything as the plot unfolds I couldn t stop reading The plots moves forward at a fast pace, and the action just keeps coming Every minute our hero s lif [...]

    14. Callum um jovem com 15 anos que perde o pai por causas desconhecidas, sendo a sustentabilidade da fam lia formada pela m e e irm que adora De um momento para o outro come am a ocorrer situa es estranhas onde a vida de Callum se encontra constantemente em perigo, sendo avisado por um suposto louco que tem de se esconder durante 365 dias, pois a sua vida encontra se em jogo Conspira o 365 Janeiro o primeiro volume de uma saga constitu da por 12 volumes onde Gabrielle Lord numa narrativa repleta de [...]

    15. The book I decided to do my book talk on is called January and is in the Conspiracy 365 series There were a lot of things in this book that was different from other books, for one thing, this book was written backwards, starting at page 185 and ending at page 1 Another thing that this books has that SOME other books have is that it show the time and date in the book, almost like a diary What this book is about is that the main character, Callum Ormond Cal , meets a man staggering down the street [...]

    16. I picked up the book half out of curiosity half because I had thoughts for writing a similar book myself I read a few reviews, comments and ratings, and then settled down to read the thin, paper back kids thriller I wasn t overly impressed Sure it has excitement, a fast moving action pace, mystery galore, suspicious characters, guns, sharks, helicopter rescues, and a minute by minute account of the happenings to keep you hooked But I felt the book lacked depth In my opinion, the action lacked fe [...]

    17. 3.5 starsI am just going to keep this brief I have read this book twice before and I think it gets worse and worse every time I read it The simplistic, short and rather bland writing style used by Gabrielle Lord left me disappointed I wanted We didn t really get into Cal s head The details weren t there It was plain and a little dull Plus, the whole plot is much too far fetched for my liking There were parts that were quite good I did enjoy Cal s perspective and his friend, Boges, was a great g [...]

    18. This was another recommendation from Drea when I was whining about what to give my students to read next after the final Alex Rider was coming out She s been a great source of knowledge when it comes to readalikes This series is about a boy who finds himself in the middle of a very dangerous situation that has something to do with the research his father was doing before he died on their family origins As this is the first book, only very little is revealed as to why everyone is after this secre [...]

    19. This is great idea for a series A new book is scheduled for release every month this year The month named titles will prevent any confusion about what order in which they should be read.It is a fast, plot driven read that I think will appeal particularly to younger teen and pre teen boys The cover of the book lets you know that you are in for an action movie in book formThe chapters are time stamped, and while I understand the desire to break the book up in to short sections for reluctant reader [...]

    20. This book series is all that I expected it to be and then some This series starts on New Year s Eve Callum Ormond is a normal 15 year old dealing with the sudden death of his father when he s approached by a wild eyed man who warns him that he must hide out until the end of December or they will get him too All of a sudden very dangerous accidents begin to happen to him So begins the adventure Callum becomes a fugitive in hiding as he searches for the answer to the few clues his father was able [...]

    21. This Serial Novel is awesome A must read As far as genre, it is a mix between 24 and Davinci Code 15 yr old, Callum, must survive for 365 days, all the while trying to solve his dad s death and a family secret that sounds like it has the potential to make his family rich I would say as far as level or reading would begin with some 5th graders going up I read it in about 2 hours Easy, quick read but when I finished I was very anxious and eager for the next book This leaves you hanging Great book [...]

    22. Written for an older elementary school audience, but still intriguing Cal is a 15 year old boy who is on the run trying to uncover and protect a family secret his dad died defending I had to look past the unlikelihood that a 15 year old would actually be in these situations, but once I did, I was hooked It took until the 2nd or 3rd book until I was convinced, but I m super skeptical and have a hard time putting myself in different situations I would recommend this book to any teen or preteen boy [...]

    23. I d definitely recommend this series for approx 11 14 year old boys It was recommended to me by my 12 year old son It s a fast pace and exciting book, especially since the dates and page numbers are like a countdown The series seems to really be one big book divided into small books for each month I can understand the thinking behind this, as one really long book would probably be off putting to the target market, however, personally I d rather just have it as one book.

    24. The book I read is Conspiracy 365 January and the author is Gabrielle Lord Realist fiction because there is things that can happen but didn t There is a lot of places but mostly in San Diego on the beach The main character is Boches and he is cool Botches has to last one whole year without get caught by the police I think this book is 5 star because it was so good I couldn t put the book down

    25. Wow wat een spannend boek is dit We zijn deze serie aan het lezen met ons leesclubje, iedere maand doen we er een.Ik twijfelde in het begin om mee te gaan lezen, maar in februari toch maar besloten om mee te gaan lezen, maar wat ben ik blij dat het nu al februari is, dus dat ik het tweede deel ook al mag lezen Want wat eindigt dit deel toch spannend zeg

    26. This adventure book was good I liked it I am going to read the next one in the series Will Cal ever figure out who is hunting him down Will he figure why they are chasing him Will Cal figure out what really happened to his dad There are 12 books and I hope I find out a few answers before I get to the last one I think sixth grade boys would really like this series.

    27. i think this book was good it was action packed cal has 365 days to save his family cal survives a boat crash.

    28. Amazing book There was never a part in the book where it got boring Can t wait to read the next book

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