I Spy Something Wicked (2020)

I Spy Something Wicked It s All Hallow s Eve and Mark Hardwicke s past has come back to haunt him The Old Man needs Mark to go on one last mission to the wild lonely hills of Afghanistan a mission Mark knows he can t survi
  • Title: I Spy Something Wicked
  • Author: Josh Lanyon
  • ISBN: 9780984766918
  • Page: 424
  • Format: ebook
  • It s All Hallow s Eve and Mark Hardwicke s past has come back to haunt him The Old Man needs Mark to go on one last mission to the wild, lonely hills of Afghanistan a mission Mark knows he can t survive Even if he does make it back, Stephen has made it very clear Mark is out of second chances Should Mark place his lover and his own happiness before duty Especially whIt s All Hallow s Eve and Mark Hardwicke s past has come back to haunt him The Old Man needs Mark to go on one last mission to the wild, lonely hills of Afghanistan a mission Mark knows he can t survive Even if he does make it back, Stephen has made it very clear Mark is out of second chances Should Mark place his lover and his own happiness before duty Especially when deep down Mark knows he doesn t deserve a happy ending
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    1. 4.5 stars Review completed February 17, 2013Blurred vision come to think of it, I guess it s than blurred vision Mark, take a reality check I Spy Something Wicked is the follow up to I Spy Something Bloody It s almost time for Halloween and happily retired British ex spy, Mark Hardwicke, is meeting his former teammate, Malik, in an old and abandoned building In the early part of the last century, it had operated as a funhouse Now it looked like a haunted house That was appropriate since I was t [...]

    2. Written November 11, 20144.2 Stars Short, heartbreaking and captivating good.I couldn t let go the night went on.Book 2I listened to the audiobook edition with all three novellas in the I Spy series written by Josh Lanyon The complete series edition In From The Cold I Spy, 1 3 is an seven hours long audio narrated very well, with a fitting voice, by a new narrator for me Mr Alexander J Masters I like his way of telling me this M M relationship story and fo every audio hours As well as Mr Lanyo [...]

    3. The previous novella I Spy Something Bloody is my favourite of Josh Lanyon s mystery novellas so I was a bit nervous reading this short story sequel On one hand I was looking forward to revisiting Mark and Stephen but on the other hand I was worried that if this story was a bit below par it would marr my love of the previous book As it turned out I needn t have worried because this was just a delightful add on to the original story.It begins with our first person hero Mark, having a mysterious m [...]

    4. This book was even shorter than the first one and yet it did not feel this way Less real action this time, but the underlying tension and all these feelings kept my eyes glued to my Kindle and I couldn t have loved these guys .Mark, hard ass spy and yet full of self doubt, believing that he does not deserve to be happy, is torn between his sense of duty and love and I just wanted to wrap him in a bubble to keep him safe But I loved Stephen for his protectiveness of his spy and his mature behavio [...]

    5. Another enjoyable novella about Stephen and Mark This one had me guessing if he d stay or go, right to the very end

    6. Mark is 5 months back with Stephen and is faced with a Sophie s choice situation Love or loyalty Funny thing, that, because I had never liked being held when I slept, but with Stephen there was something comforting about curling up against him I liked his arms wrapped around me, liked the heat of him all down my back, the warm breath stirring the hair at the nape of my neck I loved him That made all the difference.Lanyon writes so subtly and simply about this pivotal decision and in the end it r [...]

    7. 3.5 stars Very enjoyable short story Unexpectedly quiet and domestic for a spy tale Now I have to read the first bookWth is up with that cover though It bears no resemblance to the contents And a clown shivers O.o

    8. Well damn I loved this one too I honestly could not believe what Mark was considering No way could it have ended well I loved Stephens reactions and his pleas and his taking charge at the end And I absolutely loved how badass Mark is.

    9. And for the second time in this series, I wasn t expecting this story And I loved it.I liked every nuance of Mark and Stephen s relationship Mark is the one who gets into trouble, who has much to do to be a better partner for Stephen, but even Stephen has to move toward Mark to make their love work.We get to see all the process of the difficult choice Mark has to make between his old and his new life, because he has to face the person he was, acknowledge what has remained the same and what has [...]

    10. 3.5 stars A little glimpse into Mark and Stephen s life as a couple Definitely not a stand alone I wanted to slap Mark a few times he s really clueless sometimes But I m glad things worked out in the end that cover is creeping me out

    11. Well, this one was just as angsty as the first But it still totally worked for me I love watching these two figure out how to live their lives together I m starting the last book now and know I ll be sad when it is over.

    12. While I do like this couple, they don t hold the appeal of other Josh Lanyon couples for me Maybe its the age gap or maybe its the Spy thing, but I find I m glad these are actually shorter rather than longer lol My main thoughts while reading this were how much I wanted to smack Mark I couldn t believe he was going to be so stupid and risk everything, but of course by the end I started to understand his thinking I m glad he has Stephen around to save him from himself lol A little than a 3 but a [...]

    13. Mark and Stephen have quickly become one of my favorite Lanyon couples.Loved the Dickens quote Life is made of ever so many partings welded together

    14. Strange little story I liked it enough for 3 stars but it kind of left me wondering, both regarding the emotional level and status of things between the pair view spoiler As much as most stories have a communication issue at the heart of the problem and this was no exception for the first time I found myself aggravated that they struggled to be honest with each other I was repeatedly urging them to get on it with and come out in the open with their feelings, especially when they were aware of th [...]

    15. Usually bugs me when the characters just talking could solve much unneeded angst This was an exception because it was clear that Mark really didn t completely understand what he was feeling or know how to express it, so he needed time to work that out While this didn t grab me like book one, I like both MC and enjoyed continuing to see how their very different personalities and backgrounds played out together The cover was strange for me as I think its based on a single reference to clowns, and [...]

    16. This is a sequel to I SPY SOMETHING BLOODY, where we revisit Mark and Stephen The previous story is my favorite from the 2 collection of Josh Lanyon s novella, so I really want to know what happens next ALTHOUGH, since the story is already really good, I m also worried on what kind of story the sequel will tell I guess I shouldn t have doubts because Josh Lanyon is good in writing a story packed with emotion This one is a short story but it deals with what Mark s feel, about his normal life, his [...]

    17. Wow this is a short story that boils down to choices Mark has been asked to perform one last mission, but if he does it will impact the relationship with his love Stephen This is Mark s struggle with duty, what he believes he owes his past, and his new future life with Stephen Can Mark believe he deserves to be happy with the ghosts of the past circling his future This was so intense So much packed into a little package Great story.

    18. 3.4starsStrangely detached which might be because I ve just come out of an intense read or because something in the book itself I will review after a reread.

    19. This is the sequel to I Spy Something Bloody, one of my favorite books by Josh Lanyon They are both short stories I read I Spy Something Wicked in under an hour, so I encourage you to start them in order You will understand the dynamics of the relationship much better.Mark has left his secret, dangerous Government job behind in I Spy Something Bloody, but it is short lived His former employer is having a political crisis and sends an old colleague, Malik, to Mark to convince him to go on one las [...]

    20. 3.0 StarsIt s All Hallow s Eve and Mark Hardwicke s past has come back to haunt him again The Old Man comes calling he needs Mark to go on one last mission to Afghanistan The problem is two fold Mark s chances of surviving the mission are slim to none and, Mark had promised Stephen that he was home to stay Stephen has made it very clear that Mark is out of second chances Yet, Mark traverses the path of deciding whether he should place his lover and his own happiness before duty.I love this serie [...]

    21. Oh I love this seriesriously I was hesitant to read it because I thought I would feel angry about Mark but I didn t I thought I would resent him for even thinking about going back to Afganistan But noI still love Mark The way he keeps the Old Man s request to himself is his way to work through things, you can t change years of training and conditioning in a few months Actually I felt sorry for him because he still wasn t able to believe that he deserves his new life, that he still thought he li [...]

    22. I Spy Something Wicked is a short sequel to I Spy Something Bloody and it s great There s no mystery element this time, instead it focuses solely on Mark and Stephen s relationship and old insecurities that come to light when Mark s old boss asks for help and one last mission.I honestly wanted to kill Mark in the first half of this story, but the last 15 pages were so great, it totally made up for it D Definitely recommended

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