The First Excellence ~ Fa-ling's Map (2020)

The First Excellence Fa ling s Map Winner of the Indie Book Event Award for excellence in fiction What happens when East bleeds into West Join Fa ling on an incredible journey into the heart of mainland China Searching for her los
  • Title: The First Excellence ~ Fa-ling's Map
  • Author: Donna Carrick
  • ISBN: 9781439253939
  • Page: 251
  • Format: ebook
  • Winner of the 2011 Indie Book Event Award for excellence in fiction.What happens when East bleeds into West Join Fa ling on an incredible journey into the heart of mainland China Searching for her lost heritage, Fa ling encounters murder, kidnapping, political intrigue and organ theft With Detective Wang Yong qi and his brilliant but uncouth partner Cheng Minsheng, Fa lWinner of the 2011 Indie Book Event Award for excellence in fiction.What happens when East bleeds into West Join Fa ling on an incredible journey into the heart of mainland China Searching for her lost heritage, Fa ling encounters murder, kidnapping, political intrigue and organ theft With Detective Wang Yong qi and his brilliant but uncouth partner Cheng Minsheng, Fa ling must uncover a high stakes kidnapping plot before another child goes missing Donna Carrick is the award winning author of several crime novels and anthologies, including The First Excellence, Gold And Fishes, The Noon God and Sept Iles and Other Places.
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    1. If stories to do with communist states, personal quests, and plain intrigue are your thing, then the First Excellence is for you I got this book on Kindle for 99 cents, but the story is way above that dollar value There were two major external plots are work in this novel, one to do with the state clamping down on something in this case a religious sect they didn t understand, but saw as a threat, and the other detailed the lengths to which someone will go when faced with ruin.The plot was compl [...]

    2. I obtained this book via Smashwords some time ago and only recently got around to reading it Unfortunately, the author has removed it from Smashwords and I am unable to review it at the source.This is the story of Fa ling, a Chinese adoptee who has gone back to the land of her birth to try to learn about her birth family She is part of a tour of couples who are adopting Chinese infants and toddlers Unfortunately, due to various circumstances, the group finds itself at the center of political in [...]

    3. The First Excellence is a layered and complicated story that touches on international adoption, child abuse and the politics of communist China Yet, author Donna Carrick makes it an easy read.The First Excellence needs to be on the NY Best Seller List This is truly an intriguing story with many facets and layers of plot and sub plot The characters jump right into you heart and take you on an emotional and fast paced ride through the streets of China.Donna Carrick s creativity really shines with [...]

    4. I absolutely loved this book I don t know what was best about The First Excellence Was it the multi faceted characters The mystery The adventure Or was it the way each chapter was an important thread woven into the tapestry that turned out to be a beautiful story I can t say for sure but what I can say is that this book will definitely be added to the shelves that hold the books I will read again books.

    5. Fa Ling s Map is a fascinating trip through a very alien world through a series of interlocked lives that weave in and out of each other without feeling forced, the coincidences simply meant to be, rather than deus ex machina Each of the tales woven into the other arching story is interesting in and of itself, from the desperate and neurotic wife to the police duo, the shady savagery of government operatives to Fa Ling herself, and you are engaged in each so when focus switches there is no desir [...]

    6. Wow, I have to say this book is wonderful There is so much detail it s as if I am right there every step with the characters I fell in love with Fa ling and was so entrenched in her journeys that I couldn t put the book down The Author Donna Carrick not only did her research, very well, she made me feel every heart breaking turn that Fa Ling was experiencing Even trying to write this review I find myself wanting to go into detail the highs and lows of each experience Fa Ling found herself in Any [...]

    7. Donna Carrick has crafted a wonderfully entertaining and moving novel The story is rich with intrigue, all the characters are well developed and quite complex, and the pacing is excellent.This story took me on a journey both deep into a young woman s heart and outward where the exotic setting, the history, and the culture of China felt real, as did the vivid imagery.The First Excellence doesn t shy away from tough topics or the emotions they evoke in fact, it exposes them, but does so realistica [...]

    8. I thoroughly enjoyed this book It is layered and rich, with the added benefit of walking away feeling like you were somehow expanded My only critique was being able to get a handle on the characters by name thereby having to go back and reread portions to reestablish who the character was But, that aside, the story was captivating, descriptive, and full of the kind of intrigue that keeps the reader curious My compliments to the Author who did a great job illuminating a culture that is so differe [...]

    9. This book was excellent The characters are clearly drawn and interesting The story is heart rending and compelling It s full of fascinating cultural insights that can only come with first hand knowledge I was drawn in immediately and remained engrossed A lot of independent authors publish before their stories are ready and the result is often a book sorely in need of editing and proofreading I m happy to say that is NOT the case with this book Ms Carrick s work is very polished and well edited H [...]

    10. Donna Carrick s The First Excellence is a wonderfully deep and elaborate story that gave me a little of a James Clavell feeling right from the very first page Perhaps it was how easily I connected with Fa Ling, or maybe it was the setting In any event I thoroughly enjoyed the book and the twists and turns in the plot A terrific read.

    11. This was a wonderful book, well written and exciting I even liked the ending I feel strongly that most writers don t really know how to end a book without leaving me feeling I needed this one left feeling ok I like but I do not feel cheated.

    12. This was a really fun read by a very talented story teller I recommended it to anyone who loves a well crafted story and lots of intrigue.

    13. One of many freebies for kindle downloaded over Christmas, this one outshines most of the others I look forward to the next instalment in Fa ling s adventures.

    14. On the edge of your seat kind of book held my attention Murder, intrigue and mystery in China about international adoptions.

    15. Li Fa Ling ist die Adoptivtochter kanadischer Eltern Anders als ihre j ngere Schwester hat sie nicht gegen den Vorsatz ihrer Eltern revoltiert, den T chtern durch zus tzlichen Chinesisch Unterricht den Kontakt zu deren Herkunftsland zu erhalten Mit Anfang 20 sieht Fa Ling sich an einem Wendepunkt in ihrem Leben und unternimmt eine Reise nach China, u a an den Li Fluss, dessen Name den M dchen als Kindern kurz vor der Begegnung mit den adoptierenden Eltern als Familienname gegeben wurde Fa Ling r [...]

    16. Aspects of China as a modern cultureThis is an excellent book, well written with good character development However, it opens with a young Chinese mother birthing a new baby girl, who takes her and her four year old daughter out of their small village, and leaves them with bottles for the baby, telling the older child, Li, to watch out for them until someone comes along and don t say who they are The mother has done this because her mother in law, The Good Mother intends to kill both children th [...]

    17. What to say about the First Excellence other than oh my goodness It is a story of a young girl s journey of self discovery, a story of murder, of political intrigue, of kidnap, of love and betrayal it s a bit of everything and it will keep you on your toes Fa ling, an adoptee, returns to China, seeking answers in the country of her birth She makes the trip with a group of couples on their way to adopt Chinese orphans The story weaves around Fa ling, the group of adoptive parents, a young journal [...]

    18. I ll admit that I m no expert on China, so I can t really speak to the truth of the setting or believability of many of the characters in this story That said, I really, really enjoyed the book It was well paced, well written, the characters were well developed, and even though I saw most of the twists coming, that was ok as it s really laid out as a crime novel than a mystery I would definitely read from this author

    19. This book was a fast read, filled with intrigue Fa ling visits China with a group of couples who will be adopting Chinese babies She travels with this group so that she can go back to her birthplace and make peace with her past Her story, alone, would have made this novel compelling There are too many coincidences in this story, but they do tie in together nicely to make this story interesting.

    20. A great story, set in China Interesting characters, well drawn settings, a fast and complex plot, and meaningful themes, this book has a lot going for it, and I look forward to reading by Donna Carrick It s a cautionary tale for self published authors, though a good editor would ve caught the problems with word usage their they re there, etc , hyphenation, and other technicalities that jar the reading fluency.

    21. Enjoyed the entertaining twists and turns in this novel based on the author s own experience of adopting a baby in China This novel contains who done it elements but also has a serious message about Confucius s instrustion to find one s Five Excellences The book provides a good look at contemporary Chinese life.

    22. The story is set in China An adoption group travels to China to collect their new babies Travelling with them is a young woman who was born in China but was adopted and grew up in Toronto, Canada I enjoyed this book Taking place in a country so different to my own made it an interesting read also The story travelled along quickly and was an easy and entertaining read.

    23. This was one Julie had posted as to be read I read it What a thoroughly interesting book The emotions and ambiguities that surround adopting children from another country play a truly interesting counterpoint to the rigidity of modern China in this one It is a very good read and I look forward to reading by this author.

    24. I really loved this book I was caught up immediately in the story and the characters I would love to give this book four or even five stars, but towards the end there were just too many story lines that were left hanging.

    25. The characters are a little one dimensional, a little too black or white The ending seemed a little rushed and that after a slow start, but then, on the good side, it was an interesting story and thats why we read them.

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