Rewilding the World: Dispatches from the Conservation Revolution (2020)

Rewilding the World Dispatches from the Conservation Revolution A gripping account of the environmental crusade to save the world s most endangered species and landscapes the last best hope for preserving our natural homeScientists worldwide are warning of the loo
  • Title: Rewilding the World: Dispatches from the Conservation Revolution
  • Author: Caroline Fraser
  • ISBN: 9780805078268
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A gripping account of the environmental crusade to save the world s most endangered species and landscapes the last best hope for preserving our natural homeScientists worldwide are warning of the looming extinction of thousands of species, from tigers and polar bears to rare flowers, birds, and insects If the destruction continues, a third of all plants and animals couldA gripping account of the environmental crusade to save the world s most endangered species and landscapes the last best hope for preserving our natural homeScientists worldwide are warning of the looming extinction of thousands of species, from tigers and polar bears to rare flowers, birds, and insects If the destruction continues, a third of all plants and animals could disappear by 2050 and with them earth s life support ecosystems that provide our food, water, medicine, and natural defenses against climate change.Now Caroline Fraser offers the first definitive account of a visionary campaign to confront this crisis rewilding Breathtaking in scope and ambition, rewilding aims to save species by restoring habitats, reviving migration corridors, and brokering peace between people and predators Traveling with wildlife biologists and conservationists, Fraser reports on the vast projects that are turning Europe s former Iron Curtain into a greenbelt, creating trans frontier Peace Parks to renew elephant routes throughout Africa, and linking protected areas from the Yukon to Mexico and beyond An inspiring story of scientific discovery and grassroots action, Rewilding the World offers hope for a richer, wilder future.
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      474 Caroline Fraser
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    1. A wonderful book on how cores, corridors and carnivores are necessary for returning biodiversity to nature Also the book includes a really interesting discussion of which I ve not been able to get out of my mind Two of the most healthy biodiverse spots on the planet are where the divisions were between Eastern and Western Europe the Wall and in the zone between North and South Korea, which is heavily landmined to keep all people out Evidently nature thrives where man is not even in a heavily arm [...]

    2. I read it on my 8 hour flight, so it is actually an easy to read book, presented very clearly, not very deep into the science not technical of it and not too deep into the theory not philosophical of it all, just meandering nicely between the two.if you are interested in some aspects of sustainability, our endangered species and their extinction, of parks and wildlife and discussion surrounding them or just want to be inspired on what we can do on a global scale and how people are doing it and w [...]

    3. In Rewilding the World, Caroline Fraser provides an accessible, engaging introduction to the concept of rewilding of restoring sufficient areas of wilderness that various species of wildlife have enough room to engage in their normal behavior Focusing on the notion of island biogeography, Fraser clearly explains the limits of current conservation programs national parks and otherwise and demonstrates what needs to be done.The book then takes on a global scale, moving from North America to South [...]

    4. Imperative concepts include establishing wildlife corridors that better match migration routes, ending our prejudice against large carnivores, and shifting our baseline of how wild areas should be preserved from what we can remember to what those areas were like before the encroachment of man Radical environmentalism that is not cookie cutter, but geared helping current islands of biodensity and neighboring communities.

    5. a fantastic book synthesizing best known theories of island biogeography, trophic cascades, and alternative states and how they all explain why biodiversity is going down, why all kinds of plants and animals are going extinct in a great worldwide extinction and how and why we can help rewilding means the 3 C s carnivores, cores, and connectivity think about it and you ll see.

    6. All rewilding projects seek to bring together the same elements cores, corridors, and carnivores Many of the ambitious early initiatives Yellowstone to Yukon and the European Green Belt were biological in design but inspirational in nature, offering a vision of re creating connectivity across the landscape while promising people a new emotional connection to the land Activists worked doggedly, steadily, practicing the arts of persuasion, from educational entreaties to compensation schemes to sof [...]

    7. I hope this is one of those receives 4 stars and above books, not receives 4 stars and below ones.It s an incredible combination of stories, describing a voyage around the world no, seriously, if you just want to read the journals of a true world traveler, this is your story and connecting it to a complexity of issues facing the earth including the involvement of local populations and pay to stay as applied to an incredible number and diversity of global ecological emergencies and a number of ot [...]

    8. Absolutely fantastic read I ve been involved in conservation efforts as a lay citizen ever since I was a child, but hearing the doom and gloom about how everything is dying off and we aka, the people with the real money, who are so far out of my control that you only feel even helpless are destroying so many irreplaceable pieces of this planet can really exhaust you Thankfully, Fraser s book brought forward real solutions and, especially important, the places where those solutions didn t work t [...]

    9. Interesting travelogue of restoration projects from Costa Rica to the former Iron Curtain to Zambia to Australia Not exactly a review, a series of stories The author is a consummate story teller In addition to fascinating accounts of exotic animals and dedicated world savers, the book builds an argument that conservation requires the support of the local, often desperately poor, community There is very little discussion of the DER style physical restoration the focus is on returning keystone sp [...]

    10. I have some mixed feelings on rewilding rewilding of landscapes, as opposed to the rewilding of humans which I have some mixed feelings on as well While I agree with the general idea that we need to protect keystone species, ecosystems, etc how is it better to make the world s poor dependent on eco tourism and serving rich white people in hotels, dragging into the global economy There s also the fact that Native Americans and Australian aborigines showed that the land can be managed without al [...]

    11. This is a very well reported and written book on a fascinating and hopeful trend in conservation Fraser makes some important points about why some Rewilding efforts succeed and others fail, and I finished this book feeling I had learned a lot, about the history of this approach to large scale conservation, the scientific reasoning behind it, some of the pitfalls it has encountered, and even where it might be headed in the future.My only quibble with the book is that it is connected by a concept [...]

    12. Rewilding is a process which will save the planet and all of its creatures by restoring habitats, replacing migration corridors and teaching humans to live in concert with predators The idea is fascinating and I started this book with much interest but also afraid that it would have the same message, ie we re doomed, but without any clear solutions Instead I found a fairly readable account of things that conservationists have done or are doing with varying degrees of success The author discusses [...]

    13. This book deserves a pass rating for its effort and good intention to address and update on current conservation issues around the world Seemingly promising given the large ground covered spanning the globe literally , but the author s unfamiliarity with natural history reveals itself quite often in simple factual errors A tendency to ramble along with overload of unnecessary detail and data, combined with lack of a coherent focus results in a disappointing read It is neither a good science book [...]

    14. The environment is the economy No problem not poverty, not climate change, not the economic downturn can be addressed without simultaneously restoring the systems that are life itself This is a fantastic overview of the planet s myriad problems with disappearing nature and how we continue to be unable unwilling to take the long view in conservation and ecological restoration It also features some great facts to pull out at cocktail parties North America was once home to tapirs, cheetahs, and dir [...]

    15. Interesting book on the struggle to save endangered wildlife Acutally made me a bit depressed because of all the wildlife that is going to go extinct.

    16. I enjoyed Caroline Fraser s engaging discussion on the concepts of corridors, cores and carnivores I have been particularly interested in the Yellowstone to Yukon corridor for many years and I was happy to see it discussed in this book How anyone can discuss Y2Y without mentioning Karsten Hauer is a mystery to me, but I digress.In all books of environmental topics I am particularly sensitive to how the author handles the question of what to do about the world s desperately poor people My rating [...]

    17. Written with a lively eye for human and natural detail, and with a sprightliness and geniality that belies the weight of research and amount of mileage that Caroline Fraser must have racked up to complete this expansive volume, REWILDING THE WORLD travels the globe to examine the efforts of conservation biologists to keep natural systems from being destroyed by hunting, extraction, human population pressures, and pollution and those who are trying to bring back places in the world that have been [...]

    18. This is an incredible book It covers conservation all over the world what has seen amazing success, and what has failed miserably As well as what is doing OK, but could be better It is an incredibly inspirational read, especially if you plan on being a conservation biologist like me I hope a second edition comes out maybe a decade after the original publishing with updates on different projects she researched, and any new ones she thinks are promising One thing I wasn t thrilled with trophy hunt [...]

    19. This is such a useful and inspiring book I wonder what the author s motivation was and if she had affiliations with any particular conservation groups before beginning this book She certainly has strong opinions on the value and success of the projects she discusses I don t know if her opinions are justified or even widely shared I also don t know how comprehensive the projects discussed in the book are There is an extensive bibliography in the back that may help me get a sense for value of the [...]

    20. This is a good book that probably deserves a higher rating than I have given it My reason for not liking it so much is that the title is a tad off the mark in relation to contents There is less about rewilding and restoration per se in this book the practice, the dilemmas, the challenges than I expected Instead, a large part of the book is devoted to the ideas of preservation establishing protected areas of one sort or the other , writ large Grand corridors, trans boundary parks, community conse [...]

    21. Fascinating and excellent read Intellectually you realize that rewilding is a necessary element to the earth s and human survival but then there is the reality of finding a moose wandering through your backyard or startlingly a black bear But these are the things we are going to have to acclimatise ourselves to in order to have a healthy and liveable planet for future generations And if the richer western countries are going to shake their fingers at poorer countries for not protecting rare and [...]

    22. Inspirational Conservation has often come across as being exclusively about rescuing, as in fighting against a clock that is slowly ticking in the direction of biological doom However, in Rewilding the World inspirational tales of rewilding projects are presented with all of the challenges Changing the way we think about conservation is going to be extremely difficult in the light of narratives enforced by mainstream conservation organisations However, the promise that habitats can be restored i [...]

    23. Similar to Half Earth, but a bit optimistic since she gives many examples of large scale conservation areas, at least some of which have been successful The Nature Conservancy doesn t come off looking too good in Costa Rica Tons of information too much to absorb in the 3 weeks I have the book from the library.

    24. I was looking forward to dispatches from places other than Africa, which demonstrated the paths of success rather than the path of failure Hard to stick with, I would ve best enjoyed this book had I read the first 50 and last 50 pages.

    25. I expected from this book was quite an interesting read, but it was rather superficial, written on amateurish level, though with emotions and enthusiasm.

    26. An excellent intro to the concept with wide ranging examples of successes and failures Easy to read, gave me 20 new topics I want to research.

    27. A review of studies on rewilding on several continents Fairly technical some interesting stories A real alert to how we need to proceed to save us and maybe save the world.

    28. Some extremely interesting ecological concepts to think about going into an increasing bleak global future, in terms of biodiversity This book makes you conciser the ecological health, definitions of a healthy ecosystem and the lengths some people are willing to go to restore ecosystems to a functioning level If you have any interest in the future of biodiversity I recommend this book.

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