Out of Africa & Shadows On The Grass (2020)

Out of Africa Shadows On The Grass With classic simplicity and a painter s feeling for atmosphere and detail Isak Dinesen tells of the years she spent from to managing a coffee plantation in Kenya
  • Title: Out of Africa & Shadows On The Grass
  • Author: Isak Dinesen Karen Blixen Mark Hannon
  • ISBN: 9780394742113
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • With classic simplicity and a painter s feeling for atmosphere and detail, Isak Dinesen tells of the years she spent from 1914 to 1931 managing a coffee plantation in Kenya.
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      436 Isak Dinesen Karen Blixen Mark Hannon
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    1. An interesting collection of anecdotes from Africa in the early 1900s It is better than a history book because you get to learn about it from the words of someone who lived it The colonialism approach of the time that is seen in the writing can be construed as imperialistic and, at times, racially inappropriate However, I would say that the author is writing what she knows at the time and never gets malicious to or speaks down about anyone in her story even if there are undertones that might be [...]

    2. So.Well introductionI was doing a repair to the ceiling when from that elevated position I noticed this slim volume attempting to hide from my hawk like vision, but too late, for I swooped down and caught in in my talons and read it tucked up in my nest I found it beguiling, lyrical, full of longing, it also reminded me of the Orwell story Shooting An Elephant I let the book settle over several nights in an attempt to digest it, but perhaps after six months or so it might have worked its way thr [...]

    3. There is something strangely determinate and fatal about a single shot in the night It is as if someone had cried a message to you in one word, and would not repeat it I stood for some time wondering what it had meant Nobody could aim at anything at this hour, and, to scare away something, a person would fire two shots or There is some truly beautiful writing in this book.When describing the land and the wildlife of Africa, Dinesen i.e Karen Blixen truly shines as a writer and I can only believ [...]

    4. Karen Blixen alias Isak Dinesen, 1885 1962 has the ability to transport you to the early 20th century Africa The Africa when there were still herds of zebras and elephants suddenly appearing in the clearing while you are planting or harvesting acres and acres of coffee As I was leafing the pages of this book, I was doing the inhale exhale that my wife normally tells me to do whenever we are spending a weekend in a resort far from the polluted Manila Inhale exhale Chance to put fresh air into you [...]

    5. Out of Africa was first published in 1937, after the author s return to Denmark Shadows on the Grass consists of four essays The first three were written in the 1950s and the last, titled Echoes from the Hills , was written in the 60s They just add a few details about events and characters mentioned in the original book.The movie Out of Africa, starring Robert Redford and Meryl Streep, was produced and directed by Sydney Pollack It was based not only on Blixen s Out of Africa, but also Judith [...]

    6. I start with the famous paragraph If I know a song of Africa, of the giraffe and the African new moon lying on her back, of the plows in the fields and the sweaty faces of the coffee pickers, does Africa know a song of me Will the air over the plain quiver with a color that I have had on, or the children invent a game in which my name is, or the full moon throw a shadow over the gravel of the drive that was like me, or will the eagles of the Ngong Hills look out for me I almost gasped when I rea [...]

    7. I cried four times while reading this book For the beauty of the writing fireflies , the sentiment the zoo animals, lulu and for gratitude that this woman existed and wrote these words down It s my favorite type of writing descriptive and evocative She is able to make me feel like I am there with her I think she noticed and felt so much that she had to be a writer I also admire her and how she lived her life This was a strong woman who seemed to keep a sense of innocence that allowed her to feel [...]

    8. Between the river in the mellow English landscape and the African mountain ridge, ran the path of this life The bowstring was released on the bridge at Eton, the arrow described its orbit, and hit the obelisk in the Ngong Hills Karen Blixen, Out of Africa This is a group read I participated in, and I am certain that I will not be able to do it enough honor with my review in attempting to convey this rich, lyrical and beautiful memoir of Karen Blixen s years she spent running a coffee plantation [...]

    9. This was a beautiful book I began reading it three years ago and set it aside in favor of lighter literature, but I resumed it this winter and found that the rich, unhurried prose soothed my spirits and carried me away Reminiscent of Richard Llewllyn s How Green Was My Valley , O.O.A is a work of love, a sensitive soul s lyrical tribute to a beloved landscape The passages are often long and I found I needed stamina than I m used to in order to keep up with Dinesen s meandering s of mind and mem [...]

    10. This is the volume to read because Out of Africa was written in 1937 about Dinesen s time running her coffee plantation from 1913 to 1931 But Shadows in the Grass tells lots of small tales about the same characters in her life and was written decades later in 1960 with small tales of cross cultural experience and some stories of what happened to people that she knew in Kenya.Unlike her gothic and aristocratic style of fiction, these are down to earth and like Hemingway in their crisp style Many [...]

    11. Short of booking passage to Nairobi, reading this 1937 memoir of Danish author Karen Blixen using the pen name Isak Dinesen who arrived in East Africa in 1914 with her husband in a bid to grow coffee beans, is the next best thing It might be even be instructive than visiting Africa as a tourist, as Blixen s vivid and sensual writing makes you feel as if you ve lived there.The Blixens separated in 1921 and it s revealing that the author never mentions her ex husband or touches on her personal li [...]

    12. Having not seen the movie or read the book, but remembering hearing about the movie that Out of Africa is one of the greatest love stories ever told I went into the reading thinking just that I was already picturing Meryl Streep and Robert Redford because of the popularity of the movie though my movie tie in copy of the book probably did not help.It took me 70 pages to realize that there is no specific story here, that the book is Isak Dinesen s pseudonym for Baroness Karen Blixen memoirs of the [...]

    13. Karen Blixen Isak Dinesen wrote this collection of memories from her time owning and operating a coffee farm in the Ngong Hills If you re reading this expecting to see the script from Out of Africa, you ll be sorely disappointed That was my initial expectation but I stuck with the book and as a result, feel like I have a much richer and detailed picture of life in Kenya in the early 20th century.Some readers have objected to Blixen s language and description of Kenyans and various tribal people [...]

    14. The things I learned from reading this book a spelling on how to say hello male and female in Maa Kimaasai, Maasai language and also putting to words the feeling I had seeing the beauty of the Maasai women with their shaved heads As Blixen put it it was so overwhelmingly feminine that having hair seems brutish I was just 10 days in Olorgesailie in a mainly Maasai area, when I finished a book I gave it to the younger girls to keep so they could read and practice their English I did not give them [...]

    15. A reread, and difficult to rate Karen Blixen is a marvellous writer who led an interesting life, and this memoir contains absolutely beautiful imagery of Kenya However, her viewpoint as the aristocratic landowner surrounded by Natives is hard to take She may have been pro native , well meaning and open minded for her times , but she was still part of an inherently racist colonialism, and approached the Kenyans as children she was obligated to care for That she felt great affection for her servan [...]

    16. If I know a song of Africa of the Giraffe, and the African new moon lying on her back, of the ploughs in the fields, and the sweaty faces of the coffee pickers, does Africa know a song of me Would the air over the plain quiver with a colour that I had had on, or the children invent a game in which my name was, or the full moon throw a shadow over the gravel of the drive that was like me, or would the eagles of Ngong look out for me Out of Africa The news of Farah s death to me was hard to take [...]

    17. What a masterpiece Out of Africa uses poetry for what is essentially a memoir, tells gently of human tragedies large and small, and records a lovely time that seems even to the author to be magical and impossible, yet it is nonfiction.Isak Dinesen wrote in her second language English, just as Josseph Conrad did She used an assumed name, and even in life in her vanity she went by Baroness Blixen, even though her marriage to the holder of that name was broken and his own claim to the title Baron w [...]

    18. As many have, I began this book with the movie in mind I had seen it a number of years ago and didn t remember much of it, but that the wonderful Meryl Streep and Robert Redford had roles in a movie of Africa Still, I read the book as one looking for a narrative Forgive me, all, but I do not usually enjoy reading memoirs in which everyone must pretend that they ve lived a life any spectacular than those that others have lived Her descriptions were lovely, yes I felt that I was in Africa But she [...]

    19. I really hated the first 3 4 of this book I didn t like the anecdotal style of writing I didn t like that there was no chronological order It read very much like an unpracticed storyteller, this one thing happened, i m going to talk about it for 20 pages but wait, this thing happened before that, and i ll talk about that i guess i m going to skip ahead 5 years and tell you this other story, and then go back to the beginning to share a different story I really disliked that I hated the narrator R [...]

    20. I picked this book up after a few years of looking at it on my book shelf, and I had a hard time putting it down The memoir is organized non chronologically in a series of stories you can imagine the author telling guests over tea or a glass of wine later in life The author s tone is at times uncomfortably elitist arrogant, although I assume you need a very healthy amount of confidence to live the way she did in Africa Learning her views on race and class in colonial Africa is one of the most in [...]

    21. Apesar da p ssima tradu o um excelente exemplar daquilo que s o Narrativas de Viagens Karen Blixen consegue atrav s das suas descri es detalhadas transportar nos para frica em meados do s culo XX Apesar de extenso e bastante descritivo um livro leve e de leitura corrida Somos levados numa viagem at uma frica simples e complexa Uma viagem sensorial e quente onde a vida, a morte, o destino, a dor e a magia interligam se profundamente.N o posso afirmar que este livro deixou marcas vis veis em mim, [...]

    22. After visiting Karen Blixen s home in Kenya, I decided that I had to read this book, even though I did not like the movie that much I don t even know how they got a movie out of this book I might have liked it better if I had not read Circling the Sun so recently, but I did and this book pales in comparison It just didn t do it for me.

    23. I reread this after having visited the site of Karen Blixen s farm near Nairobi The writing is evocative and absolutely gorgeous, but there s a current of colonial era era racism that you can t ignore.

    24. But the trouble is not as you think now, that we have put up obstacles too high for you to jump, and how could we possibly do that, you great leaper

    25. This is the most glorious, beautifully written book I am reading very slowly to savor it and copying lots of quotations This is a book to keep forever and read often.

    26. I only read Out of Africa, but I loved it The way the author depicts the culture and traditions and lifestyle of these people living in Kenya is beautiful I found it so unique I felt like I was being immersed in a whole new world It is a way better way of learning about other places than reading a textbook Her writing style was gorgeous There were so many lessons to take from this Some things that I wish I could be a like with these people It is a slow read, but really really interesting.

    27. I had seen the movie adaptation of this book and loved it for the landscape It s a poor advertisement for the book The landscape is still there, but the story is almost completely different While the movie is very overtly a love story between a man and a woman and a pretty good one the book is a love story between a woman and a continent The man who is her lover in the movie appears in the book, but she never explicitly states that he is her lover, and she certainly never discusses the details o [...]

    28. This was an old favorite from my teenage and young adult years I picked it up again, 20 some odd years later, and was so pleased to find that it has rightfully maintained its place on my favorites list Karen Blixen s prose is lovely and haunting Through stories, she captures snapshots of people, a time around 1915 1930 , and a place Kenya during the time of British colonial rule that have long since disappeared Although Karen Blixen was certainly a product of her time and subject to contemporary [...]

    29. I was familiar with the movie, it being a favorite of my family s when I was growing up, but I enjoyed the book far In the movie, the love story with Denys drives the plot In the book, Denys makes appearances in her stories, but nothing of the Baroness personal relationships is revealed We can only tell that Denys is important because he continually returns in her narrative But he seems as or even less important than Farah, the lions, or the children of the tribe Memorable scenes from the movie [...]

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