Polly! (2020)

Polly Blasphemous highly offensive and VERY funny Herodotus Shapiro has had an unbelievably bad week His wife left him The IRS is after him for thousands of dollars His home bookstore burned down On his way
  • Title: Polly!
  • Author: Stephen Goldin
  • ISBN: 9781456336394
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
  • Blasphemous highly offensive and VERY funny Herodotus Shapiro has had an unbelievably bad week His wife left him The IRS is after him for thousands of dollars His home bookstore burned down On his way to take refuge at his brother s place, he got a speeding ticket And now his car has broken down in the middle of the desert in front of a large mansion What Blasphemous highly offensive and VERY funny Herodotus Shapiro has had an unbelievably bad week His wife left him The IRS is after him for thousands of dollars His home bookstore burned down On his way to take refuge at his brother s place, he got a speeding ticket And now his car has broken down in the middle of the desert in front of a large mansion What can go wrong But now his world takes a turn for the weird The mansion has a snowman on the front lawn in the desert, in July The house, which is bigger on the inside than on the outside, is owned by Polly, the most preternaturally beautiful young woman he s ever met Polly is an acrobat, a gourmet chef, a psychologist, an international financial consultant, a physicist, and a woman of who knows how many other incredible talents She has an unbelievable library, an art collection of all the world s great masterpieces, and a print of a previously unknown Marx Brothers film Her toilet paper is actually silk And she seems to have some mysterious plans for him.
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      152 Stephen Goldin
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    1. Cross posted from Frida Fantastic That s the way the universe works Not random at all The universe is passive aggressively hostile Polly she who may or may not be God Polly is a quirky contemporary fantasy with a hopeful message It follows Herodotus, a middle aged man down on his luck, as he undergoes a process of rediscovery upon meeting the enigmatic Polly The story is comparable to the Frank Capra film It s a Wonderful Life, but it speaks to non religious skeptics and has a weirdness that mak [...]

    2. This review can also be seen at topoftheheapreviewsAfter reading and reviewing Jade Darcy and the Affair of Honor I got the opportunity to review another of Stephen Goldin s books When perusing through his catalog I came across Polly There was just something about this cover It was the newer cover A beautiful twenty something girl looking directly at you with a look of compassion and love, with the whole world in her hand I didn t really care what the book was about, the cover just drew me in an [...]

    3. Holy Blasphemy A hilarious take on the Dude UpstairsI find organized religion to be deeply offensive to what I KNOW Polly, however, tickled my funnybone, with a deeply irreverent take on God not seen since Alanis Morrissette played god in the movie Dogma This story was like reading one of those funny, feel good stories you find in Guideposts magazine, only instead of scripture, this story is hilariously blasphemous to the teeny tiny confines organized religion has tried to place around so vast a [...]

    4. Fast moving, well written, tongue in cheek dramatic comedy which was so representative of real life in some aspects, it felt like coming home You could well understand the main character s feelings, and though written in first person, the sole perspective is varied enough that it never seems one dimensional I found the story laugh out loud surprising at times, a witty, intelligent what if It s irreverent and thought provoking with characters asking some of the same questions I did as an inquirin [...]

    5. The teaser sounded like fun, and when I started, I felt like I was reading an episode of the Twilight Zone which is not a bad thing to me.The problem came when the author started making jokes about God I don t like that I ignored the first one, and even the second, but then it just continued on There were several quite blasphemous jokes about God and Jesus Christ that I found highly offensive I ended up deleting the ebook without even finishing it because it offended me so badly.I would not reco [...]

    6. This is a quick and very entertaining read I laughed all the way through.Some may say the story is blasphemous Not me I loved the message of what is the enemy of the universe and what agents of Polly can do in response Balance.If I could rate it 6 stars I would

    7. May be shocking and offensive and maybe funny to people who are new to these ideas, but pretty standard stuff for a veteran in the field of free thought.

    8. This story was extremely odd, but that s why I loved it You never knew what Polly was going to come up with next and poor Herodotus was dragged around for all her antics I especially loved Polly s explanation on the universe To me it seems like the best answer that I ve ever heard anyone ever explain it I ve listened to Joe narrate before and he did as great of a job as ever on this story and helped make it even funnier.

    9. This was an interesting and funny book.Joe Hempel narrates nicely.A man is having a terrible week.His girlfriend leaves him and his car breaks down ,oddly, in front of the only house for miles.He walks in on what at first looks like a party.Weirdness ensues.I was provided this book free by the author, narrator or publisher.

    10. Rod could be the topic of a sappy country music song His wife just left, his business and home burned down, and his car broke down in the desert Lucky for him, he broke down in front of Polly s mansion Polly is everything anyone could aspire to She is an expert in just about everything and an outstanding acrobat, too She is also wildly beautiful I received a free audiobook copy of this story and I was amazed at the number of philosophical notions I ve pondered that are addressed in Polly Anyone [...]

    11. PollyBy Stephen GoldinPublished by Parsina PresseBook ISBN 13 9781452469591 Kindle ASIN B004HZYGPO, 4.99Paperback ISBN 13 9781456336394Polly was a highly unusual read After his wife leaves him, Herodotus finds himself in trouble with the IRS over past due taxes, as if all this isn t bad enough his bookstore above which he lives catches fire in the middle of the night Rod, as Herodotus is known, escapes with his life but little else Beaten down he decides to head for his brother s ranch in Nevada [...]

    12. A short and sweet story about an everyman down on his luck who encounters a magic girl who lives in a house that is bigger on the inside And she teaches him some lessons about life, the universe and everything Reading Polly s lines in the earlier parts of the book I was hearing in my head someone like Katharine Hepburn in Bringing up Baby She certainly talked like someone from a movie of that era Or could Polly be like Jenna Louise Coleman playing the ancient and mercurial Doctor instead of a co [...]

    13. A diverting comic story which entertains for the majority of the time I am not too sure what the fuss about religious jokes is all about The story pokes mild fun at the obvious inconsistency of the old testament and the notion of a benevolent God but I have read irreverent tales.In short this is a good light read which will make you smile but will not fundamentally challenge your world view I don t think that was the point in any case If this book offends your religious views then you need to l [...]

    14. This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of Audiobook B last Polly makes you wonder, who is she Is she real, an alien , an angel, the devil ore Almighty Rod wants to know the answers ,especially after the bad week he has had I didn t appreciated the jokes about God, but overlooking those there was a good deal of humor to make you laugh The narration was well done, the characters were well portrayed.

    15. Much funnier than The Shack, but with the same apparent basic idea that God is bigger than the restrictions that people and religions try to confine him with.Herodotus Shapiro is at the end of his tether and out of ideas when he comes into contact with Polly who does many things and leaves him with a whole new perspective on his life and the realization that he is not the only one with problems, nor is God a Fairy Godfather.Thanks to LibraryThing Giveaways for the opportunity to read this short [...]

    16. I thought this book was humorous, but it was definitely for the non religious, or at least someone who can accept the book with a grain of salt and enjoy it for its entertainment value It makes jokes about God, Jesus, the Bible, and I ll be honest, it did offend me, which is why I would not recommend this for Christians That aside, I think the book was well written, interesting, and funny I listened to the Audible audio version, and the narration by Joe Hempel good I really do like his narration [...]

    17. I found this short novella well written and engaging I thought the characters were simple but appropriate for the length of the story I liked the ideas explored and the vagueness I initially felt was quickly sorted by realising that was intentional There is nothing too complex going on and don t look to make this a deeply complicated read as you will be disappointed However if you are commuting or waiting in a room it is perfect.I would recommend this if you are between books

    18. Lets just say this book is a ride worth taking and the reader will relate to the main character vividly You will laugh and you will be intrigued Stephen takes you on a fantasy ride and throws in science fiction just because he can Love it

    19. Overall it was good Difficult to get through though Maybe if I had read it at another period it would have been better.

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