Slumber Party (2020)

Slumber Party Christopher Pike s thrilling SLUMBER PARTY in a fantastic new POINT package It was a perfect weekend for murder Lara thought the ski trip would be a blast The old gang was getting together for the fir
  • Title: Slumber Party
  • Author: Christopher Pike
  • ISBN: 9780590430142
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
  • Christopher Pike s thrilling SLUMBER PARTY in a fantastic new POINT package.It was a perfect weekend for murder.Lara thought the ski trip would be a blast The old gang was getting together for the first time in years But then there s a very unexpected visitor.
    • UNLIMITED BOOK ✓ Slumber Party - by Christopher Pike
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    1. Six teenage girls that haven t seen each other for eight years reunite for a ski weekend eight years after a fire at a previous slumber party they were all at disfigured one of the girls and killed the girl s sister Then strange things start to happena girl goes missing, new fire related accidents begin to occur Could this be some sort of revenge over something that happened many years ago This was an absorbing, fast paced, short read for teens and young adults The cast of characters was interes [...]

    2. Okay I will first of all say that this is outside my usual reading circle and comfort zone so I beg a certain amount of generosity when drawing your own conclusions.You see it is know amongst my friends and colleagues that not only do I read a lot they have no idea honestly but I also support reading groups and charities who are always on the lookout for books and as a result I get a lot of donations I was given a large stack of Christopher Pike books in one such donation Now its a standing joke [...]

    3. This is a cut paste from my Nest post yesterday I picked this book up yesterday and I can only describe it as awesomely bad.I ve reread several of my favorite old Christopher Pike books over the last year and most of them were still entertaining and suspenseful, but this one, not so much If you don t remember the plot, basically Lara and her other high school friends head up to a friend s cabin for a ski weekend slumber party combo The cast of characters includes Dana, the buttaface with a nice [...]

    4. Nice nostalgic read that was a bit darker than I would ve guessed going into it Nice twist at the end and an overall engrossing young adult novel.

    5. So I think I ve decided that thrillers set before cell phones and Internet research work well It s a lot easier to accept that someone going missing might just be them out on a walk if they can t be reached by text message As this book was written in 1986, it makes sense that when, say, one member of the group disappears, it s totally reasonable that she s just gone somewhere else Or when someone seems suspicious, it makes sense to just feel things out, because you can t exactly Google them to s [...]

    6. OK I read this book many many years ago, back when I was devouring books like these at a rate of three or so a week By the second page, the experience came back to me all at once, I remembered the twist ending, and most of the details I don t remember liking this one back then, and I certainly don t love it now, but it s got serious nostalgia factor.Some of the characters in this book are so thin that you keep forgetting what the hell they ve been up to Mindy You unnecessary fringe character, yo [...]

    7. This was a reread of my most favorite Christopher Pike book from back in the day I routinely give 5 stars to all the books I adored from my younger years, and this one is no exception I seem to remember that a lot of Christopher Pike books were a little too supernatural for my taste, and I was actually a bigger fan of RL Stine in middle high school There was nothing off the wall weird in Slumber Party, though, and I really loved the snowy ski resort setting Regardless of whether it is actually w [...]

    8. It s been about 20 years since I ve read this, but a Christopher Pike novel was important than the air I breathed when I was a teenager Rereading before it ends up either in the bin or a second hand bookstore UPDATE I ve just spent the past two hours rereading this and have revised my 5 star rating to one star Sometimes these things are better off living on solely in one s memory Sheesh What a god awful book

    9. Finally A young adult horror book from the 80s in which something actually happens True, most of the dialogue in this book was painfully stilted, the love story was beyond cheesy, and the surprise twist ending was pretty obvious from about the second chapter although I do admit that the red herrings did give me fleeting feelings of doubt But the denouement was super dramatic, and made for a GREAT reenactment at book club What could you want

    10. I was obsessed with this book s font It was wonderfully 80s y and round They don t do fonts like that any Now everything is crisp and angled Sigh That s about all I remember from this one, except for the useful tip that when you need to shoot off a flare gun but your hands are stiff from cold, peeing on them works The you know

    11. Reread for nostalgia purposes and it was as terrible as expected But the thing was, it s not just badly written in the way I expected, it s also badly written as in put together by someone with no grasp of grammar, punctuation, or the English language at all Ow Sometimes I should leave nostalgia in the past.

    12. although most of christopher pike s books require a suspension of disbelief, this one was just a little too much for me there was so much that i found wrong with slumber party the twist was something i saw from the very beginning but honestly it was just so unbelievable i mean how could view spoiler all of the girls not recognize nicole yes she got badly burned as a child but not on her face, and also even though a few years went byi don t believe that the girls wouldn t have recognized the face [...]

    13. Six teenage girls reunite after a terrible childhood accident with a weekend at a remote ski cabin And just for kicks, they invite a 22 year old high school drop out drifter and his dishonorably discharged ex military roommate over for a party What could possibly go wrong

    14. SLUMBER PARTY wasn t the typical Pike I know It was much standard teen horror fare without any of his deeper insinuations It still rang different than the Fear Street books, a bit robust than those other ones and still vaguely Pike, but this book is where the trend started and even here I think it stands out against the rest.Now I m not sure what anyone else was doing in fourth grade but I certainly wasn t drinking or all that into boys at that time This groups of girls was and it just didn t [...]

    15. Just as good the second time.I love reading a book I read in high school over again I especially love reading Christopher Pike and what s really cool is that it seems this book unlike the Final Friends series has stood the test of time.I remembered Slumber Party as soon as I started reading it I remembered the hot older boy skiers, the jealous friend, the melted clues, the culprit and this rather steamy, for an 11 year old I ll talk about it during one of my 30 day challenges coming up kiss I d [...]

    16. Slumber Party was the very first Pike book I ever read It was so good that I immediately had to hunt down his other books In retrospect, I m betting my mother probably regrets picking this one out for me.Despite being than 20 years old, the book holds up well with some stilted dialog being the only thing that bugs me I m still a sucker for the backstory and the way it colors Lara s perceptions of her friends and their ill fated ski trip Plus, I ve never quite managed to get the mental image of [...]

    17. i read to die for, which had this and another story in it was alright Not my favourite Pike book.I think i was expecting disappearances, deaths, and just a little horrorn t get me wrong, it was still a good book.

    18. bellissimo racconto in cui quattro amiche si ritrovano e decidono di andare in montagna a sciare insieme.ccato che vecchi rancori e scheletri nell armadio porteranno le ragazze a un epilogo pericolosoPike come sempre scrive i migliori thriller per ragazzi

    19. I decided to read this book because of a new podcast that I am currently listening too called Teen Creeps Basically they read these teen novels and then talk about them I read similar books when I was younger so I decided to get that nostalgic feel and read them too It wasn t bad but it also wasn t great either I d give this 2.5 stars Not bad for a quick read if you are waiting Only took me 2 hours to get through with a couple breaks throughout.

    20. I loved Christopher Pike s books when I was younger and was curious if adult me would still enjoy.This was all kinds of 80s horror fun however my adult self found the most horrific aspect of this book was how awful the girls who were supposed to be friends were to each other, and also where the heck were their parents all the time

    21. This is a very good book to read if you get bored, it s a mystery and horror book I wouldn t say it s scary but I wouldn t recommend reading late at night It s very suspenseful book After reading this book i will never use an ouiji broad again I suggest that everyone one reads this book when there in need for a little scare

    22. Having read all 62 original Goosebumps books and one Fear Street book, I could say I overall enjoy the writing of R.L Stine Then I heard about another YA author by the name of Christopher Pike and decided to try his books out too Bought three of them, currently waiting for the other two, and just finished this book Unfortunately, this first foray into Pike s books did not go as I d like.The main problem with this book is that we spent so much time with main character Lara and not enough with oth [...]

    23. 3.5 stars.Senza dubbio quella di Slumber Party una storia piacevole e veloce da leggere Non per un libro che pu venire annoverato tra quelli che cambiano la vita o essere considerato un magistrale pezzo di arte narrativa.Il periodare di Christopher Pike molto affascinante, ma la vicenda raccontata in modo sbrigativo Non delude, comunque un racconto, questo, che non da essere letto per obbligo morale, ma nemmeno si rivela una perdita di tempo.Alcuni hanno affiancato questo libro alla serie Pretty [...]

    24. Six teenage girls in a luxurious winter vacation home experience a series of bizarre and violent incidents during a blizzard that makes communication and travel difficult Old secrets weigh heavily on the group Lara has explained to newcomer Celeste that Nell s facial scars were caused by a tragic fire during the group s last slumber party, but she is unable to talk about the death that also occurred What it all leads back to is a fiery slumber party eight years ago when one of them was disfigure [...]

    25. I have nearly all of christopher pikes in my stock and I want to reread them all So, let s start with his very first horror novel How does it hold Well, I like the mystery aspect There s supernatural afoot to throw off the readers, which includes me that it makes you wonder if there really is supernatural and does make the plot a little interesting Sometimes Christopher pike s writing can be descriptive enough that reading some of his proses makes it pleasant or gruesome to make me wince The twi [...]

    26. Six friends head up a mountain, with a snow storm pending, for a weekend of skiing For a short book there were a lot of characters to keep track of, not only the six high school girls, but two boys and the colonel Lara is the main narrator Nell is the disfigured one Years ago, the girls had a similar sleep over weekend, Nell was burned and her sister Nicole died This failed to capture my interest so skimmed though most of it The characters were shallow and silly, even when they are scared for th [...]

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