Buddha (2020)

Buddha Buddha is the ultimate example of Tezuka s storytelling genius and artistic mastery The progenitor of manga as we know it and the inspiration for countless artists Tezuka continues to elicit he deep
  • Title: Buddha
  • Author: Osamu Tezuka
  • ISBN: 9780007224579
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
  • Buddha is the ultimate example of Tezuka s storytelling genius and artistic mastery The progenitor of manga as we know it, and the inspiration for countless artists, Tezuka continues to elicit he deepest awe with his sweeping grasp of the human condition.
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      117 Osamu Tezuka
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    1. I get mocked Often Maybe I should be offended by it, but generally I m not I understand that well over half my religious beliefs and convictions defy logic Sometimes, when I m thinking rationally, I can t believe half the beliefs that I believe which isn t to say I don t believe them.That s the problem with religion and supernatural it s not rational And that s the problem with people they re always equating rational with good and irrational with bad, but that s not always the case Point Stalin [...]

    2. Da hilft auch kein Botox mehrDer Sprung, den Buddha in diesem Band macht, ist erstaunlich als ob er von heute auf morgen 30 Kilo zugenommen und 30 Jahre gealtert w re Vielleicht ist es das gem tliche Leben, das er sich mit seinen hunderten von Sch lern angew hnt hat Letztlich, wie es einem Erleuchteten auch geh rt, erkennt er aber, dass es nicht damit getan ist, immer den gleichen Sch lern zu predigen, sondern dass es noch soviele Menschen gibt, die er besuchen muss Und was w re besser geeignet, [...]

    3. This volume is once again treading on familiar ground how religious practices and precepts are twisted by those interested in amassing power It started out simple enough Individual men monks, commoners, princes, being moved by Buddha s teachings and devoting themselves to follow him Then, as powerful, teaching monks joined him, their followers joined him as well Until there are thousands Now that it s no longer a handful of followers, sitting at Buddha s side on a hill somewhere, there is a hun [...]

    4. Buku ke 7.Angkanya menunjukkan satu hal serial ini segera tamat mendadak sedih dan depresi T__T halah Di buku ini ada banyak kejadian penting Mungkin ini juga sebabnya buku ini menjadi salah satu yang paling tebal dari seluruh buku di serial.Kisah dibuka dengan kembalinya Buddha ke ibukota Magadha yang secara otomatis menggenapi janji Buddha kepada Raja Bimbisara.Bimbisara kemudian memutuskan untuk memenuhi janjinya juga, yakni memberikan sebidang tanah luas di Wenuwana untuk membangun wihara ba [...]

    5. Sometime in the early 90s I picked up the Japanese series in bunkobon small format paperback has only one of those registered, so I m listing the English versions instead I recently found the set stashed away in some boxes, so I decided to read through it again Tezuka playfully inserts anachronisms from lots of periods, but especially modern times And he uses comically ridiculous depictions throughout It works for me But if you re looking for straight up historical fiction in manga form, this is [...]

    6. Eventhough the title is Prince Ajatasattu, but this instalment carries the story of all princes, Ajatasattu, Crystal and of course Prince Siddartha, Buddha himself.Between Ajatasattu and Crystal Prince, I don t know who s the one has the sadder story The one who lived with a father that fears him, affraid that someday he might be killed by his own son, or the one who had to lived everyday knowing he had sent his mother to death But my heart moved by both of them I just wonder, if they are the ru [...]

    7. Buku Ke 7, Ceritanya memang lebih banyak pada konflik murid dan calon murid Budha, bahkan Budha sendiri dalam memaknai pencerahannyaapa yang dilakukan terhadap dunia yang memang lagi pada saat yang menderita dan banyak orang yangperlu diselamatkan atau bahasa bukunya Dicerahkan Termasuk proses Budha saat kembali ke tempat asalnya, Kapilawastu bertemu dengan orangtua, istri dan Rahula, anaknya.Apa yang akan terjadi di buku 8 yak Setelah Pangeran Kristal dan Tentara Kosala kembali ke Kosala dan me [...]

    8. es war abzusehen, dass gegen ende noch die gr eren herausforderungen antanzen, und der swarovskyprinz ist ne harte nummer auch die machtspielchen in der beginnenden weltreligionssektenorganisation sind sch n dargestellt das finale wird sicher noch einmal alles toppen.

    9. In Volume 7, Prince Ajasattu, Osamu Tezuka regains the spiritual narrative and the dramatic tension that makes his Buddha novels than worth the read The anachronisms are too deliberate and the aggravating for it, but they can be shrugged off as part of his style The story line is moving to some kind of dramatic and this volume does a good job building to the ending Artwork continues to range from cartoonish to beautiful Content is family friendly even if casual nudity is on regular display.Vol [...]

    10. This book made me frustrated at everybody King Bimbisara is unreasonably obsessed with a prophecy and reacts in the worst ways possible Buddha offers him really no real consolation Prince Ajatasattu reacts also in the worst way possible and tries to pin the blame on the only person that he can allow himself to hate Wasn t Buddha supposed to be Enlightened Wasn t he supposed to be a doctor for people s souls These characters do get somewhat salvaged in the next book, but boy, is there a feeling o [...]

    11. In this book Buddha has many disciples and at one point he goes on a long trip with one of them Some story lines are still open and some get resolved Kind of a transition book to the last book in the set Nice graphics.

    12. The final two chapters in this volume were among the best drawn and most powerful in the series thus far I can t believe I have only one volume left, I never want it to end But I m sure Buddha himself would have something to say about that.

    13. Assaji meramalkan Raja Bimbimsara akan mati pada usia 40 tahun oleh anaknya sendiri, Ajatasattu Ramalan ini membuat Raja Bimbimsara takut Ia berniat membunuh anak kandungnya Ia memenjarakan anaknya supaya ia tidak terbunuh, ia menemukan alasan untuk memenjarakan anaknya karena anaknya memanah Siddartha Ajatasattu kesal pada Sidharta, ia beranggapan Sidharta meracuni pikiran ayahnya Dia heran kenapa bisa ia membunuh ayahnya sendiri dia menganggap ramalan itu mustahil Ramalan itu malah membuat aya [...]

    14. The second to last volume of this massive graphic novel is another fine installment While Vol 7 does not equal the tremendous emotional power of Vol 4, Vol 7 does come pretty close to equalling the intensity of emotion found at the novel s midpoint Vol 7 also matches Vol 6 for intriguing religious philosophic points More than any other volume, Vol 7, Prince Ajatasattu, is a triumph of narrative All the many threads and characters are coming together, and we are hurtling toward the climax of the [...]

    15. Magellan Wherever he goes, he ll rely on your support.Ananda My support He d put faith in an ex con like me M Yes You ll be right by his side when he breathes his last.A When he breathes his last But he s living to a ripe old age, right M Well, he s only human, you know He ll liveM eighty or so.M But his teachings will never die Over the course of 2,000 years, his teachings will spread across the world His truths will save billions of people.A 2,000 years And after that M I can t see quite that [...]

    16. Things come to a head in this interesting volume Bimbisara whom Buddha had met early in his travels still frets over the prophecy of his son killing him Prince ajatasattu is convinced that Buddhas the reason for his fathers unhappiness and chooses to kill him His plan fails and he is imprisoned The cruel caste system interferes again and he loses than he bargained for Buddha sees the shakyas suffering and endures the biggest trail of all The story lines are so beautifully connected with irrever [...]

    17. By this point in the story, Buddhism has become a full fledged sect, and with the numerous new followers come many dissenters, some of whom threaten not only to split apart Buddha s disciples, but to also kill Buddha and put an end to his preaching altogether Buddha and his most trusted allies grapple with how to preserve Buddha s teachings after he has passed and extra stress is put on the group when Buddha must leave the bulk of his disciples in order to fulfill an old promise, and to reunite [...]

    18. I hope I don t have to add a shelf for books I have to read because Library Services says they re naughty For one thing, that s really long For another, I don t like somebody at the central offices telling me what I can have in my library.The problem here appears to be naked cartoon boobs Admittedly lot of naked cartoon boobs, but I still think you could hand a crayon to any boy in elementary school and ask him to draw a naked woman and end up with something like this A couple of curves, maybe s [...]

    19. I m glad to say that Tezuka is back in great form in the seventh volume of his Buddha epic Not that his artwork ever fell off in the course of the saga, but the plot here is picking up steam after the last couple of volumes Devadatta s campaign to replace Buddha entirely is moving along, and Buddha returns to his homeland to find it utterly devastated so clearly you can reach Nirvana but that doesn t mean that you re not going to still have to deal with all sorts of problems All that, along with [...]

    20. If there is one thing that can be said about this series, it is a great story It may not be one hundred percent accurate to Buddha s real life, but it is as entertaining as it is enriching In this story, Buddha is fully embodied as a man with flaws a lot of the nourishment comes from the feeling of journeying with Buddha himself through his many trials and epiphanies Tezuka s stylish aesthetic is on full display here, weaving between comedy, compassion, and heartbreak in his breathtaking depicti [...]

    21. terlalu banyak orang yang terhubung satu dengan yang lain memang tercipta na manusia mempengaruhi nasib atau kisah hidup orang lain, walaupun tidak berkaitan langsung tanpa sadar kita saling mempengaruhi satu sama lain untuk kali ini, buddha sudah mencapai pencerahan yang sebenar na, mulai berkotbah, menyebarkan ajaran na dan menarik pengikut ntah kenapa lebih menarik mengikuti kisah pencarian na akan pertanyaan yang mengganggu na sampai memperoleh pencerahan daripada kisah na memperoleh pengiku [...]

    22. It s surprising that, after a couple thousand pages of the fictional nonfictional story of the Buddha, that I m still finding surprising aspects of Tezuka s storytelling technique As the subject matter becomes serious Buddha s face ages here, going from Astro Boy as Monk look to something like the current concept of the Buddha Tezuka still manages to explore his medium, even drawing himself into the strip at one point when a rival monk casts doubt on the existence of anything, even this comic. [...]

    23. I was able to finish up this book despite heavy work at office King Bimbisara is destined to die in the hands of his very own son Ajatashatru at the age of 41 Ajatashatru shows no sign of hatred towards his father until Buddha enters his palace Ajathasathry doesn t like the Idea of his father an emperor bowing down in front of a Samanna so he tries to kill him and Budhha manages to survive from the brink of death graphics are awesome just like the other books hopefully I ll finish up the final a [...]

    24. a person s life changes, like a cloud No life is uniformly happy or unhappy over its course Buddha page 349 Chapter Six A Battle of Wills Buddha as told by Osamu Tezuka is an epic in every sense of the word, much like any religious text story or opera we follow an intriguing range of characters, life and death, trials and passions, achievements and defeats The artowrk is amazing from simple cartoon to Hokusai style landscapes What surprises me is just how emotional it can be I found myself very [...]

    25. This is Osama Tezuka s homage to the life of buddha He is irrerent and dazzling From some works he is the cartoonist in jaunty berret through to the masterful landscapes of upper india 600 years BCE His works also carries the pathos, humour and strength of on e of those people whose thoughts and sermons have delivered a world value system.i don t know how long Osama labored over this work His work is still relevant and a interesting way to understand about buddha and his life When finished try [...]

    26. I am nearing the end of my journey with Tezuka s 8 volume epic, and I have enjoyed every minute I am not necessarily the biggest fan of the drawing style itself, but the plots are multiple, ambitious and deftly executed I appreciate the moments of off the wall goofiness, of which there are surprisingly many The Buddha has just rescued the Sakya tribe from slavery, and the Kosalan army is in retreat An ominous cloud hangs over the end of volume 7

    27. This is probably the happiest of all the volumes so far With Buddha getting on in years, he begins to travel his countryside and bring as much good will as possible to the humans of his land This is one of the aspects of Buddhism that I appreciate the most and should follow While I enjoyed the earlier volumes of this manga for their plot, I am enjoying the latter volumes such as this one for the themes that they instill.

    28. Closing on the end of Buddha s life and of a great manga series It s amusing, well done, and interesting history That said, it s only history the books don t delve far into the content of Buddha s teaching, and I feel that gap It s probably for the best I m not sure whether adding deeper explication of the eight fold path would have improved the manga but it s still noticeable.

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