Hornet Flight (2020)

Hornet Flight Ken Follett follows his bestsellers Jackdaws and Code to Zero with an extraordinary novel of early days of World War IIIt is June and the war is not going well for England Across the North Sea e
  • Title: Hornet Flight
  • Author: Ken Follett
  • ISBN: 9780451210746
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Ken Follett follows his bestsellers Jackdaws and Code to Zero with an extraordinary novel of early days of World War IIIt is June 1941 and the war is not going well for England Across the North Sea, eighteen year old Harald Olufsen takes a shortcut on the German occupied Danish island of Sande an discovers an astonishing sight that will change the momentum of the war.Ken Follett follows his bestsellers Jackdaws and Code to Zero with an extraordinary novel of early days of World War IIIt is June 1941 and the war is not going well for England Across the North Sea, eighteen year old Harald Olufsen takes a shortcut on the German occupied Danish island of Sande an discovers an astonishing sight that will change the momentum of the war He must get word to England except that he has no way to get there He has only an old derelict Hornet Moth biplane rusting away in a ruined church a plane so decrepit that it is unlikely ever to get off the groundeven if Harald knew how to fly it.
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    1. I start by giving this a 3.5 rating Not the best of work by Follett, but at the same time the man knows how to write an interesting WW2 spy thriller This book is set in Denmark and we follow the Danish resistance as it attempts to help the RAF figure out how the Germans knew where all their planes were flying, and how most every RAF bombing run ended up with about a 50% death rate I think it is important to realize that this was the last of Folletts WW2 Spy novels, and you can see that by the wa [...]

    2. no deep, understandable characters you hardly realised how serious the situation in Denmark was back when the Nazis occupied the Country everybody was freakishly lucky in the endI read this for book club at university None of the clubbers loved it unfortunately.

    3. I ve read only one other book by Ken Follett It was Pillars of the Earth and I really enjoyed reading that one I had high expectations for this and I have to say that I wasn t disappointed It was my first spy novel, so I don t have much to compare it to Honestly, it was gripping and well written The thing I like most about it, was the fact that Follett really does a great job with leaving out the details that your imagination can fill in Where other authors might tell you all the details of Tomm [...]

    4. I can t understand why Follett named this thriller Hornet Flight Already from one third through the book we know it is going to end with a flight by the Hornet Moth and from half way through we know who will be flying It would have been so much better if he had given it a neutral title which most of his other books have The Nazi iron cross on the cover begs the question why German Nazis play a minor role in the story and no German will be awarded the cross for valour as a result of events so its [...]

    5. I ve been on a Ken Follett kick lately He writes characters that I like, despite occasionally showing their stock character seams This story was especially good Danish folks getting involved in the Resistance against Nazis, and the Danish police who are torn between doing their duty for their new bosses in funny pants or shirking responsibility I had put off reading this because I have a hard time, in war stories, reading page upon page of descriptive on planes, trucks, guns, and the trappings o [...]

    6. I m a great fan of Ken Follet but in general, I don t like reading books set in twentieth century wars don t ask me why D But still this, I decided to read Hornet Plane because I m a great fan of Ken Follet writing l I have to say that the book was a great discovery for me It s one of those books that the pages seem to turn on their own I recommend it to fans of thrillers, spies, and course of novels set in the Second World War.Spanish version Soy fan de los libros de Ken Follet pero en general [...]

    7. The book had a library sticker on the spine that said Adventure It really was an adventure masquerading as a WWII thriller set mostly in occupied Denmark It focused on Danish efforts to share critical but nerdy German military secrets with the British.d of course the sadistic, collaborator police detective nemesis There is a bit technical information than I like, but it was entertainingly told so I have temporary mental custody of Hornet Moth flight control terms and radar detection methods Exc [...]

    8. It was a great book about the resistance in Denmark It also talked about Sweden s clandestine help in the WW11 My Father s cousin told me how they helped people go across to Norway They were in Arvika Varmland Near the border to Norway I have visited many of the locations which were in the book, also making it special Do read if you like Spy Stories about The 2nd WW

    9. Hornet Flight is a fast paced WWII thriller that centers on the adventures of Harald Olufson, an industrious, self sacrificing Danish youth of eighteen, a classic Scandinavian blond with an ingrained love of tinkering with engines and getting things to work It is this particular characteristic that drives the story forward Harald is about to undertake a serious mission for the Allies that will have serious repercussions for the war effort Harald must deliver sensitive photos of an ultra secret G [...]

    10. This is a book that takes place in occupied Denmark during World War 2 in 1941 and involves a German radar station and a network of spies trying to get the warning to the British.The British are losing a high percentage of bombers, and it s almost as though the Germans know where they re going to be It is thought that the Germans progress on developing radar can t be the explanation, but a young Dane discovers otherwise Getting the info into Allied hands proves to be dicey, because the young man [...]

    11. This is another classic Ken Follet, a suspenseful historical fiction The book was excellent and worth the read, however, it is not an analysis I want to share.There were a few moments of humor This was for me, my favorite quote, between a classy English lady Hermia seperated by war from her fiance and her would be suitor But you know I have to get in touch with my fiance He is the only person I can trust to help us Yes And I ll probably see him all the sooner in consequence That suits me fine I [...]

    12. O Ken Follett um dos meus autores favoritos, mas este livro deixou me totalmente desiludido Podia ser uma hist ria prometedora e interessante sobre a Resist ncia Dinamarquesa, quando a Dinamarca esteve sob a ocupa o de Hitler, mas infelizmente a hist ria n o passa para al m do que a sinopse revela Os avi es que partem em miss es de bombardeamento s o sistematicamente abatidos pelos esquadr es germ nicos, como se de algum modo estes conhecessem os planos de ataque da RAF Uma agente do MI6 destaca [...]

    13. This is a story of the Danish resistance during WWII The Germans have occupied Denmark, and the police, goaded by the Gestapo, are on the prowl for spies Harald Olufssen is a student at a boarding school when he gets drunk and paints an anti Nazi slogan on a kiosk in Denmark He is led from there to a police interrogation to an active role in the resistance.Hermia Mount is a british daughter of a diplomat who speaks Danish and helps to organize the resistance Peter Fleming is a Danish boyhood fri [...]

    14. The story was excellent and I enjoyed reading about WW 2 again in an exciting and engaging book that was taken from the prospective of the Danes instead of the American s and British The one thing I did not like was all of the sex, it did nothing for the story although it was interesting to watch the progression of Peter s downhill ride as he became and obsessed with catching his countrymen who were against the occupation by Germany As he became set on power and glory and recognition by the G [...]

    15. A good story based partly on fact Set in Denmark in 1941, the protagonist, 19 year old Harald Olufsen stumbles across a German radar system on the Danish Island of Sande This experimental radar installation enables the Germans to pinpoint the flight of the allied bombers early and to direct the Luffwaffe fighters to their target accurately As a result the allies lose an unacceptably large number of bombers With London trying to get information from the Danish contacts of Hermia Mount, and the be [...]

    16. Disappointing Ken Follet is one of my favorite authors and I am an avid fan of historical fiction, especially anything aviation, world war II, or espionage I thought this book would be an instant favorite Although it is written masterfully as only Follet can do, the context plot just isn t there I feel the story could have been told in 75 pages It s almost as if the rest of the book is excess weight padding to give the book that classic feel that Follet normally does so well.

    17. Mais um grande livro Quanto mais livros leio do Ken Follett, mais me apaixono pela sua escrita Este Voo Final conta uma hist ria de espionagem passada durante a 2 guerra mundial, e mais n o digo apenas digo que imposs vel largar o livro desde a primeira ltima p gina 5

    18. Il volo del calabrone, in originale Hornet Flight un romanzo del 2002 di Ken Follett incentrato sulla resistenza danese all occupazione nazista durante la seconda guerra mondiale, e pubblicato in Italia nel 2003 dalla Mondadori Alcuni dei libri di Follett hanno raggiunto la prima posizione del New York Times, tra cui Triplo , Il Codice Rebecca , Un letto di leoni Due dei suoi romanzi, I pilastri della terra e La cruna dell ago , sono stati inseriti nella lista dei 101 best seller pi venduti di t [...]

    19. , com certeza, not rio que KF um dos meus escritores favoritos Os seus livros tem, quase sempre, uma ponta de verdade e respeitam a verdade hist rica, o que os torna, para mim, bastante apetec veis Ainda assim e apesar disso, n o foi dos meus livros favoritos deste autor Talvez culpa da intensidade que senti com a Trilogia o S culo Por esta raz o chegada a altura de fazer uma pausa na leitura de Ken Follett para depois voltar a conseguir apreciar devidamente os seus livros.Estamos em Junho de 19 [...]

    20. Another enjoyable wartime thriller from Ken Follett Not as good as Eye of the Needle but too good for a 3 star rating The setting of 1940s occupied Denmark was a new one for me and seemed authentic, although I was never there Follett certainly created the right atmosphere for his novel The characters were good, although there was an occasional tendency for one of them to panic about something happening that the reader knew wasn t going to but that s a minor quibble A great story, genuinely excit [...]

    21. I picked up this audiobook because I love Ken Follett Although completely different than Pillars of the Earth and many of his other books, I still loved it The story unfolds in Denmark during WWII Due to the hatred of the Nazis, Harold and Karen flew an old biplane over water, with hardly enough fuel for the journey All of this was to expose The Nazis Radar Installation, by handing over the formation code The Nazis were using the Radar to shoot down planes and breaking the formation code was ess [...]

    22. Colorful and engaging although far from Follett s best spy caper The plot is thoroughly explained in other reviews so no need to reiterate Unfortunately much of the suspense is undone by the promo copy on the fly leaf, so the reader knows too much before picking up the book That being said, it s still fun to follow the well defined characters to a foregone conclusion Follett throws enough curve balls to keep things moving and has certainly done his homework about life and the resistance movement [...]

    23. Since I love Follett s Pillars of the Earth duo and the recent Century Trilogy, I thought I read his older books too He wrote a number of good thriller types simply as a way to make some money to support his real interest of studying cathedrals which led to Pillars of the Earth which everyone should read sometime He didn t think much of his WWII thriller genre but he is such a great story teller that they are still really fun to read when you just want simple entertainment Key to Rebecca and Ey [...]

    24. It would be fair to say that I could not put this book down But it was worse than that, I couldn t stop reading it even after I should have stopped The chapters were variable length and dealt with different characters at different parts of the story, and used cliffhangers and plot devices to great effect I ve found that these We must get this information to the other side stories to be a bit hit and miss, but this one for me was an enormous hit.

    25. This book is a must read For a starter historical fiction set during world war II always fascinates me, it was a time of courage, heroes, spies, patriotism, and sacrifice Well this book has it all Plus the narration is gripping and full of suspense, in a perfect Follett s style This is simply one of those books you just can t put down.Loved it.

    26. I enjoyed this Follett book than the last one I read It s set in Denmark, a country I like, and I have visited the Museum of Danish Resistance in Copenhagen, so the story attracted me Interesting epilogue ending I ve been picking up novels at accommodations where I ve been staying while travelling, so the choice hasn t been conducive to checking books off my To Read list.

    27. lido num pice como sempre Ken Follet n o desilude um tema que muito me interessa ,que o da 2 Guerra Mundial,mas vivida pela parte da Dinarmarca ,no in cio da forma o da Resist ncia Dinamarquesaorei

    28. Interesting WWII story playing in Denmark, a not commonly used setting for a ww2 history novel As allways Ken Follett deliveres a well paced story with good characters, though this is gladly not one of his tomes just 400 pages P

    29. Really enjoyed this book, but then I ve never read anything by Ken Follett that I haven t liked This is the story of a teenager faced with having to fly an old plane from Denmark to England to deliver top secret intelligence during WWII.

    30. Interesting story, well written and researched Ken Follett always keeps me entertained with his fast past action.

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