Top Ten (2020)

Top Ten A killer who believes himself an artist of unmatched talent is incensed when he is placed last on the FBI s most wanted list and begins killing off those fugitives above him each in a twisted manner
  • Title: Top Ten
  • Author: Ryne Douglas Pearson
  • ISBN: 2940011855740
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Nook
  • A killer who believes himself an artist of unmatched talent is incensed when he is placed last on the FBI s most wanted list, and begins killing off those fugitives above him, each in a twisted manner that serves his creative vision.But his horrific climb to the top, which leaves both guilty and innocent dead in its wake, must be stopped by a young, driven FBI agent who isA killer who believes himself an artist of unmatched talent is incensed when he is placed last on the FBI s most wanted list, and begins killing off those fugitives above him, each in a twisted manner that serves his creative vision.But his horrific climb to the top, which leaves both guilty and innocent dead in its wake, must be stopped by a young, driven FBI agent who is given an almost impossible and equally inexplicable task save number five on the list.At all costs.__________________________________________________This electrifying thriller is now available in the Author s Cut version, with scenes returned that were edited from the original hardcover release for being too intense.This is the version of Top Ten as it was written, and as it was meant to be read.
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      269 Ryne Douglas Pearson
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    1. He considered himself an artist Known only as Michaelangelo, he butchered his victims and rearranged the parts into his art He becomes enraged when the FBI installs him as number ten on their most wanted list His ego insists that he be 1.So he decides to eliminate all the competition.FBI agent Ariel Grace, twenty nine, is in charge of unit five, after 5 on the list When the take down goes bad, because of an unmarked car parked in the area, she is transferred to unit ten and sees it as a demotion [...]

    2. I have not read the Dexter novels yet, however famous they are I have read many reviews saying Top Ten was a dead ringer for the Dexter books, but said that the former was published years earlier, so it was not a rip off I am not in a position to compare since I haven t read the latter, but I believe I am in a fair position to say that it was a bit underrated under certain circumstances It was not a WOW THAT WAS SOOO GOOD but it was a WOW, THAT WAS FAIRLY ENTERTAINING Here is the synopsis A kill [...]

    3. Inhoud Hij noemt zichzelf Michaelangelo Net als de schilder, maar geschreven met een extra a Deze moordenaar van Pennsylvania maakt van zijn slachtoffers gruwelijke kunstwerken en heeft slechts n doel voor ogen de meeste gezochte misdadiger van Amerika worden.De veelbelovende FBI agente Ariel Grace onderzoekt de gruwelijke moorden Zij ontdekt dat Michaelangelo, nummer tien op de lijst van de FBI, gedreven wordt door woede Laaiend is hij, dat er maar liefst negen killers beter zijn dan hij En hij [...]

    4. Ryne Douglas Pearson Top Ten 3.5 StarsWhen serial killer Michaelangelo sees that the top ten most wanted list has been numbered and he is at the bottom of the list, it infuriates him Now he is hunting down the others on the list in order to become number one Ariel and the FBI are after this man though and they are onto what his game is This cagey villain will be the ultimate test for her skills.This was one of the most disturbing introductions I have read in a long time The book was very well wr [...]

    5. This is my first book by this author and now he is on my favorite list Michaelangelo as he prefers to be known regards himself an artist and not a killer His brutal slayings are arranged as meaningful art to him.When he discovers he is in the top ten list of wanted men in the USA he finds he is number 10 He is furious So now he is determined to change that and therefore has to climb up that list By any means possible.Now an FBI agent is on his tail and her main task is to save number five on the [...]

    6. This is the first book I ve read from Ryne Douglas Pearson I enjoyed the read The premise is plausible with a few different parallel story lines woven together to create a story that first makes you wonder what s going on and then carries you along with characters you care about to the end.Ryne has included some scenes in the kindle version that were too graphic for the publisher in the paper book version These scenes add to the psychotic view of the antagonist and make you think about what else [...]

    7. I m a big fan of Pearson and I wasn t disappointed with Top Ten It was disturbing and dark, gruesome and suspenseful Pushing the boundaries with his villain, Pearson takes us into the limitless mind of a serial killer unlike any other But this story is complicated than just a simple hunt for a psychopath It s also about our FBI hero and the undercover mission that becomes threatened by the insanity driven work of Michelangelo Great story with enough intertwining elements to make it one of a kin [...]

    8. When you read a book about a serial killer you have to know how it isn t going to end up well for the serial killer.While this one doesn t end up any differently, sorry if I spoiled it for anyone, for a brief moment I actually felt sorry for the guy Having been bullied as a child I can certainly understand why this killer after being scarred for life he would ultimately snap Enjoyed the read, although I must admit that some of the author s descriptions of the predator s prey was a bit too graphi [...]

    9. Een spannende thriller over FBI agente Ariel Grace, die achter een van Amerika s meest gevreesde moordenaars aanzit Ik vond het een interessant en boeiend boek In het begin duurt het even voor je in het verhaal zit, maar daarna wil je blijven lezen Op een gegeven moment kwam ik er achter dat ik dit boek al eerder had gelezen Omdat ik niet meer wist hoe het afliep, heb ik het toch maar uitgelezen Want ik wilde toch wel weten hoe het ook al weer eindigde Leuk om gelezen te hebben.

    10. This is the very first book I read as an adult and I haven t stopped since I was never much of a reader but after flying through this book, I couldn t wait to pick up my next one This is about a crazy serial killer what serial killer isn t crazy who is number 10 on the FBI s 10 most wanted list He wants to be number 1 who doesn t so he starts picking off his competion.

    11. It s been a number of years since I ve read this suspenseful thriller, but I remember the sheer gore and terror contained within its pages Not a book for the faint of heart, but if you ve got someone you trust in the house with you and you re not the type to jump at every small sound in or outside of the house, then certainly search out a copy and read this juicy thriller at once.

    12. The tale of a serial killer who is upset at his meager tenth place on the FBI s most wanted list taking action to improve his position is intriguing The problem is that he is better at finding these people than the FBI He does use unorthodox methods that the FBI can t to find these people Overall it was a quick, entertaining summer read Nothing to deep or thought provoking.

    13. The FBI s top ten most wanted has left out one murderer who is not happy about being overlooked He s hell bent to fix the problem He s finding the guys that the FBI can t find and murdering them in the most gruesome ways This is a great story The writing kind of gets in the way in the beginning but it s worth plowing through.

    14. First off I have to say I loved the plot of the book The number 10 of the FBI most wanted killing off the others above him because he wants to be number one Very interesting and unusual The book kept me interested and the dialog was very good Character development was also an A I would recommend this book to anyone who like action, mystery, and, and murder.

    15. Fast paced thriller thatI admit I was hesitant to read as the first bit was rather gory but once I got past that found I couldn t put it down Kept my heart racing and on the edge of my seat up to the end For thriller lovers this book is a must read Highly recommend.

    16. This is one of the best page turners I have ever read The only reason it took me two days to read was because it was 4am and I had to get some sleep Needless to say I finished it bright and early the next day This book will always be in my top ten books I have read no pun intended

    17. I rated this one 4.5 stars Well written, exciting, fast paced It was for me a little beyond the pale on the level of violence, but I did, as always enjoy Pearson s quality of writing Jim read this and rated it 4.5 stars, too.

    18. Paint by numbers female cop chases serial killer book, so close to Silence of the Lambs it s kind of ridiculous Weak characters, a nonsensical story line, and a climax that did nothing for me Pass.

    19. It was a good read At first the story starts out somewhat confusing because you don t realize how many characters make up this story Once the back story has been explained, it becomes quite intriguing, as there are many mini stories going on outside of the main story Good read I recommend.

    20. I liked this story of a man who finds himself at number 10 on the FBI most wanted list Enraged, he decides to kill Numbers 1 9 so he can be first Interesting twists and turns, good pace, good vocabulary.

    21. Quite good, but not great The book builds excitement all the way through, but I was rather stunned about the way the killer dies I guess I was hoping for something than actually happened Michael Angelo Strange was defininately an interesting killer, though

    22. ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY FABULOUS.I can just picture this book as an action packed, thrill a minute, never ending roller coaster ride WOW This is a must read book Read it now You won t be disappointed.

    23. The concept of the book was interesting but the author put in way too much about airplanes and flying I wanted to know about the men on the top ten list and less about Mills.

    24. Not my favorite Only two chapters in the entire 298 pages that I actually liked, the rest was over done and boring for a full review, please check out my blog noveldtales

    25. This was a fun read It s like watching a long episode of CSI, with some of the most inventive death scenes ever imagined It was hard to take seriously at times, but still pure entertainment.

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