Under the Green Hill (2020)

Under the Green Hill Meg and her siblings have been sent to the English countryside for the summer to stay with elderly relatives The children are looking forward to exploring the ancient mansion and perhaps discovering a
  • Title: Under the Green Hill
  • Author: Laura L. Sullivan
  • ISBN: 9781429942034
  • Page: 233
  • Format: ebook
  • Meg and her siblings have been sent to the English countryside for the summer to stay with elderly relatives The children are looking forward to exploring the ancient mansion and perhaps discovering a musty old attic or two filled with treasure, but never in their wildest dreams did they expect to find themselves in the middle of a fairy war.When Rowan pledges to fight foMeg and her siblings have been sent to the English countryside for the summer to stay with elderly relatives The children are looking forward to exploring the ancient mansion and perhaps discovering a musty old attic or two filled with treasure, but never in their wildest dreams did they expect to find themselves in the middle of a fairy war.When Rowan pledges to fight for the beautiful fairy queen, Meg is desperate to save her brother But the Midsummer War is far than a battle between mythic creatures Everything that lives depends on it How can Meg choose between family and the fate of the very land itself
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      233 Laura L. Sullivan
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    1. When the Morgan children, Rowan, Meg, Silly and James, are shipped off to spend the summer in England with an elderly aunt they ve never met, they aren t exactly thrilled But when they arrive at the Rookery, the castle fills their minds with thoughts of exploring and discovering secret passageways.Those fantasies soon pale when they discover that their family is part of an ancient pact connecting them to the fairies who live under the green hill When they realize that one of them must act as cha [...]

    2. This book is a beautiful example of the duality in mythical lore there cannot be light without darkness Perfect book for young readers I estimate grades 5 7 , or adults that still enjoy the magic of well written children s literature The author has set the story to allow for a series to follow which I would love , but there is enough closure for this initial offering to stand alone The main characters are well developed, and supporting characters stay in their places until drawn into the story l [...]

    3. Despite the super cool premise, there was a little too much head hopping for my tastes, which really stalled me from feeling the storyStill a neat little book though

    4. Things I Liked This book had a really rich and detailed atmosphere I loved how I was drawn into the mythology and the setting immediately just as quickly as Rowan is sucked into the fairy war The changeable and unearthly personalities of the fairies was really well done most fairy stories talk about how they are so amoral, but this one really felt that way Meg was a character that you love and that you might get annoyed with at the same time I really enjoyed the writing too, which was quite love [...]

    5. I so wanted to love this book It s modeled on the early 20th century children s books I love, but I felt like the novel could never quite make up its mind whether it was truly trying to be a part of that genre, an homage to it, or gently mocking it The characters never quite came together for me they didn t feel quite real To be honest, I think it might have worked better if it had actually been set in Nesbit s era rather than somewhat awkwardly wedged into our own, despite the timelessness of t [...]

    6. A nice surprise I enjoyed it far than I expected The good people weren t disney fied, characters were complex than expected, I really liked the story, and the ending was satisfyingly complete without being trite I m always impressed when an author knows where the end is I could read it again and find something different, I think This time, I liked the ash trees, and the idea that people don t do now well because the past and future are constantly pressuring them Trees are very now rooted to th [...]

    7. A cute middle grade read When I first started reading it, I thought it was going to be a lot like Fablehaven siblings visiting relatives they really didn t know, and finding out those relatives were in charge of a preserve for mythical creatures Well, not quite The mythical creatures are only fairies, and the relatives are merely guardians for the Green Hill The story and writing are also quite a bit mellow than Fablehaven, but still an interesting world with interesting fairy lore and some int [...]

    8. R I am not that big on fantasy, but I will read it and sort of enjoy it if it is written well Under the Green Hill completely went against that This book followed childeren as they traveled to England to find themselves in the middle of a fairy war It s not a bad plot , it is just so long and written so uninterestingly you ll want to bang your head on a table This book was so boring I almost fell asleep reading it.

    9. Do you like fairies, Esteemed Reader No Is it because of that special documentary on the History Channel that revealed that there have been multiple reports throughout history of folks claiming to have experienced missing time and later recalling that they were abducted by fairies with big black eyes and all gray skin that flew around in a UFO Well, I can t say as how I blame you If it s on the History Channel, it must be true, and you are right to be afraid, Esteemed Reader.Laura L Sullivan s f [...]

    10. Pacing is a little slow and confusing occasionally and there were too many characters that didn t do anything for the story But I enjoyed the concept as a whole.

    11. Thoughts on the Overall Book This was a pleasantly enjoyable read, and while not the best fairy book I have ever read, it had a lot of the traditional tales and such that are always fun to see in such books for lovers of fairy lore Cover Yea or Nay Yes, I love this cover It s so pretty and it obviously states what the book is about.Characters Meg is a nice protagonist I liked her because, even though she s not the oldest of the siblings, she s the oldest girl and kind of takes on a motherly role [...]

    12. I m a bit partial to books about kids in unfamiliar old houses who stumble upon magical worlds Extra points if that old house is in the English countryside Extra, extra points if the kids get caught up in an epic war requiring brave heroics There was never any doubt in my mind that I would love Under the Green Hill.I want to be so very grown up and objective and say that what I found so attractive in this book was its own sense of place in and reverence to the tradition of books about kids in un [...]

    13. There would be scenes where I was delighted by the language and insights into how people relate to one another For example when we first meet Phyllida and Lysander, the author makes the wry comment, When people have lived together for six decades and played as children in the years before that, many of their conversations go by rote, and often entire arguments can take place with a brief glance Some authors don t try to unpack the feelings of grownups to their young readers, but this felt deligh [...]

    14. Because of a mysterious illness sweeping through the United States, Rowan, Meg, Silly and James Morgan are sent to live with distant relatives in England that they have never met before Joining them are two other children, Dickie and Finn Once there, the children are given a lot of freedom to explore but also are told a few rules that the need to follow most of them very odd such as not giving your name to strangers Of course, as childen are going to do, they proceed to quickly break many of the [...]

    15. From September 2010 SLJ Gr 5 8 When a life claiming illness sweeps across the United States, college professors Tom and Glynnis Morgan send their children to England to stay with elderly relatives they have never met Rowan, Meg, Priscilla, and James are accompanied by malicious Finn Fachan and timid Dickie Rhys, sons of other professors When great great aunt Phyllida Ash gives her six guests a list of rules the first evening stay out of the forest, never accept food from outside the Rookery, do [...]

    16. I discovered this book on one of the fantasy lists here on First of all, the fantastic cover caught my eye which is simply ah mazing by the way and then after reading the synopsis I was completely intrigued.Under the Green Hill starts out in a small town in New York but you quickly find yourself, along with the characters, whisked away to the magical countryside of England, near the fictional town of Gladysmere, where the lore of fairies, brownies, leprechauns and other mystical creatures of fan [...]

    17. What a delicious book I savored every page of it and was sorry when it ended In her acknowledgements at the end of the book, the author Laura Sullivan thanks her agent for comparing her work to that of E Nesbit and C.S Lewis The agent is wrong This book EXCEEDS anything that Nesbit and Lewis ever wrote and I don t say that lightly.Our story starts with two mossy stones in the English countryside coming to life Thousands of miles away in America, two college professors prepare to send their 4 chi [...]

    18. In the face of a dangerous influenza outbreak in the U.S Rowan, Meg, Silly Priscilla , and James Morgan are shipped off, superfluously accompanied by their nemesis Finn Fachan, and meek, allergic Dickie Rhys, to spend the summer with estranged maternal relatives on a rambling English estate The children promptly defy their guardians rules and find that exploring the estate, with its countless rooms full of ancient books and armor, and even a hidden door in a wardrobe, is yet nothing to exploring [...]

    19. Reading level Ages 9 12Hardcover 320 pagesLexile 1030LRowan, Meg, Silly and James are sent by their parents from America to England to stay with their Great Aunt Ash and Great Uncle Lysander or perhaps Great Great in England to keep them safe from an outbreak of influenza in the States Little did they know the trouble they may be sending them into.Their Aunt and Uncle it turns out live at a special place, the Rookery The Rookery is located near the Green Hill, the home of the Seelie Court and th [...]

    20. In this book, six young Americans the 4 Morgan siblings and 2 others travel to a remote area of England for the summer to escape a serious illness plaguing the US From the moment the Morgans arrive at the Rookery, the home of their great aunt and great uncle, they realize that the world is much bigger, broader and different than they ever dreamed, a world filled with fairies, brownies and all manner of other creatures All four Morgans are quickly drawn into that world after Rowan, the eldest, fa [...]

    21. I was a lucky winner of this book from Kathryn who put it up for the first reads program.This book was fantastic I m a big fan of the fairy folklore, and all of those older European legend, so it goes with no doubt that I enjoyed reading about it in this story Though it s middle grade literature, and the cover looks rather juvenile, I think that older readers would like this book too because the actual storyline is very fun and adventurous.The characters were all well written,and I found it part [...]

    22. This was a good book for kids to read but a little older kids, middle school is a good age There is a LOT of higher level vocab in this book but the story seems to appeal to younger kids I even tripped over a couple words and had a dictionary next to me just incase I could see younger kids wanting to read this but not quite getting through it I have no idea what the lexile is on it but it s gotta be high because I can see 8th graders struggling with this a little My son s in 6th grade and there [...]

    23. The Morgan children, Rowan, Meg, Priscilla Silly for short , and James are sent to live with relatives in England to escape the fever in the States They are looking forward to exploring the house with many rooms and the countryside around them.What they discover is a land of fairies Shortly after arriving they find themselves in the midst of preparations for the fairy war Every 7th year the Midsummer War takes place The Seelie Court and the Host meet under the Green Hill to do battle They choose [...]

    24. Rowan, Meg, Silly and James and non related, narrative extras Dickie and Finn are being sent to their Great Aunt s home in England to escape the fever that is sweeping their academic community Out of the frying pan and into the fire, as it turns out Fablehaven like Auntie has rules about where they can and can t go Being the free thinkers they are, they all march into the woods around the castle in response to a dare from the objectionable Finn, and into varying degrees of trouble A little bit F [...]

    25. I was so excited to win this book as a first reads give away from It really does work to enter the drawings When I started reading this book I had to laugh a little because the whole premise of getting the kids to England made me think swine flu I had kind of a hard time getting into this book, though I kept thinking Fablehaven in my mind and Fablehaven is one of my favorite book series ever Kids sent to live with relatives they didn t know well, isolated from the real world with strange rules a [...]

    26. I won this from first reads and it took me a week to read it but only because I had to go to work The first day I read over half the book I loved it, it s a wonderful story with great charactors and a surprise ending that was not expected I dont want to give away too much because I know family members will read this too It started out fast, had wonderful discriptions of places and things I now wish I could see I loved the house they stayed at, the Rookery Interesting name and definately a house [...]

    27. I recieved this book from the first reads giveaway I absolutly loved the story The book is written eloquently and intelligently I feel like I have gained a greater knowlegde of vocabulary from it From page one it challenged me to not just simply read but comtemplate and understand the story It keeps you trying to guess what will happen next and often, I at least, got it wrong which is a good thing I really fell in love with not just the characters but the ideas and beliefs the characters have an [...]

    28. Four siblings and two acquaintances are sent by their parents to relations in England to escape a devastating flu epidemic They arrive on midsummer s eve and are lured by the Seelie Prince disguised as a local youth to the Green Hill from which emerges the Seelie Queen and all her court They find themselves out of the proverbial frying pan and now in the proverbial fire.As in Susan Cooper s THE DARK IS RISING and Nancy Bond s A STRING IN THE HARP, the children must work together to overcome seem [...]

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