Pampered to Death (2020)

Pampered to Death Jaine Austen is looking forward to an indulgent spa getaway until she learns it s about deprivation that relaxation Between miniscule meals and a deadly brush with fame surviving this vacation will b
  • Title: Pampered to Death
  • Author: Laura Levine
  • ISBN: 9780758238474
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jaine Austen is looking forward to an indulgent spa getaway until she learns it s about deprivation that relaxation Between miniscule meals and a deadly brush with fame, surviving this vacation will be no piece of cake.
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    1. There s lots of disagreement, I notice, in the various reviews of Laura Levine s Jaine Austen series, sometimes even in the reviews of one book Pampered to Death certainly ran a range of 2 to 5 stars But generally all of them, from the lowest to the highest agreed that the book made them smile whether it was was not the best in the series and that Levine is funny Jaine is funny Her parents are funny Even her cat Prozac is funny, in the usual unfunny cat way that cats have I could say I agreed wi [...]

    2. A half decent mystery book there are so many, much worse ones Pampered To Death scores in the humor department The you ve got mail chapters are a hoot, but then Laura Levine was in cahoots with someone she mentioned that in her foreword to chip in with the jokes I did anticipate the unveiling of the murderer, but it was glaringly easy and I can t be proud of that epiphany This book was the shortest of the first ten, for which I m grateful, as it was all meat and no filler Shame that the meat was [...]

    3. Jaine got a thank you gift from Lance It was a week long visit to an exclusive spa However, when she arrived, the spa was not at all what Jaine expected This latest Jaine Austen mystery by Laura Levine, will keep you laughing all the way to the bookstore to buy another Levine s wit is peppered throughout the book Her spoiled darling cat, Prozac s antics will keep you in stitches as well as the emails from her parents who retired to a community in Florida called, Tampa Vistas I highly recommend t [...]

    4. I am a big fan of Laura Levine s books they are light and laugh out loud funny I have read the whole Jaine Austin series and find each one delightful.This one was a particular favorite of mine because of the character involvement by Jaine s cat, Prozac.I think I own a very close relative of Prozac by the name of Mae Mae.The mystery was fresh and the laughs were forthcoming throughout the book.I would recommend this to anyone looking for a light, fun read.Completely unoffensive and sheer delight. [...]

    5. I think I ve read all the book in this Jane Austen series no, not the Jane Austen, this Jane Austen is a struggling writer who solves murder cases on the sideough actually, its probably the other way around She never has enough money, she eats too much and has to wear elastic waist jeans, has the most obnoxious cat I would have killed the cat after the first book , and has the best looking neighbor who is, of course, gay I read these books for fun There is no redeeming value to any of them.

    6. Jaine does her thing in this book she bumbles around, accusing people of murder and gets herself in trouble It s a novel way to solve a crime and I have to wonder why the police weren t around this crazy spa trying to solve the murder themselves.The damned cat is kind of funny, especially with the koi, but like the previous book, some of the shtick wears thin after awhile Lance is a devious one though.

    7. My friend Babs recommended this one and I had to find out for myself what a fat vat is I ve heard about spas where the rich and famous go to be pampered and I ve heard about the fat camps where you pay to be locked away from food.What a shock to think you re getting one and get the other Funny too.

    8. My least favorite of this series Just not the usual laughs that I usually get from reading these books However, I remain a fan and look forward to the next in the series.

    9. Enough with the catI think of this series as a after dinner snack Something light after the meal, but I m really tired of the cat Full disclosure I m not a cat person Otherwise, still a nice treat to read

    10. After Jaine Austen gets next door neighbor, Lance Venable off the hook for a murder rap, he surprises her with a gift of an all expense paid week at The Haven Spa which is supposed to be the cr me de la cr me of spas for both Jaine and her spoiled feline companion, Prozac Jaine had envisioned a luxurious week of pampering from head to toes, fantastic dining and a chance to completely relax and unwind Imagine her surprise when the Spa and its services are not at all like she expected, especially [...]

    11. Pampered to Death is one of the books I have most enjoyed in the Jaine Austen mystery series I am about halfway through the series and while I have yet to find one that I didn t enjoy at least some many were not as fun as Pampered to Death.I need to explain that one of the reasons I found this book so appealing is that I am overweight Women without an unhealthy obsession with food may not relate to this book the way I did Jaine takes the ideas and emotions of a dieting woman to the extreme and I [...]

    12. In this, the twelfth book in the series, Jaine Austen is sent to enjoy a vacation at a luxurious spa, The Haven Little does she know when she receives this gift from her friend, Lance, as a way of saying thanks for clearing him of murder that said spa is actually a diet spa, a diet spa where she is subjected to a diet Nazi insistent on serving celery fizzes, a teen chef hoping to use his talent of turning every protein into a glob of grey as a way to work his way up to a job at Applebee s, and a [...]

    13. Pampered to Death is the second novel I ve read by Levine and I have to say, I love her style The first person dialogue along with the emails that she receives from her parents crack me up I d love to see a novel of Janie going to FL to visit with her parents and see what would progress Janie s friend gifts her a week stay at The Haven, a swellegant spa for the rich and famous However, poor Janie wasn t informed that it this is a spa to help the clients lose weight After six plus hours of drivin [...]

    14. I had an Advance Readers Copy of this book and decided to give it a try after a few pretty intense reads It s apparently 10 in this series, and I ve not read any of the others, so I had no idea what to expect The heroine, Jaine Austen, is a professional writer for trade magazines, and a self described part time private investigator A friend and neighbor has given her an all expenses paid visit to a well known spa called The Haven, and as the story begins, she is on her way there, excited at the [...]

    15. Jaine Austen and her cat Prozac are treated to several days at a spa by her friend Lance as a thank you While there, a guest is murdered, so Jaine s amateur sleuthing skills are put to the test I ll admit the premise of this story was entertaining enough, and it moved quicker than any other book of hers I have read However, the cat s safety was endangered on numerous occasions, and I just can t stomach that Never, would I dream of taking my cat on vacation with me, nor would I stay there once so [...]

    16. Jaine Austen no relation is presented with a deluxe spa getaway by her friend Lance, she and her cat Prozac hit the road However, when she arrives she finds it s a fat farm, with diet food, exercise, and public weigh ins, everything Jaine hates They even put Prozac on s diet Not to mention that Olga, the owner, is beyond strict, making it difficult to sneak food in, and the maid is selling goodies for a huge profit Jaine s fellow inmates, uh, companions aren t her choice of company either Then w [...]

    17. I think this is the first book I ve ever read in 2 hours I couldn t put it down Jaine s stay at a health spa that best friend Lance tricked her into turns into a murder mystery when a bitchy A Lister turns up dead and everyone is a suspect I couldn t put it down because I wanted to see what was tomorrow s dinner or today s lunch I wanted to see Prozac in all of his meowing glory I wanted to know who offed the Hollywood princess Would Jaine finally get past view spoiler Olga hide spoiler or end u [...]

    18. The story of a handful of quirky characters in a fat farm is so entertaining and hilarious, the murder mystery is so well written, and Jaine s cat, Prozac, is as adorable as ever in this book As usual poor Jaine can t get a break, expecting to be pampered in a luxuries spa for a week but finding out it is not a spa but a fat farm where she and Prozac are starved and forced to exercise by a diet Nazi while the owner eats cheesecake and candy hiding in the kitchen Since she is not allowed to leave [...]

    19. I hadn t been impressed with her other recent books, but this one was pretty good Like always, the cat and the emails from the parents are still the best part In this one, Jaine s friend Lance gives her a free week at a wonderful spa Or so she thinks Once she gets there with her cat, who takes their cat with them to a spa she realizes that its actually a fat person spa where people can go to lose weight Its also where some B list celebs go to get away One person is Mallory who ends up dead and o [...]

    20. I really enjoy the Jaine Austen Mystery series, so I probably shouldn t be considered an unbaised reviewer I find Laura Levine s first person narrative engaging and laugh out loud funny at times Who can resist at least a smile when you have a cat named Prozac in the story Even funnier is Jaine s mom who can never seem to remember her grandcat s name and has called her Valium and Xanax in other books within this series I have found the mystery better than most of the others books in the previous [...]

    21. I like this cozy mystery series because it is light and fluffy and has a great dose of laughs.The latest installment, Pampered to Death, did not disappoint This time Jaine and her cat, Prozac, are off to a health spa As she tries to find cheesecake and chocolate bars and avoid celery fizz drinks, Jaine gets caught up in the murder of a hollywood actress.This time it s Jaine AND Prozac that are trying to solve the case, and its a laugh a minute.I really liked this one, especially since there is a [...]

    22. If you are after a light hearted read that you dont need to think about or analyse this could be for you Laura Levine, the author, certainly has the ability to make every other line an amusing one She has created a private detective Jaine Austen, who has a sense of humour and a fat cat There are than 8 books in the series I pulled this one off the library shelves for something lighthearted In this story the P.I is hold up in a health farm eating grass and drinking zuccinni juice, which, she hat [...]

    23. Lance has treated Jaine and Prozac to a spa Jaine thinks it will be nice to get away and just relax Prozac protests the whole drive and when they check in to the resort, Jaine realizes it s a health spa She wants to kill Lance but he won t answer the phone.Jaine is joined by a movie star Mallory and her two assistants, Cathy a very chatty woman and a male movie star, Clint Mallory is very much the diva and everyone soon hates her, including Olga the owner of the spa and diet Nazi as Jaine calls [...]

    24. Small time writer Jaine Austen is looking for some big time pampering when she gets a gift vacation at the Haven, a famous spa She s unpleasantly surprised when it turns out to be one of those starve and exercise spas, but before she can make up her mind to leave, one of the other guests is murdered and the police want everyone to stay put Since this means 300 calorie meals, Jaine decides to investigate on her own It seems that almost everyone has a motive, even theoretically Jaine As usual, the [...]

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